US Troops Have New Mission Of Securing Oil In Syria | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

US Troops Have New Mission Of Securing Oil In Syria | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A convoy of U.S. military vehicles has crossed the border from Iraq and made its way across northeastern Syria in an effort to prevent oil fields from falling into the hands of ISIS, according to new reporting from NBC News' Courtney Kube. Aired on 10/28/19.
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US Troops Have New Mission Of Securing Oil In Syria | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. And Turkey had the location of the ISIS leader and that was negotiated for the oil at the expense of our Allies its truly SAD vote ALL THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

    1. Crystal Giddens where’s the wall that he promised? What happened to Mexico paying for it? Trump believes that he’s kept more promises than he’s made, which makes absolutely no sense.

    2. Crystal thinks she was elected along with Donnee. She also thinks Donnee has the right to take whatever he wants, from whoever he wants.

    3. Crystal Giddens
      , 55 minutes ago
      “which is it? stay there? get out? keep their oil? that’s what he said we would do if elected.” [Note the “We”, lol]

    1. @Crystal Giddens Trump Defender Syndrome is Your disease.Your case is frighteningly close to turning you into a right wing extremist terrorist, if it hasn’t already.

    2. Crystal is so far gone she actually believe she and Donnie are a “we”, lol. I’d put money on her being a member of the “Donnie was anointed by Gawd” club.
      In fact, I’m certain she is. When is he going to rapture you, Chris? We’re waiting…..

    3. @Crystal Giddens We were never in a War with Syria we went to fight Isis, so Crystal you do not care if our soldiers die to protect a tiny bit of oil? Obama voted against the War declaration you lie when you call it his War if you bother to read history books you would know this you are disgusting willing to let somebody’s son die for oil.

    1. @Roelof Schuldink FAR more important. Children may be our future, but we’ll be dead, and we want all the oil NOW!!

    2. @SouthSide Chicago WHO doesn’t want to pay the teachers? Aren’t you lot always griping about how much of your tax dollar is being spent on silly things like educating the youth, when it could be handed to corporartions or used to build Donnie’s vanity wall instead?

    1. @Real Talk76 A small question, when was the last time the USA fought a defensive war? Are your troops volunteers? Are they paid?

    2. @saun lee coetzee You have your own issues, then, don’t you? That have little or nothing to do with America, but rather your own conquering invaders. Of one sort or another, depending on which camp you’re in.

  1. From Belgium unbelievable what i just heard. Never thougt i would witness that the PRESIDENT of the USA just told us he wants to steal the oil from SYRIË and LEAVING the KURDS to be slaughterd. ISTHIS FOR REAL????????MINDBLOWING

    1. The weekend was all about trolls from India, they were all over YT and Trump’s twitter. Sunrase today brought the nutjob trump trolls out. Hallelujah!

    1. @U.S.S. Scambalam You have revealed yourself as a very ignorant and very immature man.
      Something tells me the only armed service you want is to get into gender neutral washrooms.
      That is real American military, becoming gender neutral, more about becoming murderers.
      More American soldiers commit suicide than are killed by “the enemy”. More die by “friendly fire”
      than are killed by “the enemy”. That’s proof of an unjust war.

    1. Says nothing that is unexpected from this president…and unfortunately says the same about the same of the country who let him and continues to let him hold power

  2. United States of ” Rusher” America! Defending Putin’s oil for himself and makng the taxpayer foot the bill! There is no foreign policy just a money grab policy.

  3. So now he is using our military to steal another nations resources, and we as citizens are supposed to be ok with this military action without consent of congress?

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