1. Also:

      “Believe me”

      “Many people are saying”

      “Big strong tough men and they were all crying”

      And when he says someone called him “Sir”

    2. PowdaToastFace Killah He’s got an extremely limited playbook and it’s unfortunate that his core base laps it all up.

    1. @Intercat That’s just what I was thinking. He really didn’t care about all the tragedy. He cared that his building was now the tallest. How friggin’ pathetic! The man is a total sociopath.

    2. @claire bigelow And also was calling publishers pretending to be “John Barron” talking about how all the women in NY were trying to get in bed with him. He makes up the name “Barron” because that’s what he wanted to be (a “Baron”), and then actually named his son after a fake name he used to lie about people “wanting” him. A truly sick human being.

    3. tRump bragged about how a building he owned in the Wall St district was now the tallest one there after the towers came down….he was

      gloating about it

    1. And dems are like hes a liar but we believe every word schitt for brains and that mouthwhore pelosi says its priceless

    2. @Mickey Rosa thats a good one. My snowflaked pajama wearing quizzling u need to get out youre mammas basement

    1. @Brian Daniels I’ll be your hands are cramped from typing YOUR fake news, your blood pressure is over 200, Trump would kill you if it meant he could have another term in office, and you still don’t have any likes. Does it feel like a “Perfect conversation?”

    2. Laurie Stratton And that’s all a Trumper can say. Or they’ll say “name one lie.” They’ll get examples of ten, and once again there will be an insult but no substance. You’re a cult member.

    1. David Cox … the same thing as ” believe me I don’t lie. If anyone ever says that to you. You’re about to get Trumped.

  1. “ lying is a form of mental disease”
    “Farmers” Lost their way of lives!!! A major negative impact!!!!
    Shouldn’t they cry anyway!???

    1. @Fennel Woods

      Leftards don’t know they’ve been lied to, conditioned, and brainwashed because they’ve been lied to, conditioned, and brainwashed.

      “You can not change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.”

                ~Yuri Bezmenov~

      It bears saying that when he made this statement, he was warning about baby boomers and Democrats of the time.

    2. @Censored Account Trump is a liar and a conman.. Only FOOLS believe he is good. Go screw yourself and get the F out of my country! USA! USA! USA! USA!

    1. Matthew Scarberry trump makes a stupid unbelievable lie and you believe him. “Paid actors” provide video evidence he’s lying and you don’t believe that. You are berry stupid.

  2. Trump: “Nobody listened to me…”
    Nobody: “Please don’t get me involved with your latest fantasy.”

  3. He fails to mention that when the Towers went down, he bragged that his towers were now the tallest in NYC!!

    1. When this chronic liar just opens his ugly _mouth_ you can be pretty sure it’s a lie! I feel like punching him in his porridge face for every lie he’s told just in the last year!

    1. And then everyone will cry when they’re unable to feed their own families because our government will be forcing us to pay for others to have nice things; people who dont want to work, who cant handle responsibility. So no matter what we all fucked in the end.

  4. “It’s all nonsense.”
    That was the reporters opinion after actually reading trump’s book.
    Perfect for trump’s headstone, don’t you think?

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