Uvalde shooting: Sen. Chris Murphy pleads for action on Senate floor | USA TODAY

Speaking on the Senate floor, Sen. Chris Murphy asks colleagues "why are you here," imploring the chamber to come up with solutions to mass shootings.

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    1. @LazerBeams PewPew this doesn’t happen in countries with strict gun laws.
      australia, england, canada. look at gun deaths per capita

  1. Give our kids better protection at schools & daycares. I feel for the families of trust & in Buffalo. Our local & state leaders need to wake up and say this is enough & skip votes, and the title lets make sure our future is protected at any cost & those 18 babies shouldn’t have been victims today. 🥺🥺🥺 I am hurting for them cause they couldn’t protect themselves. God be with the families.

    1. Create a small office space/law enforcement sub-station near the entrance of every school allowing local county & state law enforcement officials to utilize the space for their reporting. Detectives could even utilize the space for a day here & there. This would not only give rotating coverage and visibility at the schools, it would also allow for the law enforcement organizations to do some community policing and non enforcement interaction with the students. This is a low cost solution that is used in FL and other jurisdictions that works well.

  2. the billions we send to other countries for every request made….and we cant station armed police or military at every school….

  3. I am with you, Senator Chris Murphy, WHY ARE WE HERE, WHAT ARE WE DOING??? —Hope that’s we are here NOT because of guys like Abbot, who only knows how to order “the flag half-stag”, and confuse between “suspect” and “criminal”, “murderer” !!!


    1. That’s the thing we do here in Texas at least in our area 🤷‍♂️
      If the teachers were toting this could have ended before it really started!🤷‍♂️

    1. And I’m a purple unicorn 🦄 that 💩’s gold bars!⭐️👑🌟🏆🥇🏅⚜️🔑🔱⚱️

  5. This is why we should be able to let teachers be armed and protect children. Imagine how many lives would be saved if teachers were able to serve the children education while also protect them from danger like this. People of America should wake up and let teachers protect!

    1. Just have security guards. I can imagine a dozen scenarios where teachers having guns on them would go wrong.

  6. He lost me at “pass laws to make this more unlikely”. It ain’t law. We need mental health reform. Scary times.

    1. background check laws can be passed there was one that was signed 2 years ago but it still isnt passed…

  7. The argument about arming teachers is so stupid. What if a student gets ahold of the gun? What if the teacher uses it in the students? What if a young kid gets his hand on it and makes a mistake? Arming teachers is a terrible idea. Ban guns or make it very difficult to get one.

    1. Agreed. I have a registered handgun and rifle, have a conceal carry permit, and if I knew that every single qualifying gun could be collected from every single person here in America, I would surrender mine in an instant. Numerous European nations got this one right long ago, but here we are. And given the number of guns out there, it will never be realistic to take them all back. We’ll have to find our own way, or die “trying”

    2. Both of you are completely wrong!
      Criminals will continue to have weapons and the laws only will forbid our rights to protect ourselves and others! Laws only work if you are a law abiding citizen!
      Just think about it

  8. PASS Senate Bill HR8:

    “This bill establishes new background check requirements for firearm transfers between private parties (i.e., unlicensed individuals).

    Specifically, it prohibits a firearm transfer between private parties unless a licensed gun dealer, manufacturer, or importer first takes possession of the firearm to conduct a background check.

    The prohibition does not apply to certain firearm transfers or exchanges, such as a gift between spouses in good faith.”

  9. No new laws!!!!
    NO NEW LAWS!!!!
    Arm and train the staff at every school and this kind of crap won’t keep happening!!!

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