Vaccine certifications are coming, like it or not: experts #shorts #covid19 1

Vaccine certifications are coming, like it or not: experts #shorts #covid19


Vaccine certifications are needed to keep COVID-19 under control, warns Dr. Juni.

#covid19 #shorts

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  1. Ummm yeah unfortunately we’re gonna have to move those goal.posts once again…its all for YOUR safety. Again and again and again….sleep walk to the grave baby.

  2. That mentality has lost all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Section 7 of the charter and utmost the right to refuse any medical intervention of Any kind. Period.

    1. @Jeremiah Jeremiah I didn’t say I was stopping anyone. I said do you know WHAT stops someone. The “someone” being any person or persons attempting to coerce anyone else.

  3. When will the weak minded of the last many years fight back? Never. It should have happened for many reasons before COVID 19 but didn’t happen so it won’t happen now.

  4. the reality is, this is a totalitarianism country. You can’t do it, we will fight for our rights, make no mistake about that.

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