1. On the Saint Patrick’s Day I would love to see an Irish American woman be nominated to the supreme Court we must support the Irish race and their fight for equality in America the Irish woman who are unequally treated and there’s no space for them in Congress or to send it or anywhere in the Biden administration let’s stop the Irish racism and support Irish equality in America

    1. @Brayden’s Minecraft Adventures well played little lady. I will respectfully bow out here because I’m sure your fragile psyche can’t handle what’s next. I’d hate to be responsible for hurting a transgender furry’s feelings. Carry on using the girls room little guy. You’ll get there some day.

    2. @2ellas2 go ahead and bow out before they run out of burn cream at your local CVS old man.

    3. @Brayden’s Minecraft Adventures great point, i am running low on bum cream. I’m assuming you have to get back to minecraft too. I’m sure the game notices when it’s missing it’s most awesome winner of all time.

    4. @2ellas2 whatever old man, Im 14, got a successful minecraft channel a hot 16 y/o gf, one of these sick necklaces and the rest of my life ahead of me. The only thing you have to look forward to is hanging out with your wife boyfriend after work. Get real.

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