2. Them must go to prison and pay back every cent our government must set a examples let them know that he is not joking with thieves in our country
    What they want us to do
    Not to save again please
    My god help.

    1. You’re funny bad.. these people will go to jail when hell freezes πŸ₯Ά over.. in another country, maybe but jamaica, that will never happen.

    1. These white-collar criminals stealing other people’s money is the same as the common criminals in Jamaica stealing the farmers’ goats, holding up shopkeepers, and not only stealing their money, but killing them, and also stealing from the poor, the elderly and the dead. No outrage there, because they are poor people, and so stealing from them is not worth your, and all the outraged people here, time.

  3. Oh what a situation yes bolt shld get back all his money all you who created his havoc are responsible it look bad when we get older we cant work that strength no longer there so we put away for rainey day’s Lord have mercy where all those money gone wow

  4. So the board voted to suspended the license of SSL an politicians an the relevant authorities dropped the ball

  5. Andrew Holness, and Nigel Clark knew what was going on in that company, Holness, and Clark always go around trying to find someone to blame when they are proven incompetent.

  6. Is it legal for FBI or any overseas body to intervene in the Jamaican laws.?Can they question anyone just like that? Shouldn’t the constitutional law rewrite in order for a overseas body to come into Jamaica to investigate? Isn’t the law governs by the Island constabulary Force? Don’t bash me just asking.

    1. FBI can help investigate criminal activity in a foreign country,at the invitation of the Host.However ,they cannot make an arrest. They work alongside the Host investigators. Both country have a robust bilateral relationship so they work together through OAS and CBSI.

    2. The FBI or other foreign entities can of course work Jamaica or any other international partner to investigate crime, fraud etc especially if the government suspect the criminals move the money and have it in the US, whether conducting business or buying property or whatever…especially if it involves USD ..the US main currency..

    3. @D- Block u are correct about this , anywhere us funds are used stored bank the fbi can go in there and investigate and they can be extradited to the us

  7. These people are using a lot of words that do not mean anything. There were regulatory scrutiny that was in place but the appropriate level of supervision was not consistently applied. Jamaica is now being seen internationally as a corrupt country.

  8. I have listened to Clarke and what he refused to acknowledge is that the FSC have been deliquent in their duties and are culpable in this fraud. Why would someone thing it wise to give SSL a licence if after 3 years of scrutiny they were still found to be non-compliant. Being a legal activity as Clarke stated is complete rubbish.
    And even with subsequent scrunity the FSC didn’t spot this. This is an embarrasment to all Jamaicans.
    FSC are obviously not fit for purpose.

  9. What political donations have been made by SSL? And how many political donations were made and when? And what was $ amount?

  10. Its not like Usain dropped off a grip full of 10mill US cash to deposit at ssl. It would have been a wire transfer or check. Speculation whether $ was actually deposited is just them pissing on us & calling it rain. That $ went into the account.

  11. Am deeply sad for those who invested their hardworking money into this trust, honestly it’s a loss, I also blame the Financial services commission, a government entity who saw the problems and later turned into complete disaster,. Why is Gage-Grey still head of CPFSA after all these breaches under her leadership, total crap

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