Video shows police takedown of shooting suspect in Half Moon Bay, CA | USA TODAY

Seven people were killed in two related shootings in Half Moon Bay, marking California's latest mass shooting in less than a week.

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The shootings happened at two plant nurseries on the outskirts of Half Moon Bay, California, a small city about 30 miles south of San Francisco, authorities said. San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa tweeted that one shooting happened at a mushroom farm.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said four victims were found with gunshot wounds at the first shooting scene. A fifth victim was transported to the Stanford Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Three additional victims were found shortly after at the second scene.

A suspect, Chunli Zhao, 67, a resident of Half Moon Bay, was found in his car in the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office Half Moon Bay Police Substation more than two hours after deputies arrived at the first shooting scene, Sheriff Christina Corpus said.

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  1. So the news station had time to set up the lights and all that before the other cops got there, you could hear them coming but yet a network was already set up, that’s crazy

    1. All staged! Antifa strikes and all to take your eyes off of the real crimes being committed by those you have chosen to control your life, and mind!

  2. Y si nesitan más centros de ciquiatrico donde no pidan tanto y puedan ir las personas a pedir medicina para los nervios y no aya tanta jente loca en la calle ya que los centros de rehabilitación están con las puertas sin yave los locos entran y se van como si nada ay ay lo único que asen es cobrar al gobierno y no asen nada

    1. Yes or he would have been shouting wtf is going on, ive come to report my dog missing ffs. Something like that.

    1. Yeah, we should have stopped them Euros at Plymouth Rock in the 1600’s. This country would still be truly great.

  3. It’s surprising to me they just approached him like that without much gear or cover, knowing what he had already done. I’ve seen low speed car chases where they take hours to eventually approach the vehicle with the person lol

  4. Lawmakers love to say that guns are a leading source of violence. But a major study just completely busted their narrative.
    Based on the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System. The majority of violent crime does not involve the use of firearms. Except for homicides, most violent crime involved personal weapons or knives or blunt objects or motor vehicles with large numbers falling into the “other” or “unknown weapons” categories.
    There were 86,210 assaults involving firearms versus 1,22,640 non-firearm assaults.
    There were 33,436 robberies with firearms versus 46,276 knives, personal weapons, all others and no weapon/force involved.
    No weapon or force involved (bottom line of chart) exceeds firearm use for assaults and sex offenses.
    And very few sex offenses involved firearms.

  5. Why does this scream staged? Boom-mics and camera guy placed perfectly as if they know exactly where he’s coming from, expecting him not to run, shoot, or get aggressive. The detectives(I’m assuming) have no armor on. And the squad cars pull up AFTER he’s on the ground and in cuffs? No. Never in the history of actual law enforcement would this happen.

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