Vaccine Is Not A Substitute For Standard Public Health Measures Of Wearing A Mask | Hallie Jackson 1

Vaccine Is Not A Substitute For Standard Public Health Measures Of Wearing A Mask | Hallie Jackson


Dr. Fauci says that he believes by late spring or early summer that a “normal healthy man and woman on the street" with no underlying conditions will likely get the vaccine. He also says a vaccine is not a substitute for the normal standard public health measures of wearing a mask and social distancing. Aired on 12/14/2020.
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Vaccine Is Not A Substitute For Standard Public Health Measures Of Wearing A Mask | Hallie Jackson


    1. Feel lucky that there’s even a vaccine as fast as scientists and Doctors could, seriously what qualifications do you have, Deep sewer diver or something worse.

    2. Andy, let’ make this simple. It will keep you and others from taking up hospital beds, so that when you are in a traffic accident or have appendicitis, there will be someone available to treat you. It also means that should you die, your family won’t have to wait a month or two for a mortician to process your corpse.

    3. @Hankakah okay but good antivirals which are in clinical trials are leading to much less severe illness even if you do contract the disease. A combination of antivirals and vaccine will work. If we can lower the death rate of the disease we have to be able to get back to some sort of normality. This isolation is taking a huge toll on mental, financial and our futures. Especially of young people. It is also bad for our immune systems. We are social creatures, not meant to be away from others for this long.

    4. t@Lin White When S. Korea got their first virus infection the same day we did. They gave out free masks to anyone who needed it. They tested 20k people a day. They WORE those masks, and the practiced self isolation and social distancing. Their infections in these 10 months, 43k infections and 587 deaths. We have 16.7 million infections and over 306,000 deaths.
      Did you know that because the S. Korean people actually were responsible and thought of their other citizens? Trumpsters refuse to wear masks till today, they keep spreading the virus!

      Trump is in office for another 37 days, and we are at a rate of 200,000 new infections a day, and over 2k deaths a day. Multiple that by 37 before someone actually decides to do something about it. The vaccine is NOT available for everyone, so you can add more days to when the vaccine is actually able to be issued to ALL Americans.

  1. I just hope the vaccine isn’t a way for them to inject billions of microscopic robots into the bloodstream.

    1. Enough with the paranoia ! People are dying and we don’t need this “ they are out to get me “ rubbish putting vulnerable people off getting a vaccine. Jeez

    2. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so. Bertrand Russell

    3. Do not allow people to use per pressure you in to injecting harmful substances in your body do not consent to evil if your held down against your will God will protect you but if you yield to evil God will not protect you If you were to pick up a Serpent to test God you would die but if a Serpent were to bite you while looking for fire wood have no fear

    1. I love these people who believe in God, but don’t believe something that is proven by scientists……I think it’s called antagonism.

    2. @debbie starman Antagonism !! You lack wisdom .. We are not puppets like you .. I’m going to give you antagonism

    3. @debbie starman THEY WANT TO SAVE LIVES WHILE THEY PROTECT ABORTION! They save lives and defend death. COVID is the power of the blue party

    4. @debbie starman You cannot suffer for the deaths of COVID while protecting abortion! Wake up and take off the mask of your party

    5. @debbie starman Do you think that we all reject the vaccine for reasons? We reject it because we know that this world is full of lies that they tell us are orders that disguise themselves as freedom.

  2. What about those with underlying conditions and no health insurance? How will or when will they get the vaccination?

    1. So far they are saying it’s free but we will have to see. That’s why the Covid19 package funding for local governments is necessary..

  3. It’s been kinda SiFi-ish this past year with all of the mask wearing, social distancing and restrictions, like something in a book or movie.

  4. Republicans are agniast wearing mask, and don’t believe in covid19 until it happens to them. Republicans don’t want to give out covid19 relief, but they wouldn’t have too if they promoted vaccines and mask wearing all the time. Yes it sucks to wear a mask, but try to breathe a small straw to live. Just try to do this for an hour. This is what’s it like if you have a bad case of covid19.

  5. Perhaps we should consider the vaccine as a measure to decrease or eliminate the severe medical consequences of contracting COVID. In other words, it will free up hospital and ICU beds, reduce fatalities to near zero, and give some respite to our overworked health care providers. Hopefully it will also reduce or eliminate the long term consequences of of every COVID infection: blood clots, organ damage, mental impairment, etc.

  6. Nice try Doc., but given the choice of modifying their behavior or taking a pill (o.k, injection then!), which way do you think most Americans are going to go?


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