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  1. From a military perspective with years of experience, I have sent many ideas of high tech security suggestions and type of equipment to combat crime and the government turn it’s back on me. We have sent email and we have evidence to prove it. A doctor who has no military or law enforcement background is unqualified for the job of Minister of National Security. He should be in the hospital taking care of patients. The Police Commissioner is a former soldier with no combat experience. Soldier fights war, not crime. He’s also unqualified.

  2. Prime Minister Holness, Minister of National Security, Minister of Tourism, what are you doing about this? It is frightening. As a Jamaican/American, I am ashamed.

    1. Why would you be ashamed of the US State Department issuing such a damning report on Jamaica….? Why are you surprised…? The only reason you should feel ashamed is if you were proclaiming yourself to be a proud Jamaican…were you..? Is this report a surprise to you, or did it catch you as a surprise…? If this was a surprise to you, where in outer space were you living…? These are all legitimate questions which you should asking yourself?
      Knowing what you should be aware of, as a so called Jamaican…..why the hell would you be going there…? Americans are extremely intelligent individuals, Americans are not visiting the above mentioned places….if they visit Jamaica. Who in their right minds are going to get themselves Mutilated in order to visit a beach, it’s not worth the effort for being Mutilated. They’re so many more and even better beaches in the Caribbean and other parts of the world…. and a hell of lot safer…Don’t expect my bereavement if you get Mutilated in Jamaica. Good luck…

  3. Jamaican are not comfortable.and I’m glad the USA warning there people against coming here.this should be a wake up call to the government and the national security force

  4. This travel warning or advisory have nothing to do with crime, ppl need to understand that Jamaica’s economy is heavily based on tourism; so if you want to bully Jamaica and get Jamaican government to do what you want then, issue a travel advisory. See this issue is crime is bad but I have been to multiple places in America where if I have to stop to change my car tire due to a flat I will drive the vehicle down to the rim, and I’ve never hear of a travel advisory given for these places.

    1. Because trust me, as A jamaican here in the states now, it’s not as bad as Jamaica .. let’s just keep it 💯

    2. Crime is a problem here more so than America where I retired from. The worse problem I see with Jamaica is how tone deaf and lackadaisical local and national leaders are to crime, the garbage crisis and crumbling infrastructure. The response by some MP’s when asked about these daily issues are astonishing sometimes. When asked about a bridge that has been destroyed for over a year in a district, leaving students unable to attend school and people to go to the market and work, MP Warmington retorted: “That’s not the only bridge in Jamaica that needs to be repaired”.

    3. The mile roads in Detroit, Chicago south side, college park Georgia etc, the wards In New Orleans, y’all need me to name more, these are place where ppl die more than Jamaica an it’s never on the news. An I don’t list the half yet, Brooklyn, Bronx. Just remember the plane ride from New York to California is 5hrs more than to or from Jamaica there’s so much no go areas in America that never make the news, like I said it’s more political than it is safety. That’s how they make the Jamaican economy scream look up that term it will make sense.

  5. If Jamaicans feel safe and ease in their own country then safety for tourist is of no concern. Great point

  6. All you have to do is watch watch the YouTube bloggers. It is all about the click like and share. Every Country have crime. But the citizens not on YouTube begging and selling out the country

    1. the problem is not having crime (every country has crime), the problem is that the rate of crime in Jamaica is much that other places in the World when compared to the population size of Jamaica. Jamaica is now ranked the second most dangerous country in the world.

  7. Tourism is a PLANTATION IN JAMAICA 🇯🇲 every time I visit it breaks my heart to see how the employees are treated with utter contempt.

  8. You know what…we Jamaicans behave as if these things are new….deal with the real issues…and stop behaving like we foreign….we have these problems in our face everyday….speak about how we will fix or change these problems….yes…let’s be frightened into action…not start acting like we nice….the crime in or on such a small island…needs to br dealt with….we as a ppl will continue to suffer because of ignorance…speak on it….reveal the soar….and heal it….nuff Jamaicans want to cone home n afraid….some of tired if foreign…n can’t come home….prioritize it n fix it…..FIX IT HOLNESS…n everyday criminal in Jamaica…farm n stop kill….tiyahd

  9. l am an American and l travel to Jamaica for 3 to 4 months a year too visit my husband. I was getting nervous when l saw the title because l am getting ready to return for my 4 months stay in December and l thought it was for Covid not crime. Truth be told l am equally concerned about the crime in America, btw l feel saver in Jamaica because my husband is a respectable family man and wherever we travel in Jamaica the people respects him and l am also highly respected. I’m warm, kind and friendly and that is the vibe l receives from the people them. l am working on getting dual citizenship so that l can stay in Jamaica as long as l want too. Crime is a factor everywhere we travel, but if you trust Yahweh too protect you then you can travel anywhere in the world and no harm will come near thee. We all have to be vigilant about our surroundings all over the globe so don’t just put a sigma on Jamaica because in America especially for Black people it isn’t safe. They need to stop with the bs when it’s getting closer too that time of year many Americans and born Jamaican’s come to the island to get away from the cold weather and enjoy some fun in the sun on the beautiful island of Jamaica

  10. Everywhere you crime is rampant especially here in the US, I believe here we have more senseless violence it is crazy. I have been to Jamaica this year with no problems.

    1. Sharon Williams thank you for not being a bandwagonnist like so many of these JUDAS Jamaican who talk bad about their homeland

  11. How many incidents have taken place in resorts for it to rise to the level of major concern so much so that it warrants a warning not to travel to jamaica. I am sure that it is no greater or more serious than what happen in resorts and hotels worldwide.

  12. Right now Jamaica a run red hot 🔥 and every day someone get slap way and some people are in denial but the number don’t lie..

  13. crime problem and I am also asking my Jamaican people too you have a part to play in the future of our country.

  14. Jamaica is not the worst place 🥺. I’m one of them and I’ve seen same or worse happening in the USA almost every newscast and not to mention when I’m in the stores I just want a quick in and out in fear of the shootings that’s happening in the shopping malls and stores. Nowadays no one is safer anywhere and if we live our lives looking back at what if then we’ll never look at moving forward. People please don’t forget to remember to have a blessed and safe night under God’s command🙏.

  15. Crime is born out of poverty, envy and greed. Notice that you have less crimes in affluent areas and when you do have crime it’s normally from outsiders, visitors, employees or relatives of employees. When violent crimes become a part of the culture it becomes a norm and people learn to live with it. When you talk most Jamaicans say, “You fi stop put dung di country”, and “Crime de every wey”. In the 70’s they use to call it propaganda – Denial noh fix nutn.

    I taught at 2 schools in Jamaica and I’ve suggested over and over to institute a non violence subject and program in the schools from grade 1 up to teach kids to solve conflicts in a non-violent manner and everytime somebody always say, “Dat a go tek too lang we need a solution now”. Every criminal was once a baby. You have to give him the tools while you have control because once they get to certain age you lose control and yo caan manage dem again. We need both long term and short term solutions.

    Let’s accept the facts: Wherever you have a high concentration of unemployed and uneducated young men you have crime. The solution is not more jails or more police. If you feed him and educate him yo no hafi shoot him or arrest him. The most powerful weapon in the world is education – not just for career but also for conduct

  16. Focused on the country for which the advisory was issued that’s why this island will never better every time there’s an issue we jump to the comparison listen to the real problems like response time ,resources etc. so yes crime is everywhere but America is dealing with the issue by catching and prosecuting criminals also if someone is attacked you have emergency sources to help no matter where you are so yes I am a Jamaican and my island is not safe period.

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