Victim’s father was escorted out of meeting for families. Watch him confront the Uvalde mayor

Alfred Garza, whose daughter Amerie Jo Garza was one of the 19 children killed in the Robb Elementary School shooting, confronts Uvalde Mayor Don MacLaughlin after Garza was escorted out of a meeting for the victims' families. #CNN #News


  1. “A LIST”? These families are appalled, furious, broken and exhausted. I think they do have the strength to fight non stop . I think THIS is one where “ thoughts and prayers “ will NEVER apply. I do hope and pray that these families….the whole town…DOES feel our love.

  2. Here’s the entire report.. “Cops stood around while kids were slowly slaughtered. We recommend medals for bravery and double the Police budget.”

    1. The Uvalde cops have been bravely facing the wrath of childless parents, and responding daily to this uppity threat. They’re just waiting for this whole situation to bleed out.

    2. They were too busy eating donuts and checking their phones to be bothered to stop a school shooting… Obviously!

    3. @Daniel Bradford leader ship..
      A police academy in USA seems all is needed is 75 to pass each test . Raise that number thin out the ones looking to hang out like a manikin at a mall-window-display…( oh N a GED requirement if couldn’t finish high school that means u can’t fulfill duties of a public servant)

  3. Never forget that the police was brave enough to wrestle some despaired parents to the ground. Never forget.

    1. They should sue for wrongful death. Sue them all with all the courts they can sue in.

    2. @Derrick Wolters … He’s a Troll, report him.. The fact that he is impersonating David is a good reason..

  4. That’s disgraceful. A list shouldn’t matter. His daughter died for God’s sake. None of the victims families should have been denied entry. The whole ordeal was solely the responsibility of law enforced. The video shows abunch of law enforcement just standing in the hallway. They should have been breaking down doors to locate any kids or teachers left in the building. Texas and it’s gun laws is contradictory to the actions of the officers. Hypocrites one and all. All due to governor Abbott’s and his republican cronies.

    1. Imagine losing your daughter due to police malpractice and then you are escorted out of a meeting because your name isn’t on a list. What disgusting behavior from these officials.

  5. American politics in a nutshell: we have to be protected but not bound by the law. You have to be bound by it, but not protected.

    1. @Lex Ruptor that is one of the stupidest things I have read all day.
      Politics (from Greek: Πολιτικά, politiká, ‘affairs of the cities’) is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations among individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status.

    2. @Lex Ruptor I disagree,our current republic has been misrepresented for so long that it’s starting to die. Ask yourself why could that maladjusted bed wetter walk right on armed to the teeth? He couldn’t buy a beer yet. Couldn’t buy a cigarette. If not for politicians,this wouldn’t be allowed.

    1. @Alex Mercedes But Robert O’Rourke didn’t identify himself in your eyes when he showed up with campaign propaganda not 24 hrs after 21 people died? You think it’s better to discuss policy over helping victims and families less than 24 hrs after a crisis?

  6. If the Families and Media hadn’t asked questions; this would still be a Cover-up all the way up to and including Governor Abbott!!

    1. And they are blaming the unlocked door. If an armed person wants to enter a building, one locked door won’t keep them out.

    2. Abbott is the one that started trying to cover things up. He thought everybody would just let it go and go with his story.

  7. My heart goes out to this dad. I’m glad he is fighting. This needs to be made right. I hope they sue the cops

    1. @shannon w um ya protect and serve the state . Not citizens lol of course they are to protect the streets from crime and what not I understand. But it’s the policeman’s life before a citizen. They arent soldiers who die for their county. I’ve had most good experiences with police thankfully but unfortunately they are in it for their own interests not for the better of yours

    2. @FrozenTits_Records yea I do know that unfortunately. We as citizens pay their paychecks and for what? It is extremely sad that the oath they take is just mumbo jumbo.

  8. Get rid of the DAMN MAYOR! Every answer is ‘well don’t look at me, I didn’t make the list’ or ‘Then I was lied to also’ or ‘I have no control over that’ – what the hell are you there for then? This guy can’t do the job. Find someone there who can.

  9. My God, What these people have to go through. these men after they find answers, need to all be fired. Be done with this kind of Bull. Enough is Enough. These people are being treated like they don.t count.

    1. Dude.. they can only answer so many questions.. was your kid in that room..?
      Everyone wants answers but nobody wants to shut up and listen

  10. It’s sickening to see how wrong this was handled from the start and continues. These poor families, please don’t forget their losses!

  11. How sad he experienced this after such a loss. As he said,she was just like him and he misses her a lot.

  12. I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. This latest video makes CLEAR the cops were told there was a child calling from inside the classroom with the killer. And still nobody did anything or moved with any urgency. That was the time to scratch, claw and break down the doors and walls to get in that room! No excuses–There were dozens of them in the hallway and now we learn hundreds more outside!! Every time more information dribbles out about this incident the worse and worse it looks for these officers (and I’m not just taking about Chief Arredondo). I’m a huge law enforcement supporter but I just don’t have words to describe my disdain and disappointment at the complete failure on the part of these cops.

  13. All who are involved of the ‘coverup’, wish all this will just go away! Parents and the community of Uvalde, Texas… DO NOT LET UP until you get answers and accountability! PERIOD!

  14. How the hell is there a “list” of family members allowed to attend the meeting!
    The mayor refusing to answer because “he wasn’t there”
    Was it the mayor who said “you didn’t see me there” WTF 🤬 there or not, the mayor has a responsibility to his constituents to have answers or, find someone with the answers. That was plain disregard to the father.

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