Velshi: The Real Difference Between $600 and $2000 | MSNBC

The House of Representatives approved giving millions of Americans $2,000 relief checks rather than the $600 that had been passed and sent to the President’s desk. That bipartisan bill came up against Sen. Mitch McConnell, who didn’t want the Senate “bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats' rich friends who don't need the help.” Mitch McConnell is estimated to be the 9th wealthiest person in Congress – he wouldn’t know what it’s like to choose between paying the electric bill or buying food.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: The Real Difference Between $600 and $2000 | MSNBC


  1. Remember its the dems who got you this relief,the gop only want to give the rich tax breaks,vote for dems in 2022 so that you can get fairness for ordinary people

    1. @Eric Graham I’m independent and split my vote in 20 but my vote will probably be more red in 22

    2. Have any of you critisizing the Relief actually read, or for that matter listened when the entire bill was read aloud to what money is going where in this bill?
      Or ya just getting your opinions from media?

    3. Why are you gaslighting? We’ve seen it all go down.
      Nancy wheeled in a 5000 page bill and refused to pass covid relief until ever one of her insane demands were met. Then the election happened and she burned that paper mountain. And passed her small reasonable 100 page bill that still gave her friends a trillion dollars to build their side projects

    4. @james caporale Yawn, education = debt. Also doesn’t the House control the cash flow?😑 The House were controlled by Democrats during those recession. You lose😜

    5. @Bradley Davidson its you gaslighting my friend,that bill helps kids and stops them starving and helps you too so send the money back if you dont want it,republicans only help the rich and the opinion shows like fox lie to you just like trump did

  2. Trump lost 1.5 Trillion of tax dollars in the stock markets in 20 mins! Research it, this is fact!

    1. @Karen Shumer how???? You can’t name ONE GOOD THING Biden has done in 48 years what makes you think he’s going to now?

    2. @rich5817 Biden reversed all the freebies that were going to the rich! Put a halt to that polluting Keystone Pipeline! Am hoping he can pay off my student debt now. Pass a infrastructure bill and pass the Green New ?Deal!!!!

    3. @Karen Shumer BTW he isn’t gonna pay off your loans he’s already been elected and breaking promises at breakneck speed and it wouldn’t be him paying you loans it would be hard working people like me

  3. Remember the Republicans tried to stop you from getting your tax dollars back. You’re the ones actually paying taxes unlike the rich like Trump who for years paid no taxes and for the last two years paid 750 per year.

  4. Their stupid today is always the same stupid tomorrow. All of these senators could give a hoot about you and I, they only do enough to try and keep themselves viable.

  5. 10 million jobs still lost, schools not opening safely, states without finds to pay first responders or widespread vaccine distribution.
    And how many republicans voted for covid relief?

  6. I Agree 💯 !! The Republican party don’t know what it’s like and they don’t care !!

  7. Mitch is not working for people in need and his wealthy corrupt wife Elaine Chao as exPrez Trump appointed Transportation Secretary was no better

  8. Funny how less wealthy nations gave their people $2,000 every month and without endless angst about “means testing” and losing the “work ethic.” The US is just pathetic.

    1. A couple weeks ago I saw an article saying if you haven’t yet received your $600 it is too late and you won’t be getting it. It did say if you were actually eligible for the $600 and didn’t get it you can claim it on your tax return and still get it that way.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador Your correct did my taxes end of February. My tax people automatically included my $600 to go directly into my bank account. If you do your own forms, $600 goes on LINE 30! Then you’re all good. Remember trump people first processed the $600, forget that one it went to Mars to that Space Station! 🙄

  9. Millionaire Moscow Mitch doesn’t want middle class people to do better. He wants the rich people to do better

  10. Americans found out how other countries took of their citizens and how much our government was giving to other countries
    So they were shamed into giving us crums

  11. You left out the profit from insider trading of his wife’s corrupt Construction Supply companies.

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