Video shows stroller rolling toward busy four-lane highway

Gusty, high desert winds pushed a stroller with a baby boy inside toward a busy four-lane highway outside a car wash. Thanks to a good Samaritan, the great-aunt and baby are okay. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. Seriously what i thought. It’s hard to trip that bad, multiple times, unless you’re Joe Biden

    2. Looks like she’s got a bad knee & it just couldn’t take her weight anymore. . . 😕

  1. Accidents happen, but strollers have parking brakes, especially on a hill you should use them or don’t ever let go of the stroller while on a hill, especially since you know you can’t get up and catch it Pull

  2. That poor woman. I feel so bad for her. Falls on concrete tear the elderly up horribly. She probably has nightmares about it.

    1. @The Roving Ronindude…that’s really a fucked up thing to say about someone who almost watched a baby she was supposed to keep safe die. Like, have a fucking heart

  3. So glad this man was able to save the little boy in the stroller. Had to be terrifying for the parents.

  4. Perhaps the issue is the freeway next to a park more than the older person caring for a child? Rewire your brains, folks.

    1. I didn’t even think about that. I can’t help but empathize with being in a situation I you can’t save your toddler, but the civic engineering aspect of it is super legit. Walkable cities, people

  5. Smoothest save ever. Guy comes in screaming hot, then eases up at the very last microsecond so he doesn’t bowl over the stroller, baby and all, ends up making it look casual and smooth.

  6. The fact that people would rather body shame the woman than expressed any kind of empathy or sympathy for the nightmare that she was living in that moment, and would’ve continued living for the rest of her life had that man not been there, makes me fucking depressed and sad for humanity.

    This could happen to ANYBODY. Fucking ANYBODY. Does nobody have any sympathy for her struggle in that moment? She didn’t give up even though she probably broke her fucking hip or was having a heart attack or something. Jesus Christ you monsters.

    Edit: looking at it again, it looks like she rolled her ankle and hurt her back, TWO THINGS NOBODY CAN RUN WITHOUT.

    1. Way to much hatred in this world probably none of these people commenting so emphatically negative most be in perfect health , first thing I’m very sorry this happened to her and worse while she had a child in her care , second there is nothing that shows me in this video it was on purpose , lastly they are both safe thankfully to God , the Universe and most importantly the gentleman that it was put there to save them from a horrific tragedy . God is good !

    2. Even with a rolled ankle, with the stroller heading straight into traffic, summon the strength. Sure didn’t look like she was trying THAT hard. What happened to lifting a car to save your baby? Is 3 or 4 steps that much to ask?

    3. ​@albert strohmaier She was a great Aunt… She likely was quite elderly…they can fall and literally not be able to get back up at all and can be trapped on the ground for days.. So hush.

  7. The people in this world have become so cruel. This was an unintended situation which we all have at some point in our lives. Everyone has been in a situation that they couldn’t control at times no matter what your size is.Bless the man who saved the baby.

  8. I hope people see this and learn something from it. When you can’t even get up, when rising from the floor under your volition is too much for you to accomplish, you have to change your ways.

    We all do. None of us can ever let that happen to us, because there’s no way to say it’s not your fault if a child dies. That child would have died because it’s guardian, no matter how hard she struggled, was physically incapable of stopping her from rolling into traffic. Physically incapable. It’s that what we want to be? Imagine being the child’s parent, watching this video and realising even if the great aunt is wonderful with kids, she literally couldn’t get up off the floor to rescue the child from peril and it took a stranger to reach out a hand to prevent disaster. Age is a factor I’m sure but being 60 yrs old and massively overweight essentially means you’re a cripple.

    1. She isn’t physically able to care for the kid, at least on a walk. And it almost cost the kids life.

  9. I have osteoarthritis with only 30% cartilage in my knees. I’m only 40. I wouldn’t have been able to get up. I can only imagine the helpless terror this aunty felt as she saw him roll away. Thank the universe for that man and I hope aunty is too badly hurt.

  10. God Bless you Ron Nessman! You did a heroic deed. You saved the life of this child. It is so very fortuntate that you were alert to the situation taking place and close enough to catch the boys’ stroller. Thank you very much. I hope you will some day be able to meet this boy when he is older and able to understand the event that took place. I’m sure he would want to thank you personally for saving his life. You are a hero!! Thanks again!

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