1. Erasmus the blasphemous – what is your problem with me? What did I say that is problematic to you? From my perspective it seems like you’re lashing out at me for no cause.

    2. Erasmus the blasphemous – what makes me a Trumpster? I’m literally the Topic Creator of this thread. I’m the guy who said “This is on Trump and his supporters.” You said “tru dat.” I’m not your enemy.

    1. You’re out of your mind .
      who killed more people and destroyed more countries than Bush Clinton and Obama.

    1. @UnprovokedLogic exactly, but people are morons this is why the government is depopulating the human race and why I’m all for it

    2. @zedoomeloo calling a liar a liar is redundant and a waste of time at this point; we all know Trump lies. Point out when he tells the truth instead if you want a challenge.

      Anyone who actually believed what he said about ISIS, however, was probably already severely misinformed before he said it.

  1. So they’ve taken 2, but let 10,000 run free. Yeah, that’s a great plan. So when we have a Twin Towers the sequel here we know who to thank.

    1. @td603 td60é Please the middle east has been destabilized for millennia. Try reading some history before posting your idiocy. What Trump has done is repugnant of course, but that is the only thing he knows how to be.

    2. @Heather Shaw
      Please, the US has been interfering and creating puppet governments in the Middle East for decades. You’re obviously American brainwashed under the guise of propaganda ignorance. Let me guess, you probably think the two nukes were needed to be dropped on Japan?

    1. Janet, you wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped you upside the head and knocked out your last tooth. Now get off your cousin and charge up the scooter battery.

    2. @J B Fact:Obamas CIA authorized one of the most expensive programs in the agencies history which was the funding of the syrian rebels

    1. @The One
      Your President just abandoned our allies on the field of battle. Now Kurds are being slaughtered.
      Your traitorous president derides the Kurds for not fighting in WWII, while the Turks supplied the nazis with war materials.
      Orange bone spurs, draft dodging coward that grabs pussies is what you want to lead the USA.
      You suck as an American.
      You belong in Russia doing the bidding of Trump’s boss, Putin.

    2. What’s with Democrats and using evangelicals, Fox News and Alex Jones as insults towards Republicans? Plenty of other religions out there

      We are headed to a civil war maybe in 2064 or 2164

    1. @N7 Why don’t you go BACK to your scumbag country. Trump don’t want you here MORON or anyone else. How many little boys have you RAPED??? You can’t even speak English – Troll..

    2. zx24me awww what’s the matter don’t like what I have to say my scumbag country hahaha and yours isn’t lol we don’t have fake rape cases 24/7

    1. Turkey kills innocent kurdish ppl and they are who made up ISIS alongside U.S and Israel.. You Americans notice that today, our region and many other regions in the world are suffernig from problems which have been crated by America. Today, the policy that arrogance _ headed by the oppressive and tyrant USA _ has adopted is a malicious policy. They have defined their interests in causing instability in many parts of the world. Particulary in west Asia. This is their policy. They have defined their policy on the basis of waging wars _ civil wars _ in the region. They want brothers to kill one another. They want terrorism to be expanded in the region in disastrous ways. Waging civil wars, causing insecurity and instability and developing terrorism are unfortunately the clear of policies of the US in the region.

    1. catalinacurio that’s funny because you leftists fucks let them back into my back country hmmm it’s funny you try blame everything on trump and I’m someone who hates both sides just your side is so much more vile and evil your the ones who want the west to end up like China and if you don’t believe me that’s ok the evidence is on YouTube thousands and thousands of hours of it 20k Isis members walk the streets in the EU and funny the government here has the same views as you lot not to mention I studied history and seems throughout history your political party has been at the front of lots of problems hitler had the same views as you and you lot was against releasing slaves says enough about your country you leftists are the true dictators and trumps just an idiot but at least he’s got morals where you politically correct scum don’t

    1. Mohammed Ismail your comment deserves your comment I take it you are a trump supporter. I only ask because your response make no sense, it’s inarticulate full of abuse and makes no sense. People who swear and respond without a clear educated response have lost the argument. I accept your surrender

  2. 45 has actually made hell for this country, their blood is his hands..when they end up here in the US, thanks to lunatic 45..they should lock 45 up for his crimes. It’s so sad . Hes pure evil.

    1. @Janet Masiello you can say what ever you want it’s not going to change the fact that 45 is a corrupted criminal scammer point blank..

    1. ​@Turnible Spencer You racist. You deserve wild niġ‎ġ‎ers up your tai| pipe for that comment!(without lubricants)

    1. ​@michaelthemovieman You racist. You deserve wild niġ‎ġ‎ers up your tai| pipe for that comment!(without lubricants)

    1. Janet Masiello so the 7.64million subscribed channel your watching has problems with views yeah right tell me what’s Fox’s account subscriber numbers I’ll wait.

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