Vaccine certification in limbo after Ford cancels update | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Vaccine certification in limbo after Ford cancels update | COVID-19 in Ontario

The Ford government was expected to unveil an Ontario-based vaccine certificate system sometime this week, but the details remain uncertain.

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    1. Maybe Ford finally got some real polling data showing what a losing issue this would be for him next year.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis I really don’t think he has much say. I think someone is putting the screws to him……..maybe the same happened to the Manitoba premier and he had enough. This is only speculation and in no way am I defending Ford.

    3. @centralScrutinizer makes a bunch of sense and does explain what we are seeing, the rapid reversals all over the country.

    4. @centralScrutinizer Ford always has the option to go full Ron DeSantis. But I doubt he has one-one hundredth the testicular fortitude required.

    1. @luke doadt are you sure, I’m sure its a cheese cake and a pound cake, the guy can’t make a decision lol

    2. @luke doadt Every thing is up in air … what has them cornered is the double vax asymptomatic mutations …08/30/21 CDC panel says **MORE** evidence needed for booster recommendation ,,,no booster need for Pass

  1. With the election happening so soon it just makes sense to delay it until you know whether you’re gonna get $1bn or not.

    1. That’s literally the only reason, he wants the money.. even if it means he paints a target on his back.. he won’t do it unless he gets the money.

  2. They want small businesses to take the brunt of his voters dissatisfaction on this issue, instead of dealing with it themselves

  3. he said we’d never do it here. i hope he sticks to it. if he does it’ll be his saving grace next election.

  4. doug is done as premier he can join trudohh in the unemployment line and john tory will join them as well get rid of all these power tripping a$$hats!

    1. Yep crap like this only strengthens my resolve, at this point you’re going to have to hold me down and forcibly inject me.

  5. Somebody tell Andrea that if she and others like her loose a couple hundred pounds we won’t have to go into lockdown this winter.

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