1. Forward brave Russian warriors, crush this evil spirits, it’s time for them to clean their Bandera boots!!!

  2. if I were Palpatine I would say “excellent excellent, things are going as I have foreseen”. Won’t stop while there is a single able bodied russian man left alive. Hey there lonely girl

  3. they won´t nuke anything, they have family who want to live and they have massive houses all over the place,
    they´re not gonna give that up.

  4. Either NATO goes all in , gives Ukraine all they want and lets them get things done now or stay out of the war. There is no way out of the current situation except a WW3 with nukes flying everywhere or Moscow accepting defeat from Ukraine.

  5. I wish from the bottom of my heart that Russia will defeat all it’s enemies. The truth is on the side of Russia. Glory to Russia!

  6. User: Is CNN unbiased?
    ChatGPT: Media outlets, including CNN, can have biases and can present information in a way that is favorable to certain perspectives or ideologies. It is important to be aware of potential biases when consuming news from any media outlet, including CNN, and to seek out a diversity of perspectives and sources in order to form a well-rounded understanding of any issue. It is also important to critically evaluate the information being presented and to verify it with reliable sources. It is up to the individual to judge whether or not they believe a particular news source, including CNN, is unbiased.

  7. Thank you Ukraine for defending Democracy and Freedom. The FREE world needs to step up their game and help and support you so their sons and daughters can live a safe, carefree and happy life out of range of Russian bombs and rockets and missiles . Slava Ukraine.

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