1. I don’t think those sanctions are going to stop anything. I don’t think that makes the people in Ukraine feel any better

    1. This is what happens when Marxism hijacked the former world’s most powerful country.Trump held the wolves at bay.Now look.Even Australia we suffer.

    2. You some kind of policy expert? Foreign affairs expert? Or just another d-bag on the internet with a pointless opinion?

    1. bro I legit said the same thing to all my homies! we’re gonna be in the books man! first covid now there’s a war! shits been getting fucking crazy

    1. @inertiaforce When everyone asked why russian soldiers were on the Ukranian border, Putin said that the soldiers were on the border as part of a regiment exercise. If u still believe his bullshit after that idk what to tell you.

    2. “Believe in me, support me & be rewarded. If not, you will suffer”
      Putin or God?
      Amazingly, both fit! Crazy, isn’t it?
      That the Gods in the free world are Putins, Saddams, rewarding those who support & believe in them & the rest get dumped into hell

    1. @Urban Exploring with Brendan senile grandpa getting chased out of Europe after he got chased out of Afghanistan . Leaving his weapons to his enemies on both occasions . You’re a joke . Face it

    2. @Urban Exploring with Brendan You’re a fool.Your president can’t even form a sentence without losing consciousness.And his handler Bernie Sanders had his honeymoon in USSR.Dummy.

  2. Russia: Working hard on justifying NATO’s existence since 1949. Seriously, how can Putin not see that this will only push more countries to join the alliance?

  3. “Such consequences that you have never seen in your history…”
    We have seen all of this before… WWII. It is horrible. Praying for peace.

    1. @charbel francis Nah its just a psychological to scare the Western population so we freak out. They would never use them bc its very bad for buissnies

    2. @Alex Anthony Wrong and false. Ukraine is not required to surrender to Putin because he demands it; it is a sovereign nation and not Russian territory. And NATO did what it should have done; given Ukrainians the tools to defend their country against an armed tyrant.

    3. @Mark H. agree about Ukraine, but eat or be eaten. Ukraine and their history with Russia. Putins dislike of US/NATO meddling with former soviet countries, was it worth trying to get one up on Russia? And if you think Bidens administration was helping Ukraine for “humanitarian” reasons youd be far off, intent was clear and strategic.

  4. I am living right next to the Ukraine and I hope this will end soon without lot of people being hurt.
    Also I am sorry for people in Ukraine hold on tight guys.

    1. @Meexi Definitely The USA can handle china and russia. Especially since they have other nations like india, United Kingdom, France, Aussie, South Korea, Germany and so many others. I dont think they will push too much of their luck cuz xi jingping and putin aren’t dumb at all. Also for now China is just reclaiming taiwan which is pretty much their territory so we should be fine

  5. Full, harsh sanctions must be brought on Belarus, too, including border closures and explusion of Belarus diplomatic personnel.

  6. Many people are going to die, and many of the survivors are going to suffer.
    I hope Ukraine overcome this tragedy as soon as possible.
    Love from Spain.

    1. @B y It is a pity that the world is often ruled by psychopaths, I would like to believe that good defeats evil

    1. @IIT BOMBAY CAMPUS Yeah just lay pdown and live under the Hammer and Sickle. If Ukraine doesn’t want live under Soviet Rule make this invasion into a gorilla war start sending them home in bags by the thousand..

  7. I can’t believe even Putin was able to keep a straight face while half-assed attempting to justifying this. Thoughts and prayers don’t win wars.

    1. @Recap V
      Well, the Frenchies surrendered without a fight and the Brits were driven into the sea at Dunkirk.
      The natzees were stopped by the U.S. and Russia.
      Unfortunately Russia didn’t liberate the Eastern European nations from the natzees, so much as replaced them.

    2. @dodge neon lol yes the entire west should join period because if we don’t Russia will think they can do this to any country with no consequences get your head out your a**

    3. “Believe in me, support me and be rewarded. If not, you will suffer”
      Who says this? Putin or God?
      amazingly both fit! Crazy, isn’t it?
      That the Gods in the free world are Putins, Saddams, rewarding those who support & believe in them & the rest get thrown in hell!

  8. If I recall correctly, Poland had a similar speech broadcasted while being invaded as well by Russia and Germany in WW2…

  9. I wish the best for Ukraine and it’s people, I’m keeping them in my heart ❤️
    Love from Canada 🇨🇦

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