Vaccine may not be a 'silver bullet' to end COVID-19 pandemic warns Tam 1

Vaccine may not be a ‘silver bullet’ to end COVID-19 pandemic warns Tam


Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo discuss COVID-19 vaccine trials entering Phase 3 and how it will be released to the general population.

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  1. Again!! All she is saying is what the WHO says!!! She is a joke! She should of been fired a long time ago!

    1. @Nick Smith An hour research to prove that WHO is corrupted? Wow! I like that simplified version of reality in which you live. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. Where are your sources?

    2. ​@Nick Smith “One need only do an hour of research into the organization and its links to the current state of Ethiopia to determine this is not an organization to be trusted.”

      You just admitted that any person can do ONE HOUR of research and come to that conclusion? Do you even know what research is? Or do you consider research googling something for one hour and finding one shred of evidence to back up your preconceived notion? Because that absolutely is not research.

    1. @Sel hey you know hes also the biggest stock holder in cn rail since 2019 .. Ill be doing a video on it

    2. techthai tehabnormal cn Rail .. interesting.. you know who also owns an awful lot of lime green “evergreen” shipping containers that travel all over!!! Btw just subbed looking forward to that video!

  2. We might have to just throw everyone all into into giant swimming pool full of sulfuric acid, only way to be sure virus is dead, sorry bout that

    1. @Dan Solo last spring in 2019 in MIDDLE OF MARCH I got Sars covid 2 for one month because of swimming pool I went twice a day . Also my husband took care of me so closely but he did not get from me

    2. @Dan Solo live your life as always when you get it perhaps then occupied your mind but be careful is like other flues

  3. How much misinformation is too much for the general population? It was too much for me a few months ago.

  4. Herd immunity, they say, won’t work or last… then the vaccine may not work or last ….so…what…..stay masked and isolated forever? Hah! This is getting ridiculous! Should have tried herd immunity back when our nursing homes were quarantined….now try to get everyone on board with that…not happening with all the fear they’ve promoted….not enough bravery out there….

  5. Stay away from crowds, wash hands when you come in from outside and keep them away from your face.

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