1. I hope Trump and his cult are dealt with by the justice system for all the wrongdoings they have committed.

    1. @Paul Stedmond God forbid you ever hold any sort of public office with that attitude. I didn’t defend this country and its democracy to watch it slide into authoritarianism. Like it or not, every citizen has a right to vote. Advocating for denying select parts of the population their right to vote tells us you advocate for fascism.

    2. @Jillionairess gas prices are still high. Inflation is still at a 40 year high, crime is high, food prices are still high. I’m writing this on my boat off the coast of Cartagena and I can still empathize with people struggling. Get help now

    1. @c. j. macq yes and have repeatedly reported it and nothing happens, I don’t know why they bother giving you the option to report

    2. @Brenda Leary … i speak and read asian. but only the african dialects. you shoulda did a cut and paste interpretation. this guy could be warning us of a coming global disaster. that would be my luck.

  2. I am a democratic poll worker. I will watch ALL GOP poll workers/watchers and call the police if I see any criminal/abusive behavior.

    1. @Paul Stedmond ironic you claim others can’t think for themselves, yet nothing from you on Tucker apologizing for losing your fabled laptop…

    2. @Jack L. That’s not ironic I just have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ll happily look that up.
      Not sure why that matters in terms of my ability to think. Either way it doesn’t matter the laptop is still being combed through. Did you hear about Hunter getting a high profile Chinese official a special dinner with the big guy? Look that up. That dropped just the other day.

    1. @Don Koehler no no he has a point , they’re knowledge and lack of self awareness is legitimately concerning.

    1. @Jerome Taperman Yes I agree let the state voters decide what’s they want. It’s the Democracy that Democrats are always crying about

    2. @Stephen Rosenbaum I think you’re missing the point. They admitted that what they were doing was not allowed. And there was no conspiracy. It was proven and the world saw it except for those who bought the lie. They essentially broke the rules (possibly committed a crime) for a lie.

      The same logic was used by that guy who shot up that pizza restaurant because he believed the lies about the children.

    3. @90s were The best: you living in an alternative universe? Trump added trillions to the national debt.

  3. When your party is dying (R’s), lacks numbers in people, and has no policy that benefits the common man, you must cheat to try to “win.”

    1. Yes we need more bailouts for the common people. Student loan relief paid to couples making $250k a year. That is the USA median wage right? 250k?……..

    2. @Jillionairess with you being fed “stats” from left wing sources…sure. Like I said ‘tried and tested’.

    3. @Vincent Zhaiven my people? South Africans or black people? Sadly NONE of those 2 options would apply. Your “unifying resident” is doing a splendid job.

    4. @Fender Blue name one! After you’re done naming it, please go and see what it actually contains. Why haven’t the Ds been bragging and shouting about these supposed bills that “helped majority of Americans..

    1. @Agree to Disagree It’s up to you to educate yourself correctly and follow criteria that enforces fair elections. It’s not up to us to support your willful ignorance and sealioning.

    2. @Agree to Disagree for illegally entering yomagatmomma’s fundament entrance 🤣😂😂❤️❤️😍😍

  4. Soo… All this effort and then: Absolutely NOTHING to present in the courts? And those people still believe in the Big Lie? The level of self-righteousness is mind-boggling!

    1. It was always only about the money and power for the folks at the top and spite and a lack of knowledge for those at the bottom.

  5. This is alarming!! These are people who are accusing others of what it sounds like they are actually planning. They are preying on mentally insecure people and using them for their own agendas.

    1. @couptoo contrecoup you can’t just say “there are videos” unless you also show the proof that those videos exist!
      Its easy to copy and paste a link, but you won’t do it because those videos don’t exist

  6. This is exactly how they do it, “Im just checking of there’s this little icon in the corner that means its on the internet”. How does he know? Did any of those people ask him, “How do you know taht means its on the internet?” Of course not, they just take his word for it and then mathematically, he knows he can claim anything eh wants about that icon cause all anyone knows or cares to know is that its there… he can then invent his own claim about its functionality. I’m a software developer and I’d be INCREDIBLY surprised if a voting machine has any kind of UI to show its internet status on a dashboard whether it was on the internet or not. What they are going to look for is an “icon” that likely means the machine is connected to a local network and not have any idea what the difference is. Likewise this politician will take advantage of that and when backed into a corner will use the obvious argument, “A local network IS the internet, small ‘i'”, knowing that in verbal communication the casing of words is indeterminable. I’m tired of all these people and I hope to God our government has a way to begin proving them as wolves in sheep clothing sooner than later. We are all going to lose our freedom, and our economic standing in the world because enough people can’t think for themselves anymore and obey criminally minded leaders. MAGA, ask your leaders who their economic partners will be once this nation falls to their sword. Who will do trade with them? Who will lend them money? Will you be sufficiently powerful to go to war with the whole world? Who do you think you will end up allying with once you go to war with the whole world? France, no, England, no, Germany, no… you’ll be left with Myanmar, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, etc. Those will be your allies in the new world you create.

  7. People casting votes are not allowed to take pictures of their ballots and yet the GOP is telling workers to bring their phones into the venue? They all need to be arrested or thrown out if they violate the rules and bring their phones in! If you don’t like the rules you can change the rules but until that is done, the rules are the rules!

    1. According to a Michigan pollworker handbook I just found, voters are allowed to take a photo of their ballot with their phone, strictly within the confines of the voting booth. They may not share this photo until they are outside 100 feet of the polling location. (ELECTION OFFICIALS ’ MANUAL Michigan Bureau of Elections Chapter 11, Updated October 2020)

      I have found no information regarding whether or not poll workers are allowed to have/use phones or note pads. In my state poll workers are allowed to have phones (and some are required to have phones) so they can make calls to and receive calls from the elections authority during election day.

  8. As a Michigan poll worker, I know that the equipment isn’t connected to the internet as at least three workers consisting of workers from both parties hook them up and test them. We all sign off on this process. Everything that happens during the election is overseen by a democrat and republican sitting side by side working together. Everything is signed off on by the workers, all ballots and paperwork are saved so that an audit can be done if needed. Our election system is one of the best in the nation.

    1. @EXTREME MAGA The wifi connections on each machine are connected to a local wireless access point over a secure wireless connection. That wireless access point is connected only to a computer on site that tallies the votes. PA has the same system, and none of the computers at the location are connected to the internet. They are required to be verified that there are no outside internet connections by a team of IT specialists that understand all of the security risks and mitigating factors for such a setup. There are also audit logs of every person that signs in to that central computer at each site and tracks their activity on the computer at all times.

    2. @Ryan Flynn if there’s a Wi-Fi connection… there’s a back door into the system… even on a secure connection… I’m not saying that I know that’s what happened…. I’m saying it’s not impossible.. then there’s the issue of curing ballots.. the rates of ballots that had to be cured in 2020 compared to previous years were.. anomalous… and then internet access wouldn’t matter if ballots are being counted that should have been invalidated for various reasons

  9. We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us in dealing with these people. Over the summer I was invited to participate in a number of debates while on guest panels w/some MAGA folks and was always taken aback by how utterly absurd, indefensible and quite often impossible their positions and arguments/accusations were/are. It’s important to note that these were actual debates with a small audience and a moderator that remained frustrated throughout. The lack of legitimate acceptably sourced data, frivolous and unrelated rebuttals, incomplete or revisionist historical references, patently false statements and precepts, erroneous conclusions based upon all the above, it was stunning. Toward the end of the evening I had just finished off the last guest by posing a question I knew she didn’t know how to answer without conceding my point and I awaited her response content with my performance. After what seemed like minutes, I’m sure it wasn’t, the moderator asked her if she had a response to which she replied in a loud voice “absolutely”, cutting his question off. She answered my political debate question by yelling in a loud voice, “JESUS IS MY KING, TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!!” which was then parroted by the rest of the MAGA participants over and over, like a bizarre mantra….I drove home that night, shaken by experience and the enormity of the job of “righting the ship”, and whether or not it’s actually even possible given the state of our discourse. In this instance, in the absence of an answer based on facts or empirical evidence, logic and reason go out the window with civility not far behind. These were all middle aged, educated, polished professional people that slowly devolved into a vulgar, insulting, accusatory mob in the parking lot outside.
    The things these folks just believed, without any proof, about their fellow Americans boggles the mind and IS incredibly dangerous.

    1. @Brian Lynn Wow!, and I can understand your frustration, as these people won’t even listen to reason, truth, or rationality they are truly cult like and we need to be so very vigilant and on guard with these people. I plan on being a poll watcher this year.

  10. I’ve been through trainings in Wisconsin and no trainer ever said anything like what this guy did. If they did they would be tossed by the people taking the training.

  11. Its very telling how many of the people caught in these behaviors seem to have the mindset of “I have good intentions that means I can possibly be wrong.”

    Anyone who’s ever studied humam psychology knows this is a common coping mechanism of people with narcissistic personalities. They’re doing mental gymnastics to justify their bias and they don’t care what rules they break to do it.

  12. This is nuts. I know Cheryl through a governmentally recognized National Guard Auxillary called the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force. I quit the VDF for multiple reasons but one of the most glaring was the blatant disrespect directed towards then President Obama. The commanding officers did NOTHING to squelch it and sometimes engaged in it themselves.
    Cheryl used to be someone I respected because she kept her political views private. This video, which her blithely encouraging people to break the law, has utterly destroyed any shred of respect I had for her.

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