'Veep' Stars Set To Reunite For Virtual Benefit Event | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘Veep’ Stars Set To Reunite For Virtual Benefit Event | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The cast of HBO's 'Veep' is reuniting again for a virtual table read event which will benefit America Votes' efforts to turn out voters in Georgia's January runoff election. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and 'Veep' EP David Mandel join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 12/01/2020.
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'Veep' Stars Set To Reunite For Virtual Benefit Event | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Well healthcare and education is about right, but not affordable housing. It is a mess in Europe also. Heard about mambo?( person who live with mum at grown up age, mam=mum, bo=to home) Greetings from Sweden.

    2. Same here, over here in the UK i had 2, 7 hour operations on a fractured wrist, all free. What sort of country wouldn’t want universal healthcare for every single person? I ‘m Scottish but the US is my favourite country in the world, just every single thing i love and adore is from American culture but i really can’t understand why everyone can’t have universal healthcare.

    3. public health options are also pro-business, consider all of the Americans that wont start their own businesses because their low-paying job at least has health insurance.

    4. @Gary McEwan
      The “sort of country” where the wealthiest and greediest special interests, have been allowed to spoon-feed the population with poisonous political propaganda for four decades.

    5. Stop the trump virus COUP , Republicans are on vacation until next year leaving America with no PPP or PPE until next year Congress does not care about America only cares about Trump corrupt supreme court nominee Amy barret , only Georgia can save America from the evil Congress, Georgia please vote for the Democrats and save America from the evil congress, Georgia please save America and vote only for the Democrats, Georgia Republicans elections been decided you lost everything ,vote democrats if you want PPP & PPE ,Stop trump virus stops covid19

  1. I hope Dems can take the Senate as otherwise Mitch McConnell will block anything that doesn’t solely benefit your corporations or the elite…

  2. I love what they have done, I agree we have to help it is I imperative. But we need the to do the same to help those folks that are about to be evicted, and families that are going to bed hungry everyone day.

    1. Those are the ones not being taken care of by corrupt charity founders who only feed themselves. All are Jewish by the way.

  3. President Joe Biden please appoint an aggressive DOJ so they could get the clown and his cronies for all the criminal activities specially the illegal arms deal to Saudi Arabia thanks..stop the stupid clown..

  4. In a few days Senate goes on vacation for the rest of the year. Too bad we can’t do a recount of needless lives lost. Also of needless Senate. Livss before egos.

  5. The inventer of some of the greatest “tik – tok” moves according to my 7 year old “Tik – Tok’r”

  6. Officials in Arizona and Wisconsin certified their states’ 2020 election results on Monday, making President-elect Joe Biden’s narrow victories official. So, Biden becomes first Democrat to win state of Arizona since 1996.

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