1. @Stan Shmidov there are rules in war , there is Geneva Convention too . But Putler and his fascist regime do not care and are on a repeat of Chechnya and Syria . If had enough missiles, would have turned all the cities in ruins, as Mariupol, Aleppo or Grozny

    1. This is Ukrainian air defense missile. Russia never bombs random civilian apartments like that in this war.

    2. ​@Everything could be… let’s look at the pieces… after all, who KILLED 2 Polish nato people …

    1. @wamblue we were ready to retaliate for two potato farmers until they realized it was ukraines missile LMAO

  1. Ok united nations…unite and stop this! Any and all should get together and stop this! Enough!

  2. And people in our country side with those that perpetuate this. Makes no sense

  3. Man thats terrifying. Imagine just sitting at home watching youtube youtube shorts and a missle hits your living room. Scary!

  4. OK this is ridiculous to put up with this kind of attack on civilians. And they don’t want to call it war then it must be terrorism. Why is the world putting up with this. To think I wanted to visit Russia once long ago. Never will happen.

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