Veteran: ‘U.S. Should’ve Started Afghanistan Evacuations A Long Time Ago’

CEO of Iraq an Afghanistan Vets of America, Jeremy Butler, and NBC News’ Pentagon reporter, Courtney Kube, discuss the Biden Administration’s difficult task to quickly evacuate Americans and allies from Taliban-controlled sections of Afghanistan

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  1. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    1. ​@Crimdor Nice 2011 account. How do we know you’re not a newly activated sleeper troll embedded in youtube by Putin 10 years ago?
      Well… least you got to play a lot of games between then and now!! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @blah blah You mean when the FBI orchestrated a false flag at the Capitol Building on January 6? Anything to distract from the massive voter fraud.

    3. Actually, MSNBC is lying about the specifics of this situation. MSNBC wants us to stay in Afghanistan. Read between the lines.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera All the retired generals they bring on, who are on the weapon maker payrolls, certainly want us to stay.

  2. Well, when you spend $1 trillion on training an army of 300,000 you’d expect them to keep the Taliban in check. Not walk away and be defeated by guys in Toyota pickup trucks. How do you predict that? And why would anyone plan to leave a country with a well supplied and trained 300,000 strong army? Everyone’s a second guessing Monday morning 4 star general filling empty airtime. Isn’t Trump doing something stupid today?

    1. First of all they were never paid by the Afghan government they were paid by the United states. And once they found out the United states was leaving and mo more checks were coming in they laid down their guns a quite

    2. @Warren Parker no, not quite. The Afghan government was paid by the American government using OUR tax dollars which the Afghan government put into their own pockets, and didn’t pay the salaries of these soldiers. They lied about having 300,000 soldier’s, because most of them had defected and left the Afghan army throughout the 20 years we built it. But of course the Afghan government still got paid for 300,000 (again, with American taxpayers money) soldiers and in the end probably had around 96,000 left!!! Between May 1, 2021 and Aug 12, 2021 those 96,000 leftover soldiers had surrendered to the Taliban. The Afghan government was just as corrupt as the Taliban. They’re all the same!!

  3. Should have started when trumpy made the deal with Taliban.
    It’s obvious that no one can trust them at their word. I don’t see this working.
    This is not a Biden or Trump thing. The people behind these men need to work harder to resolve this situation peacefully.

  4. You mean like when they asked everyone to leave in April, or like when they told everyone at the beginning of August to GTFO, and that the US would pay for their plane ticket? How long is long?

  5. what’s with gop yakking on about what if, is there a time machine to go back to the past and do things earlier?

  6. Veterans may be going through a trigger event in context of the news. Any operations may make a fine movie. For now we focus on the orderly movement on the airport. US government has advised allies of a strict timeline to withdraw under the peace treaty we both enforce. No shootings or abuse of airport applicants has been commendable. An emergency happened when the Afghan National Army left the service under duress from the taliban and deserve a fighting chance. That and promised Afghan Air Force air support. Now covered one imagines by hundreds of UAV armed drones above the area. A real test of massed drones capability to support forces in contact. The US Air Force has over 1,200 aircraft operational at the moment. Manned and ready for any mission set. This including Strategic Bombing if called in. 💣 B 52 aircraft are deployed . Rock.lobster

  7. Americans citizens living in Afghanistan were notified months ago , maybe waiting til the last minute on their part was not the smartest move..

    1. This has been on my mind a lot. What’s up with waiting until now to get outta dodge? As if 300K trained soldiers were gonna do anything to stop this from coming.

  8. This is a good job of spinning the truth. MSNBC softened this up people are left behind, billions of dollars of military equipment left behind. Anyone who thinks the Taliban won’t use it against us is living in a different world. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!

      Don’t listen to the media on this one. We didn’t lose anything.
      Even when we only had 4000 troops on the ground the Taliban stayed hidden. Once we ended operations, turned it over to Afghan Forces. The Taliban came out of hiding. It was the Afghan Forces that lost and there was 300,000 of them. 20 Special Forces troops surrendered. As an U.S. Army Vet. I can tell you that 20 U.S. special forces in a group would surrender like that. I would rather be with them than against. The Taliban knows this.

    2. @Raging Monk There were never 300,000 Afghan forces! Stop listening to the news yourself. The Taliban started out as a handful then turned into a 300,000 army of its’ own.

      The Taliban are Pakistani’s and Afghani’s and the U.S. troops were never going to stop them. They couldn’t even find them! The troops knew, everyone knew the war was lost. It never had a chance!

      If you think we trained 300,000 Afghani’s, then you’re out of your mind, because 100,000 died! So training them just cost them more life than being civilians.

      Trump air bombing them randomly, taking out their women and children didn’t help their trust much, now did it!

      There wasn’t a war, it was a GOP slaughter looking for one guy!

      Take responsibility Republicons!

      Now the entire GOP wants to refuse them refuge in this country.

      Republicons are out of control, out of their minds and totally corrupt!

      Watch what they’re are taking away from you.

  9. 4:00 This is my # 1 criticism. Many love to point fingers but don’t aren’t soldiers and others don’t ask why the situation is the way it is currently.

  10. When a president negotiates and signs a deal with the enemy to end a war and occupation like Trump did, please believe him, don’t assume its just politics as usual…

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