1. Knowing that these children heard the police and begged for help, I don’t know how any of those police officers can hug their children or sleep at night.

    1. @E W The Supreme Court already ruled police have no obligation to protect you in America. Their sole responsibility to is generate revenue for the government.

    2. @Sparing Pickle Most states do impose a duty to act on police, fire and EMS, etc… This mandates these individuals to act within the scope of their training and ability when faced with a situation, even when out of uniform.

    3. @E W State… Supreme Court…. Hmmmmm 🤣🤣 This is why I stay away from CNN comments. Their supporters never seem to know what they are talking about.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Hearing him say how fast everything happened and how hiding under desks didn’t save those kids… School should be a safe place. Period. Let’s bend over backwards to make our schools safe! Vote blue! Republicans don’t care. Hold them accountable!

    1. @R Torres Listen. I’m not arguing with you on that because we both know that inner cities don’t just manufacturer guns just like they don’t manufacturer the drugs. Or the alcohol. I get it. But this is more about us as a country. There are too many guns in America. We are saturated to the point where simply arguments turn into who will shoot first. And not just in the inner cities. Not amongst a certain demographic. All walks of life. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility yet for too long we have treated it as just a tool. No way do I as a gun owner want my rights taken away but I know we are reaching a critical level where if we don’t do something now then in 10 years if the pace of guns in the US stays on track you won’t be able to go the store without looking over your shoulder with one finger on the trigger. Similar to the way inner city kids have lived for years now. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We can make changes and need gun owners to be part of it to ensure we get it right. That is the crazy part to me. We all know what the real solutions are yet we have literally danced around it for 80 years now. And they don’t have to involve taking guns away from legal Americans. But those legal Americans are going to have to give a little. The same thing goes for the other side. They need to relieze there are limits. But it has to be done as a country. Not one tribe to another. Or state to state.

  3. Police officers enjoy a “qualified immunity” to their job, under the understanding that they are in a hazardous profession…. but when they are faced with a choice of engaging in that hazardous professional action that affords them the qualified immunity, they’re able to… say that it’s not their job? The Dave Grossman’s training which has touched every single aspect of almost every police officers training; they are trained to think they’re soldiers, get to choose when they are soldiers, and then do not have to have consequences when they choose not to be, or when they choose to? This is the very definition of being “above the law.”

  4. The authorities, from Dispatchers to Marshals, CSID Chief to newbie police officer, failed the children and their families and loved ones in the most horrible of ways…, By not responding as trained!! 19 children and 2 teachers died because a cop didn’t want to get shot. Shame on you sir!! Shame on you!! You are not worthy of your badge!!

    1. You hear so many stories about dispatchers that are careless remember when Gabby petito spoke with one of the dispatchers and they basically shrugged her off and now where is she dead because the dispatcher wouldn’t listen to her cries I hope it’s not you or me next that tries to call dispatch or call a cop and they either don’t answer or they are careless towards your pleas for help

    2. @Cocopuffs199 Imagine if an officer is off duty and he has to call Fire Dept. and they just come and watch the house burn down? Police call EMS all the time imagine if a dispatcher did that to one of their calls? or if EMS responds and just stands outside while one of their relatives need urgent medical care? Now that people know maybe they will pull their kids out of public school and homeschool them. I’m sure there is going to be a hell of of alot more gun sales. You saw the two cops watch the man drown? Maybe Border Patrol will be the ones to call?

    3. @Cocopuffs199 I would never expect after the tragedy in Texas where 19 innocent children were killed to hear some people say, “police had no duty to protect.” But they wouldn’t let the parents go in and try to protect their kids either.

  5. No excuse for the inaction from police, no excuse for elected representatives’ inactions over and over and over.

  6. Poor teacher 😭😭he’s feeling guilt for the kids that were shot and killed, 11 students that’s a lot.
    So sad the teacher feels ppl are angry with him because he couldn’t protect the children.

    It’s not his fault he did do all he can even after he was shot twice.
    There wasn’t anything he could’ve done it was an unforeseen circumstance; something that just happened out of nowhere without warning. It was a horrific sporadic incident that was impossible to avoid. I hope he comes to that realization sooner than later for his mental well being 😖

    1. How is it he was shot multiple times less than 2 weeks ago and he’s sitting up giving an interview? No way he could be fully recovered in that amount of time. Plus they said the shooting happened in one classroom not other classrooms. It doesn’t add up!

  7. Imagine wanting to go into a low pay, low respect job, because you want to teach kids. So you spend 4 years learning how to do this. Then a few years waiting for a position sometimes. Then, after all that, you have to watch helplessly as 11 of the kids you got to mentor die right in front of you, because some guy was mad, and could go around the corner and grab a weapon of war. I feel for the man. May the children rip, and lets all give the man some hope his nightmares arent to bad…

    1. @OHV this attitude that less guns will be better has only produced victims. And uvalde is representative of that.

    2. @Alex Vapor it will. “If” you’re a teacher, and its voluntary not mandatory. Training and licenses will be and are available. Uvalde proved that when you’re under attack, you are your first responder, it’s about survival, not education.

    3. @Mel Gillham I couldn’t find a way to word that thought. I was thinking in the lines of “You are the preventive measure against crime. Not laws.” But it didn’t sound right lol

  8. The kids who took a bullet and had to hold it in or act dead almost an hour deserved a presidential medal. Crying and screaming only gets the attention of the killer so they were brave to survive.

  9. It sucks to hear the victims carry all this guilt for a situation that was completely out of their hands.

  10. There are no words… I feel so horrible for him. I’m hoping one day he can get rid of this feeling of guilt. He is not at fault. He’s a victim and survivor and I’m hoping he will get the support he needs. My heart is with him and the other survivors and the families who’ve lost their loved ones. ♥️😥

  11. I hope this teacher stops replaying what he could have done different, as he did the best he could in a bad situation. Don’t let someone else’s guilt become yours. Perhaps write letters to the children, tell them why they are special, give them to their parents. I have been in similar situations …take care of yourself…..

    1. How is it he was shot multiple times less than 2 weeks ago and he’s sitting up giving an interview? No way he could be fully recovered in that amount of time. Plus they said the shooting happened in one classroom not other classrooms. It doesn’t add up!

  12. This really made my heart hurt I can’t stop crying 😢 I hope this teacher really gets the support he needs I can’t imagine the pain he is going through 😢💔

  13. The pain in this man’s voice….. I wish I could give him a hug. The trauma this man and these kids and teachers have experienced at the hands of an evil man and gun violence and incompetent officers is incomprehensible.

    1. Oh my God remember when the one of the little girls was on the phone saying she got shot and they still didn’t go into the building my heart sank in that moment when she said “I got shot” and no one went in after the shooter… I really think this was some sort of Mafia hit regardless of the kid posting on social media I feel like someone sent the kid in there and the cops were being forced to be held back because it was a mafia hit there’s no other reason why the chief of police would hold armed policeman back from saving kids in a school and the chief of police would rather get honored in a ceremony then send cops to save fourth graders from being shot it just doesn’t make sense it had to be a mafia hit

  14. Imagine being inside the school and hoping for help to arrive and then later, hearing that law enforcement was outside and NEVER intended to come inside and do their jobs.
    I’m sure the people’s trust in their law enforcement is forever shaken in this town.

  15. I’m crying uncontrollably – those babies begging for help. Lord rest their precious precious souls

  16. PTSD, survivor guilt, complete feeling of helplessness. He’s a damn teacher, not a combat veteran! Have we reached a tipping point for such senseless tragedies?

  17. This traumatized teacher apologized more in four minutes and twelve seconds than the police have in two weeks.
    Shame on them, and god bless this teacher. He has nothing to apologize for!

    1. How is it he was shot multiple times less than 2 weeks ago and he’s sitting up giving an interview? No way he could be fully recovered in that amount of time. Plus they said the shooting happened in one classroom not other classrooms. It doesn’t add up!

  18. The fact that he blames himself is so unfair and tragic. Teachers really love their students. So much pain must come from the utter cowardice and abandonment of the police. Just knowing how craven and awful humanity can be…

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