1. Tom Cruise would want to jump out of the airplane and try to land on the other plane for the next mission impossible

    2. @Peter Rayhan Arnold Schwarzenegger has his own tank and still knows how to drive it, yeah just going to sit out on the table and walk away

    3. the US should have painted the chinese jet with lots of red laser dots for a laugh and see how long it would have hung around lol

    1. @Jr Kr as long as it’s international air space it’s fine. This is exactly what the US was doing. China just being cry babies. It’s all fun & games until it’s not.

    1. LoL 😂 every morning I drive hundreds of cars are doing “unsafe maneuver”. I should record it and send it to CNN

  1. Talk to me, Goose! Is that MIG giving me the finger?! This is what I call a target-rich environment! I’m gonna drink a Yoo Hoo now! You wanna Yoo Hoo? No? I don’t care! I’m gonna have a Yoo Hoo and you can’t stop me from having a Yoo Hoo! No flipping way can you stop me from having a Yoo Hoo!

  2. We know how unsafe SCS is for the US military. US submarines experienced that. F-35 also experienced it. Maybe it is better to stay closer to home, now that the CIA network complains so much about safety.

    1. Weren’t you at home when Pearl Haboir got hit? Even a fool knows that China consitute a threat to the UN International Order…it is very strategic we stymie this evil close to the source..

    2. @innovationsCode you have 800 military bases across the planet outside of your borders

      you violated int-law countless times to invade countless nations like Iraq

      you ARE the danger , you ARE the threat , everybody is tired of your bull

    3. I don’t think the EC135 was as concerned as the video would like you to believe, The American pilots on average have twice the number of hours a year in the cockpit compared to the Chinese pilots. So, no we won’t stay home unless try to you make us. This happened in international airspace, so the next time you are flying over the ocean I hope you encounter such a pilot and there is no accident .

    4. @Steve Allocco my man , you’re like a thousand years old , you gonna be dead of old age like 10 yeas from now . the rest of us would like to live without nuclear holocaust if you don’t mind

    5. @innovationsCode Wasn’t it the Japanese? The country that is allied with the US right now? Also, Pearl Harbor is located very far from SCS. So is Japan and the US.

  3. Charlie: Eh, lieutenant, what were you doing there?
    Goose: Communicating.
    Maverick: Communicating. Keeping up foreign relations. You know, giving him the bird?
    Goose: [Extending his middle finger] You know, the finger!
    Charlie: Yes, I know the finger, Goose.
    Goose: Sorry. I hate when it does that.
    Charlie: [to Maverick] So you’re the one.
    Maverick: Yes, ma’am.

  4. Beautiful air to air photography. The US crew should send a thanks to the Chinese pilot for making their day memorable rather than hours of clouds and ocean.

    1. Maybe the US pilots should get it in their thick heads once for all: they are no longer welcome anywhere, that acting the police won’t work anymore! You ahve no right to be there: thousands of miles from the US! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE,I can’t see why you’re there? Who gave you this right? Just imagine following the criminal US example, there will be trouble!

    2. the US should have painted the chinese jet with lots of red laser dots for a laugh and see how long it would have hung around lol

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