Utah Rep. Curtis Shares Concern For Safety After 'Wanted For Treason' Flyer Taped To Office Door 1

Utah Rep. Curtis Shares Concern For Safety After ‘Wanted For Treason’ Flyer Taped To Office Door


Rep. John Curtis, R-Utah, shared concern for his safety after a “wanted for treason” flyer was taped to his office door. Curtis said it is “in reference to me not supporting the objection to the articles of impeachment.” Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Utah Rep. Curtis Shares Concern For Safety After 'Wanted For Treason' Flyer Taped To Office Door


  1. If it heals over the infection it is not truly healed, you just loose sight of the infection….sometimes untill it is too late.

    1. @george mira After hearing about the officer in Houston who is getting ready to be charged? No, definitely not. Especially since the “overgeneralization” doesn’t seem like a fallacy when statements made by Bernie Sanders means that everyone not agreeing with Trump is a communist.

  2. Stop courting domestic terrorists for votes when it’s politically convenient and then complain about the danger they pose to you when you finally feel compelled to honor your oath.

    1. @Vijaya Joshi I say make all the insurectionist go to the middle east so the can see what real fighting is

    2. @Beenthere Donethat Please note I am not having a go at you. I would say leave either Middle East or the Rest of the world. We know who caused the unrest in the middle East for Oil. West had no business to unfounded untrue propaganda of Weapons of Mass Destruction. besides Sort out your Home grown terrorist making your life misery and for what?

      It is 2021 and luckily all of us have internet and instant news. I shudder to imagine if this act was blamed on outside world. there would have been war. This is not the time for recrimination but sorting out the mess for sake of all our safety

      We already have CORONA to deal with. Don’y need all shyte to add to that. Have a nice peaceful day, I am having one Good luck for the much needed Harmony. Peace.

  3. t’rump lost you the House, the Senate, and the Oval. All within a single term.
    So tell me again why you republicans feel the need to keep him around?

  4. This guy is trying to have it both ways. What part of trump telling the insurrectionists to go “fight” does it take more time to understand?

    1. You bilked the American people out of millions of dollars and some third wheel puts a poster on your door and suddenly you found jesus? Really?
      BAD ACTOR.

    1. Yeah, he said “plenty of blame to go around.” Typical Trump-sucking weaseling. The blame falls squarely on two parties: Trump and his supporters—including his enablers in Congress.

  5. Yes , they came to Washington to “Stop the Steal” . I wonder where they got the idea that they were
    “righting” a “wrong”.

  6. John Curtis will ALWAYS find a way to avoid taking responsibility. When he was our mayor, we called him the “equivocator-in-chief.” If he suggests a on-on-one meeting to discuss it, take my advice– tape the conversation.

  7. Curtis is still not thinking. His own party leader may this happen and most Americans believes trump has destroyed the Republican party

  8. They all were warned about what they were supporting, and just continued on. Now the beast has decided to devour them.

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