1. Beats the Last guy CNN used to bring on saying ukr was certainly goping to lose half the country east of Dnipro in a few months

    2. @Paul NicholsonMate, and you sourced your data from where to come to that conclusion?????? Grüße aus Australien.

  1. “What does that mean?” It means that the Ukrainian Military can now make strikes of up to 600 miles distance.

    1. Putin started this conflict because the pro Russia people of UKR were being shelled by their own govt, violating the Minsk 2 Agreement. Then NATO got involved and ESCALATED the crisis. This is a PROXY war and UKR is rich in natural resources, which are up for grabs. NEGOTIATIONS have been mentioned, but never pushed. US sent BILLIONS $ to Zelensky and now are UNACCOUNTED for, and under his leadership BIO WEAPON LABS WERE UNMONITORED. He is working with NEO NAZIS, who have killed civilians; and US is arming those NAZIs. US govt never should have overthrown the UKR president in 2014.

  2. BIG RESPECT! to the Ukrainians. I never really knew much about them nor really had an opportunity to meet any of them, BUT HOLY SH**! what’a first impression they’ve made on me. Putin’s army can’t even handle up against Ukrainian forces now they’re just attacking civilians. Good Luck from an Irish American in NYC. Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦 💪🏼

    1. @mish maroof It’s not patience. Russians are ill equipped, poorly trained, and has low morale. The Ukrainian is fighting for their existence as a people to defend their home and families. It makes a big difference. Way to go Ukraine. The Ukrainian should start thinking about taking out Russian civilian infrastructure as well. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    2. I’m Ukrainian (Jerome is not my real name) and I can tell you people that Zelensky is the problem. Not Putin. Zelensky is an American installed terrorist that has been using the Ukrainian civilians as human shields. The only way this will stop is the termination of Zelensky. This whole “war” is nothing but a money laundering scheme set up by American politicians.

    3. @Nico Crestmere even if the whole South East of Ukraine, almost 50% of population is Russian speaking and definitely not Ukrainian nationality, you do not call this Ukrainian nationalism?!

  3. Right about time! This was so needed and I hope it will continue. What is the name of the war, when one side, in this case Ukraine, does not have the right to destroy military targets deep in the territory of the enemy? And how can Ukraine win such a war in this case? Can a football team win when it can’t cross the middle of the field line and can’t score in the other team’s gate?

    1. @Magical Minty 200,000 soldiers on both sides have been injured or killed, and 40,000 civilian casualties. The Elites are choosing sides for WW3. This is so alarming, and Americans should be strongly protesting our support of this war.

  4. Well damn it’s what the hell Russia expects because they think you’re making casualties and Ukraine this whole time for almost a year so what do they expect if they have a few casualties too bad leave Ukraine alone

    1. It’s easy to say that as a woman since you won’t be getting drafted if ww3 kicks off. I have a family, I don’t want to give that up for a country that has never done a dam thing for America or it’s Allies. You people only think about yourselves and your creepy leftist Warhawk brainwashing

    2. Do you know that Zelenskiy regime is NAZI regime? Do you know that they have killed russians in Ukraine since 2014? Do you know how they have done killings? They tied russian people to 2 tanks and ripped them. Russia has done the right thing to come to Ukraine and save its people.

    3. By rights Russia could use nukes in defence of its territory, if it does, then oh well, Ukraine wanted the smoke, messing with a nuke power is suicidal, but each to there own, of course Ukrainians don’t care that there country is being destroyed and it’s people dying, keep committing acts of aggression let’s see how far that gets Ukraine 🙂

  5. Always good to hear from General Hodges. He has a great tactical mind. I appreciate that he’s very clear sighted, and not at all afraid of calling a situation precisely as he sees it, as he understands it.

    1. He, like the rest of the demokkkrat Nazis, have minds for evil, not good.
      All of this bullshit is over fossil fuels that the EU thinks they can demand from the entire world as they lecture everyone else about fossil fuel consumption! Evil hypocrites, the entire lot!
      All of these recent wars are to benefit the corrupt EU & to starve & destroy everyone else!

    2. @Jason Myers this is exactly what I’m saying, this whole situation is scary come everyone on the comment sections and on this thread have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. I mean Russia has some of the strongest nuclear Arsenal on the planet, and they specifically said if their country is attacked that they will use it. Now war is just started it’s only been around for less than a year. It’s going to escalate, and all of these idiots have absolutely no idea they live inside of a country where they have everything Services food grocery stores clinics hospitals, if this escalates to the point where Russia used tactical nuclear missiles. And NATO gets involved. You’re going to have a nuclear exchange. First thing Russ is going to do is EMP. Before they use nukes. We will lose everything.. these idiots on this comment section have absolutely no freaking idea. Zero! They are clueless, and that is what scary.

  6. After all these Russian missile strikes against hospitals, elementary schools and apartment buildings, no one can legitimately argue against Ukraine’s right to hit military targets in Russia. Still, this is exactly where miscalculations and mistakes can happen .I hope NATO is watching this with all the intelligence resources it has.

    1. Do you know that Zelenskiy regime is NAZI regime? Do you know that they have killed russians in Ukraine since 2014? Do you know how they have done killings? They tied russian people to 2 tanks and ripped them. Russia has done the right thing to come to Ukraine and save its people.

    2. @Carter Putin’s nuke button is a suicide button if used on any NATO nation, and he knows it. He’d be dead within minutes, along with (unfortunately) everyone in Moscow.

    3. @the chomp The Hague disagrees. That’s why they hide behind them. You either let them be or commit war crimes to get to em. Excellent chess move. You’re fkd either way.

  7. I sure hope the POTUS and Joint Chiefs of staff are paying attention to what Gen. Hodges says.
    He has an excellent grasp of the situation.
    Slava Ukraini 💙🇺🇦💛

    1. @SHADOWBASTERDS Knowing more minutiae about a subject doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a better grasp of the situation and I certainly have no reason to trust you.

    2. ​@SHADOWBASTERDS Ukraine is only using our weapons. If the US got involved Russia would fall in 48hrs and 12hrs of which would be spent teabagging their corpses

  8. You don’t get to indiscriminately launch attacks into a sovereign country like Ukraine and not fear retribution. Slava Ukraine

    1. @stagg21 the Soviets were the ones who carried the Allies in the fight against Germany, and the biggest reason Japan surrendered is bc the growing threat of Soviet invasion, who they feared more than America.

    2. @BunniiDusk  You are totally delusional if you think the Empirial Japanese were more afraid of the Soviets (the Soviets who relied on western lend lease for 20% of their entire war production!) Than they were afraid of the US Navy, Army, Marines and atomic bomb dropping B-29s….

    3. @BunniiDusk the soviets actively helped Germany in the beginning of the war, helping Germany commit genocide across Eastern Europe. Without the allies on the western front and in Africa the soviet would likely have lost. For every 1 million nazis killed by the soviets there was anywhere from 3-5 million Soviet deaths. Could the soviets really handle another 2 million nazi soldiers with more equipment? Could they handle another 6-12 million deaths?

      The allies gave the soviets tons of military equipment including 6,000 tanks around 300,000 trucks. 11,000 aircraft including food and industrial supplies. Some estimates are even higher than this. Could the soviets win without this?

      Doubtful that the biggest reason Japan surrendered is because of the USSR. The allies had already taken most of their conquered territory and Japan was unlikely to surrender without it, the soviets also have no navy capable of a land invasion. It seems the Japanese where more scared of the immediate threat from the allies rather than the future threat of the soviets.

      The war was won thanks to the efforts of all allied forces.

  9. Putler is on record as saying that “There can be no peace in Ukraine without annexations.” I would like to know which parts of Russia are we talking about annexing?

    1. @laser eyes they unofficially have by flooding these places with their people. Every inch of land the US controls was taken from some indigenous people, there’s blood on all of it.

      What was true in Roman times remains true today, you take by force, one day someone else will take it back the same way…

      But Mexico has responded ingeniously. They lost over a 3rd of their entire country in wars with America in the 1830’s-40’s, yet these same lands today are atleast 33% Hispanic population today. Hispanic American officials hold power in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, all land stolen from Mexico. It’s nothing but karma. They know their history…white people didn’t choose the names los angeles or San Ysidro. They came in later and took these places by force, in War.

      Always funny to hear the US government condemning another countries imperialism, being that their ancestors did the exact same thing….

    2. Ukraine used to go all the way down to Georgia, so that would mean the whole Krasnodar region all the way up to Rosov and then towards the Caspain Sea and the Belgorod and Kursk regions. So those lay most at hand.

    3. @хорошая жизнь That will only make the European economies much more stronger. No country wants to have any dealings with Russia anymore. Putin has driven his country into the abyss. It will take them at least a hundred years to even start rising up again, if they still exist by then that is.

  10. Great interview!! I truly appreciate and admire Ben Hodges. Great Military man and I truly trust his opinions and judgements.

    1. another paid shill from the MIC. funny how these generals haven’t won a war in 75 years yet are held up in such high regard.

    2. He and Hertling are much better and more upbeat and optimistic about Ukraine than the negative and downbeat Leighton.

  11. Russia has no room to complain, they are trying to leave Ukraine with no power and heat in winter. Maybe they should think twice about being so nasty to their neighbors; we are all human and no one deserves such cruelty. *Blessed Be Ukraine!*

    1. Russia dont think that way and they dont care of kids or innocent people getting killed. For a country that read bible shame on them. They all go to hell specially supporting this killing.

    2. @mish maroof are you talking about those people what to be Russian? If that so they are free to stay out in Ukraine. That land is part of Ukraine not russia. What every they say or want they dont have right to do so because what they want its not allowed. No country is stupid to give up part of ther land.

  12. Prayers to all whom are just going through this disaster, sure we’re all feeling in some way, but to be a civilian that chaos is so sad and fearful, prayers to them all, prayers to every going through this horrific experience, loss, fear, lost, sad…. I can’t fathom😢

    1. 😮🎉😅😢😮😂🎉 1:24 🎉😮😅😢😅😢🎉🎉😮😅😂😮😮😅🎉🎉😂😢🎉😢😢🎉d g😅

    2. English don’t explain yourself, morons will argue with anything you say wrong or right. People with intellectual understanding understand you.

  13. Ben Hodges always delivers! Also this news anchor lady is definitely a good one: very sound, logical and to the point *thumbs up*

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