Velshi: Police Unions, Stop Protecting The Racists In Your Ranks | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi says police unions should keep their members accountable to the public.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Police Unions, Stop Protecting The Racists In Your Ranks | MSNBC


  1. If a cops is irresponsible they need to pay the price for their mistakes, just like any other job.

    1. @salmonline , lol, YOU are gonna need the cops before the cops need YOU. the only distractions going on here are the gullible idiots like you who fell for a fake crusade in blm. go ahead and defund the police. watch what happens. even the democrats you support dont even want to defund the police. go vote for ice cube. see if he cares for you. lol.

    2. nyclear Your facts are incorrect. First, in the George Floyd case, the man was already handcuffed, and in the cop car. For no reason that could be seen, a cop pulled Mr. Floyd out of the cop car to the ground, and placed his knee on the back of Mr. Floyd’s neck, and two additional police officers kneeled on Mr. Floyd’s back, which compressed his lungs. A fourth police officer seemed to be acting like a “lookout.” Although Mr. Floyd pleaded that he could not breathe, all police officers ignored him, positions were held for over 8 minutes, on top of a man who posed no threat to the officers.

      On the other hand, there is the shooting of Mr. Brooks which ended in his death. Mr. Brooks had been heavily drinking, and was operating a vehicle at the time he was engaged by 2 police officers, called to the scene by a Wendy’s employee. The police officers were respectful to Mr. Brooks at all times throughout his testing for intoxication (40 minutes). Once the trained police team came with the breathalyzer unit, and Mr. Brooks tested over the legal limit to be operating a vehicle, the police officer’s decided to arrest him. At the time the officers tried to handcuff Mr. Brooks, he decided to assault them, steal one of the officer’s tasers (robbery), and flee his arrest; but not satisfied with running from the police, he decided to turn around and shoot one of the police officers with the taser and his shot hit the officer in the shoulder. Mr. Brooks was a career felon with an extensive violent arrest record, which included but was not limited to, beating his wife, abusing his kids, kidnapping, stealing, and battery. Mr. Brooks was a violent felon, fleeing arrest with a deadly weapon (the state of Georgia defines a taser as a deadly weapon), and also intoxicated. The officer shot Mr. Brooks only after he was shot by the taser Mr. Brooks shot at him. The officer fired three shots, only; two of the shots hit Mr. Brooks in the back, but only because the cop didn’t have his weapon pulled, so Mr. Brooks was able to turn and continue running, which presented his back to the police officer. A big deal is being made of shooting this man in the back. If this police officer had been running with his gun already out, and at the ready, he could have shot Mr. Brooks in the chest when Mr. Brooks turned to shoot him. The fact that the officer did not take his gun out of his holster until after Mr. Brooks shot him shows restraint. The back angle is erroneous. All police officers are trained to aim and shoot at the largest human body part.
      The 2 officers being charged in this case were charged because they are white and Mr. Brooks is black. The law should be blind to color. The DA charging these two police officers is running for re-election under a cloud of suspicion of embezzlement and sexual misconduct. It appears he is turning a justified shooting into a white cop on black man murder charge as a way to get votes! This is outrageous behavior for a DA to practice!

    3. nyclear Racial discrimination is used by blacks against whites, too, as in the case of Mr. Brooks. The 2 officers were justified in this killing, but are being used as an example, by a black DA who is running for re-election, to soothe the BLM group, so the people will vote for him in the election coming up, and not riot in the present. This DA is under suspicion of embezzlement and sexual misconduct. I’m not sure if he has been arrested, yet.

    4. r2kzyron Police officers are not the mother of drunk drivers. Police officers are called to enforce the law. The minute Mr. Brook’s decided to drink and drive, he was committing a crime. Then he decided to assault officers, steal one of the officer’s tasers, flee his arrest, turn and shoot the police officer nearest him. You are not concerned about Mr. Brooks putting people’s lives at risk because of his drinking and driving, and assaulting and shooting, and fleeing, but when an officer is protecting the community by shooting a fleeing felon, that’s not acceptable to you. Shooting Mr. Brooks was lawful !

    1. Pamela Porter, The man violently resisted arrest, took the taser from the cop, ran away, turned around and shot the taser at the cop. If you shot a taser at a cop, than he/she will shoot you with a bullet. Duh 🙄. Everything I said in on video. Pamela, you are very stupid, aren’t you???

  2. I say let them quit, that means no salary, no pension. Totally reorganize the whole police department.

      Well the first thing *GoKart as in nincompoop* you’re totally are wrong and dumb dumb is your first language – Kamala Harrison is on the Biden VP short list…and it would only taken you 2 seconds to Google it. So exactly where’ are your verification of receipts? 😷😅

  3. In Ohio Gov DeWine made it a law “Two Days Ago”, officers must have a high school diploma.
    And to date there is no “Active Police Disciplinary Board” associated with any precinct throughout the State of Ohio!

    1. Yeah i had my voters card and ID, but wasn’t updated on a polling place change. My fault .. or not idk.

    1. @Laura Zaboraski , why would it? im not the one rioting, looting, destroying my own community because career criminals who rob pregnant women who look like you got dealt with by police. lol…

  4. When they get sued for breaking the law they have to pay out of their pension fund. Why should the people pay for bad cops? Billions-And You Are Paying The Bill.

    1. Cops should have to carry individual malpractice insurance. Bad cops will find that they can’t afford to be cops as their rates go up, just like bad drivers or bad doctors.

    1. @Space Alien That is nothing but a 🐂💩 excuse that doesn’t explain them killing unarmed minorities.
      Racist police officers police brutality & Racism must end

  5. Some of these police officers pretending that they’re committed to serve and protect, but the idea was to carry out their undercover dirty work.

  6. You should NOT be a cop if you honestly believe cops should be held to a different legal standard than the public. Law Enforcement should have the highest standards NOT the lowest or a separate standard entirely.

    Time for reform and massive firings.

    1. @efonefiddy 👈 is a triggered LEO. 👮 LEO hates “civilians 🔫”. He fantasizes about race wars and civil wars. And killing people more interesting and intelligent then himself.

    2. @Space Alien 👈 LEO 👮 here is advocating for the swine to retain their status quo. I think LEO 👮 hates the “general public🔫” I think LEO 👮 thinks he’s above not only the law, but above the civilian as well. In my book, that makes LEO 👮, a POS. Unfit for the job.

    3. @truerealityscott that is so stupid. I’ll bet you think I’m a white guy. That is so typical of you liberals. LMAO😂😂😂😂
      Let me guess, you’re basing that of off my avatar? Hold on, let’s see if I can stereotype you.
      You are a smelly, no deodorant wearing, pot smoking, ANTIFA, no job having, loser! Did I guess right? 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
      Please hurry and tell me, I can’t wait!

    4. @truerealityscott oh and triggered, no, I enjoy seeing how triggered you guys get about cops and Trump. Reminds me of 2016. 😁😁😁

  7. It is time for the police unions and police departments to come together to expose the bad cops. For decades they have let the bad cop set the tone for the department. If they really want change, get rid of the “blue wall of silence”

    1. I think many in the police force have waited for this day, to be able rid themselves of the rotten apples

    2. I think they ALL have to be stripped down and start anew, with new laws and regulations that protect police, but protect citizens – particularly POC and especially Black citizens – even more. These unions protect especially bad cops at the expense of Black people’s lives. They’re corrupt right now, these unions. And, have clearly gotten away with it for so long that’s why they’re so arrogant to actually believe they’ve done nothing wrong.

    3. Pete Bailey Only if it was that easy. Liberals in Canada be like peas in their pods. Now how to keep them there and shut their pie holes. 🤔

  8. Absolutely. And cops who “have had enough” of dealing with their own garbage coming back to haunt them……find a new line of work.

    1. Space Alien so you personally know all the rioters and looters huh? Maybe you should talk to your people instead of whining in the comments section .

    1. @John Banks. Trump should step down! This race thing was started by Obama and Biden! Biden did think that Obama was clean enough! Minnesota is a democratic state! New York is a democratic state! 19 murdered in Chicago last weekend! A democratic paradise! Seattle and Atlanta are democratic failures! The Republicans could nominate Candice Owens!

    2. @Rod Oh, you poor little whiny muppet. Do you need a blanky for all those tears? Cops have been successfully killing the innocent for decades with their word against the victim. Dead people can’t defend themselves. Thanks to Obama & Biden requiring bodycams & technology putting a cellphone in the hands of every american cops are now being held accountable because their unlawful behavior is on video. The so-called good cops(accomplices) allowed the bad cops to be bad cops. It’s now time to face the music. Cops have been participating in lynchings for decades. “cops can’t protect themselves?”….Oh go cry me a river, asshat. So thank you for recognizing the contributions made by the Democratic Party to civil society.🤡


    1. @john carioscia It hangs the the well hung Michelle “big Mike” Obama, husband of Barack.

  10. We need a national registry of officers who commit crimes like evidence planting or those that abuse their power, so these criminals cannot be hired in another district or state.

    1. @truerealityscott Well then, they’ve lost. Far from doing nothing, we see hundreds of thousands… maybe millions… of good people marching in the streets.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I still say that ruger 57 , new for 2020, should be in your possession.

  11. The way I see it, no one put a gun to their heads and forced them to become a cop. So if they don’t like what is going on then they are free to resign. I am sure that they won’t be missed.

    1. @R Romero you’re a moron. The racist LEOs 👮 hates civilians. The Nazi and KKK must be stamped out permanently. Cowards hide behind the thin blue line.

    2. And, no one forced bad cops to be bad. I want to be able to tell children, “the he policeman is your friend” and mean it. I don’t want policemen who knock down old men and leave them for dead or choose to knock women around or shoot people in the back or use tear gas and rubber bullets on people lawfully protesting. The taxpayers pay their salaries and yet, it is the taxpayer who is being beaten and killed. Who “bites the hand that feeds it?” Bad cops.

    1. @john carioscia Communities will band together there will be peace and justice handed out by less demanding Judge-Dredds.

    2. @John Banks Without the police all you have is chaos, lawlessness, rioting, looting and arson. The police are the cost of living in a civilized country.

    3. @john carioscia “This channel doesn’t have any content”. Proving you are nothing more than a troll.

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