Van Jones: Pete Buttigieg ‘falls of cliff’ on black issues

Van Jones: Pete Buttigieg 'falls of cliff' on black issues 1


CNN's Van Jones says that 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is very capable talking about most issues but struggles when it comes to connecting with black voters.
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  1. Corporate democrats are still corporate even if they are gay. It is all the corporate air around not the gay! Just like how Anderson Cooper struggles with credibility. Same thing. He even has a secret Tea Party past like Cooper has a CIA past. Secret past, corporate…yeah being gay is the least of peoples worries.

  2. Regarding video title: Should be “falls OFF cliff,” not “of.”

    • @Eric D. I think you may be right about that but the video I posted with my comment explains it in detail.

    • Enrique Florendo | November 22, 2019 at 9:18 PM | Reply

      Leave it up to CNN

    • @kadeesa
      I do agree. It’s unforgivable for MSM to use incorrect grammar or typo. I am an English learner. I learn English through watching and reading news. I think news from MSM can be trust but I am wrong.

    • Bernies campaign mgr. Said mayor pete is spending 10 to 1 on ads in Iowa. He is getting the white women elites vote. They see an ad and flint around. They were with kamala then warren now pete is there flavor of the month.

    • @Tamra KC if it doesn’t, it’s clear who this video is directed to…. Hmm… Was it intentional?

  3. posted 3 hours ago and still says “of”

  4. So, the guy who lied about support from Blacks on his Douglas Plan, a plan that he completely failed to implement in any way in the city that he runs, is a fraud? Yes, absolutely. Smooth taller with ties to private equities and who takes most of his money from the same. Just watch the video of his clueless interaction with Black constituents in South Bend following to do nothing response to a White cop on Black killing by his police force. And there’s plenty more. This schuester doesn’t even belong on stage, but the media will keep pushing him anyway in their anyone but Bernie scam. That includes CNN.

  5. Can someone please fix the title that he says “falls OFF cliff” not “falls OF cliff”

  6. keyboard freedomfighter | November 21, 2019 at 10:37 AM | Reply

    America in general “falls of cliff” on black issues.

    • *Everyone please watch the videos: “PETE BUTTIGIEG CHANGED STANCE ON MEDICARE FOR ALL AFTER BEING BOUGHT OFF BY HEALTH INDUSTRY”* by the YouTube Channel *The Humanist Report.* – Also Pete is involved with covering up for racist police officers. A TYT Investigates report exposes the shady reasons why Pete Buttigieg fired South Bend’s black police chief. — Pete is a liar just like the rest of the corporate neo-liberals. He is willing to sell us down the river for power and profits.

    • Nippopani Fungoli | November 23, 2019 at 3:43 AM | Reply

      @AMERICA FIRST i really suggest you keep an open mind. i find that him being non establishment is very exiciting and refreshing. I can not handle the money and fakeness in politics.

    • DivineHeresy I don’t know how to tell you this but the USA (a country) is not the same thing as Africa (a continent with many different countries). It’s a false equivalency to compare the two.

      With this logic you could say that white people are better off in Europe than they are in the USA (looking at health, education, political involvement, happiness**). Europe is a place with multiple countries with multiple different cultures, systems, etc. It would be weird for someone to compare the two as if they were the same thing.

      (Also truly not to mention that you can still be “better off” in your country of origin (because black Americans were majorly born in the US, not Africa duh) still experience oppression. Natives in the USA are probably “better off” than some Natives in rural Canada but they still can experience oppression to the point of genocide. So like what are you even saying here? That it doesn’t matter that black people are oppressed because Africa exists (a place where people are also severely oppressed)? Or that you, somehow in your mind, connect black Americans with people from Africa despite the different cultures , history, languages? Is it because you because you think we are similar in a way, when in actuality our cultures are completely different?

      It’s probably just because you were never taught anything other than white (European) achievement/cultures. It makes you just simply look ignorant (and kinda racist) 😅

    • @AMERICA FIRST Yup because black people only exist in the US and Africa.

    • @Hana Ayo Alemayehu Blacks are the most ethnocentric race.

  7. Buttigieg is definitely not an idealist. I dont know what the guy on the end was talking anout.

    Also, Biden gets a B on healthcare? Only if you think a C is repealing the ACA.

  8. Gloria “I’m just here for the perks” Borger.

  9. The Falls of Cliff – An Interracial Story

  10. The Progressive Christian | November 21, 2019 at 5:11 PM | Reply

    No mention of Bernie and his history in Civil Rights. Corporate hacks again…

    • @Baxter Powel you progressives wont have a say stupid you morons have no idea how many undecided moderate voters both GOP and Dems will not vote for shithead Sanders if he gets the nomination so you will be giving Trump 4 more years it’s not going to be up to you. You seriously think that over half the electoral college will vote for Sanders sure just like you all knew for a fact Killary was going to hammer Trump to right. You are the turds tearing apart the party. All the moderates like me will just stay home or vote independent before we vote for bullshit socialism

    • @Jokers Wild Moderate is the reason why people like trump and McConnell exist …
      Too little has been done against corruption!
      It’s like a Cancer , a metastasis that is developing stealthily.
      trump is the consequence of a much bigger problem!

    • And why there is deep hatred of Hillary Clinton?!
      Care about his people isn’t socialism and if it is so i am because no one even Obama actually be able to make real thing go up for the people.I see two people real care a bout this thing Warren and Bernie the others play the same little song Hilary did!So maybe all democrat will won against the buffoon but the next “trump 2.0” may won’t be as stupid as he is.
      And for the knowledge after all what this mad man did there is still about 41 % of trumptard so this country is already divide now it’ about what is fair and what is not!It’s about equality and Justice!
      You don’t have that staff you have nothing!

  11. Pete has lied about black voters supporting him. He LIED. He claimed he was supported by a black organization. It was a lie. And did you ask him about that??? NO! You are silent.

    • SlapdashRhapsody | November 23, 2019 at 9:52 AM | Reply

      Kenjoneslee – that comment, in itself, is racist. You’re an ignorant hypocrite.

    • Anne Marie Rovere | November 23, 2019 at 10:29 AM | Reply

      @Li Mo Everyone seems to be enthralled by his intelligence, how he waxes poetic, etc. People seem to have rose colored glasses when it comes to this guy. Take care of your issues in South Bend, Pete. There are many data points as to why he is a fraud. The final nail in the coffin for me was lying about black endorsements (The Douglass Plan). He seems to be sloppy and untruthful. He does have his strengths – he is compelling. I just wish people would do their homework on him and stop putting him on a pedestal. This includes CNN and MSNBC too.

    • @Ray S The title of this piece could be misconstrued in the context of this conversation. It is not an absolution of Mayor Pete. That article is about “black homophobia”, not the rather alarming things that have come to light about Mayor Pete’s interactions with the black community in South Bend.

    • Kenjoneslee you are so way off here. Kamala has been an absolute disaster for black people in California. She went on the grio and said specifically she “will not being doing anything specific for Black people.” Google it. Then when asked her first 30 days in office on the second debate, daca. So black people cannot trust her. Corey Booker needs to stand forward for a strong reparations program. He won’t. Pete is racist and so is Biden. So either his “black support” is fabricated or Black people are largely unaware of his designing the black and brown mass incarceration bill. For me Marianne Williamson is the only candidate for reparations. And I think Bernie can possibly be brought on board. Or even Yang. None of the black or bald black candidates will get behind it. And Obama was of the worst presidents for Black people. And he aggressively was against reparations. So what the hell are you talking about? You really sound very ignorant. And reparations is a specific policy program for the descenders of chattel American slavery.

  12. What does “falls of cliff” mean? 🙄 What intern messed THAT up

  13. Enjoy The Silence | November 21, 2019 at 10:01 PM | Reply

    “he’s growing before our eyes” stop with the Obama comparisons 😂🤣😂🤣

    • ….. but they’re pretty fucking readily obvious. I mean, you really can’t get much closer to Obama’s arc than what Buttigeig is doing atm. You want them to stop stating the obvious??

    • Barbara Monahan | November 23, 2019 at 9:10 PM | Reply

      Truth is Truth, my friend, whether you like it or not. Or whether you enjoy it or not. And the truth is that Pete’s doing exactly that!

  14. White liberals adore him in spite of his discriminatory past, it tells a lot about them.

  15. Really…. you don’t understand why? Okay. 1 word: DISINGENUOUS.

  16. He told black people “I’m not asking for your vote.” That’s what happened.

    • @Anonymous Guy oh by the way i wholeheartedly agree with the cop.

    • @Ken Otwell you are wrong, he is the Mayor of the city, the police force is 100% under the jurisdiction of the mayor. What about him forcing the first black police chief to step down, what about him lying about getting black support in SC, what about the massive gentrification? Mayor Pete has 0 to 1% of the Black vote for a reason. We are not stupid.

    • Pete said that in a “I’m not looking for a vote, I just want to help” type of way. It was misinterpreted by so many people. Whether he did a good job helping or not, it’s unfair to misinterpret that

    • @83jdc1 no you’re not stupid but misinformed beyond rational.

    • OptimistHunter Reel | November 23, 2019 at 5:39 PM | Reply

      @lp Shouldn’t you want a vote from everyone? You’re trying to win the presidency yet you’re telling someone that you don’t want their vote. The optics of that is horrible, especially with just how bad he was specifically addressing those people and the racial issues in general in his hometown. He comes across like he simply doesn’t care about the black people in his community, yet he wants to be the president of all black people in America. He has to do better on at least PRETENDING to be empathetic.

  17. They talk about black poeple like they are another species or something. Its very odd and off-putting.

    • They are very monolithic as a group. They will support whoever supports black people the most. they currently like Biden and Harris. Why? Because one is black, and the other was the Vice President of the first black president. They don’t care about “unity” or America. They only care about black America.

    • OptimistHunter Reel | November 23, 2019 at 5:35 PM | Reply

      @E. C. What a way to show how ignorant you are. I’d go out on a limb to say that the majority of black voters DO NOT like Harris because of her prosecutorial record. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re white, because you seem to know nothing about black people.

    • E. C. What? black people like other candidates too like Andrew Yang etc. individual black people have different opinions about the candidates, and will not vote for someone because they are black. Biden and Harris are not good choices.

  18. Yang is the least “uneven”, and despite the amount of time alotted to him he still brought the most to the debate. Without a doubt, my vote will be a Yang vote!

  19. He is slimy politician who would lie just to get vote. Can’t stand that sob.

  20. “Black voters are closest to pain” oh boy this women 😂

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