Video inside plane of Nepali crash may shed light on what exactly happened

A Facebook Live video purportedly shows the last terrifying moments inside the cabin on Yeti Airlines Flight 691 before it crashed in Nepal. CNN has corroborated the video based on geolocation, a flight manifest and information on the Yeti Airlines website. CNN's Vedika Sud has more. #CNN #News


  1. Yeah because we don’t have enough going on in this world. …my gawd. How unfortunate.
    Plane crashes have always been extra depressing for me because it’s just people trying to get somewhere. They are doing nothing wrong. Just going for the ride, and disaster hits… Very sad.

  2. The video has been established as being genuine, the videographer seen in the footage has been confirmed by his family and by the police as having been on board the flight.

    He did not survive.

    There are very good reasons that Nepalese air carriers are banned from using the airspace of the European Union..

  3. I’ve seen two short videos of the aircraft from shortly before the crash; from what little I could observe, I would suspect an aerodynamic stall. That simply means the aircraft lost lift from lack of airspeed. The plane appeared to me to be in quite a sharp left bank (turn-I believe a left bank or left turn). The sharper or steeper a turn the greater the airspeed necessary to maintain lift and flight. When airspeed reduces below the point required to maintain lift or flight, the craft stalls and literally drops. A stall doesn’t mean the engine stops; rather it simply means there is insufficient airspeed to maintain flight. The pilot may have been making a sharp turn to line up with the runway for landing, resulting in an aerodynamic stall that caused the crash. I am not saying this IS what happened; I am saying I would suspect this cause.

    1. Well yeah, a stall is obvious, the question is *_WHY?!_*
      Was it just pilot error compounded with additional pilot error as it seems, or was there some sort of equipment failure?

    2. @drussell okay that information sir you would have to google. Do research. Don’t expect people do do it for you on YouTube 😂

    3. @lalo Google won’t somehow magically know the answer to that yet since the investigators have only _just_ begun their investigation into what actually occurred…

    4. So really you’re stating the bleedin’ obvious followed by “I dunno”.

      Hold the investigation! Cancel the NTSB! Richard Ashton has it covered.

    5. Yes you can see the aircraft pitch up right before the left wing stalled, which further decreased speed and increased angle of attack. In a turn it’s the inside wing that stalls first. It also appears flaps were not fully extended yet which may have been a contributing factor. Full flaps would have allowed a lower stall speed.

  4. Came to see the video to then put myself in their shoes. What a crazy unique moment that was. It’s just fked up man.

  5. I’m an adult, and I can make the decision myself on what I choose to view or not. The fact that you guys hide footage is unacceptable. Don’t care what it is.

    1. @Deangirl4eva
      Or get in your car, which you are statistically MUCH more likely to be killed in than an airplane.

  6. This video clip, along with the unedited video from inside the aircraft that I saw on Reddit makes me ponder each time I step into the aircraft before each flight, with my mind whizzing at lightspeed, with the thought of “will this flight onboard this aircraft be my last one on this Earth?”

    1. Do you think that every time you get into your car? You are statistically MUCH, much more likely to be killed in a car accident than a plane accident.

    2. @Spank Themonkey According to the NSC the stats for *dying* in a car crash is roughly 1 in 100-600 depending on if you are the driver or passenger, whereas it is almost 1 in 10000 on a plane (including general aviation, which is small/private planes, where the risk is much higher). If we were to only include commercial flights, statistically speaking you would need to take a flight every day for 10,078 years to be involved in an accident with at least one death.

      So even if you removed all the time where someone survives a car crash, the plane is still much, much safer.

  7. Terrifying, how instantly & unknowingly a moment of joy and relief can turn into an unspeakable horror and death.

  8. So sad their departed souls through the mercy of God rest in eternal peace and may the Lord comfort the family members,relatives and friends in this trying moment

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