Vicious Attack on Senior Citizen in Clarendon Jamaica - February 17 2021 1

Vicious Attack on Senior Citizen in Clarendon Jamaica – February 17 2021


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  1. Does the government personnels wait until it’s on their doorstep before drastic measures are put in place?
    *I worry for myself, my children and my grandparents and other love ones everyday. You don’t have to do anyone anything now a days, nothing

  2. If People Stop Take Holidays In Jamaica. You Would See How Fast The Goverment Fix Up Them Self And Deal With The Crime.

    1. I relocated back home and my Sister is a Farmer, so I spend most of my time in Jamaica, my King dehya and come back to the UK to see family. I miss him like WOW! I’m happy to boycott if I felt it would mek a difference.

  3. I clearly remember went Andrew holness the so call prime minister of jamaica came to England telling the JAMAICA people dem to come back and invest in Jamaica!! Look what’s happening now !!!! Pure killing taking over the island of jamaica

    1. The well thinking people in a Jamaica need to humble themselves and pray and seek God and repent and God will do some cleansing. I used the term “well thinking ” because demon posessed murderers not thinking. People need to go back to God. Witch craft, bad mind, pride, laziness, selfishness and the list goes on, is the problem.

  4. Some demons let loose on the island. Mankind has become vicious and heartless. Prophecy fulfilling. Poor soul, rip.

  5. Who did that survey ? Must be the dead ppl who have left the face of this cruel world . Can’t be the citizens of jamaica.

  6. Jamaicans yard and abroad…where are Andrew Holness and Horce Chang with the Pre-Election Crime Plan? Andrew giving Jamaicans the SILENT treatment again!

    1. The crime plan that him claim him did have from 2017 that would make us sleep with our doors open kmt…Their objective n priority is directed at giving us a vaccine that won’t prevent you from catching COVID or curing it…Even worse that if you should take this vaccine and anything is wrong with you the government made provision so that you can not sue the providers or the manufactures

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