Video shows the moment an Alabama inmate escaped

A missing Alabama corrections officer accused of helping a murder suspect escape from jail had a "special relationship" with him, according to the sheriff. CNN's Ryan Young reports on how their escape unfolded. #CNN #News


  1. She’s the same age as the woman he killed y the girlfriend he tried to kill. They need to find her fast!

    1. @Martin Merrill A correctional officer in rural Alabama. You got to be in Moscow to say something that stupid.

    1. They are literally probably relatives NO ONE but me is addressing this both of their lastnames are WHITE 🤔

  2. I hope she realizes what is going to happen when the situation gets dark. Ppl do crazy things in times of desperation especially when you have nothing to lose. This never ends well.

    1. I hope she realizes what will happen to her when they find them or her, ORANGE jumpsuit time!

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up using her as a hostage if they end up getting caught 🤔 or if they find her dead somewhere now that he got what he wanted, which was his freedom. He basically has no use for her now other than her money

  3. She’s not a missing corrections officer, she’s a former corrections officer who helped a inmate escape and is now a fugitive!

  4. Why would she think she could get away with this? And for a murderer? I pray he doesn’t kill her when he doesn’t need her anymore or the money runs out.

  5. Who runs this prison facility? Her boss should take great responsibility for this too. It looks like who runs this police department is a sucker.

    1. i am a retirted corrections officer and i can’t figure out why this inmate was being escorted by just one officer. we always escorted all inmates with at least two officers and the inmates were hand cuffed to a belly chain with a black box over the hand cuffs and leg irons at the ankels. the inmates weren’t going anywhere till we reached our destination.

  6. It is sad how some people can be manipulated so easily, if she is physically ok at this point she has forever changed the rest of her life. Obviously she will lose her job but also there is a good chance that she will end up in prison herself.

    1. He is a narcissist! I worked in a county jail for 4 years. I met many a narcissistic social path. They can be very charming, manipulative and dangerous at the same time.

    2. @Brett They fired her so no retirement pension. It takes a few weeks to process retirement papers.

  7. This is a shame that somebody can be so gullible. She’s 56 years old, retiring with a pension, owned her home, and a well-respected member of the community.
    Yet she forms a romantic relationship with a hardened criminal 18 years her junior, a murderer, sells her house for a third of it’s worth, and plans their escape.
    They will probably find her body somewhere when he has no further use of her.
    A freakin shame.

    1. She was conned. They say you don’t have to be stupid/gullible. It can happen to anyone.

    2. Their last names are both white they are more than likely related idk why noone is addressing this and if they are why they were even allowed near each other in prison

  8. She’s not a missing officer 👮‍♀️ she’s on the run with the inmate. She’s been planning this for months. What makes her think she’s any more special than the 58-year-old woman he killed? He’s got nothing to lose she had everything to lose. I bet she ends up becoming the victim when they take and get closer to catching them

    1. @BayneWmsn How could anyone relax in this mess? I pray for her and the publics safety. How long before she tires of ths/him and realizes what she has done? I’m sorry for her (and her poor Sheriff and co-workers who think so much of her).

  9. I get that people are lonely and make mistakes but he is a MURDER SUSPECT. I hope she survives because I need to hear this story from her perspective. Did she love him? Does she believe he was set up? Did he offer her money? What was it?!

    1. He is a narcissist! I worked in a county jail for 4 years. I met many a narcissistic social path. They can be very charming, manipulative and dangerous at the same time.

    2. Lonely? She worked in corrections!!! It’s 86% male. It’s a big dating pool for her. There’s hundreds of app for her. I worked as a C.O. and there’s always a few homely women who love jail birds who have nothing but the time shower them with attention and make them feel like a attractive female.

  10. Please stop saying he escaped.She let him out.He walked out like he was leaving a hotel.She is not afraid of this guy and the police are trying to cover up these two people being romanticly involved and how bad the dept. looks.She’s not going to release a guy she’s afraid of.Whenever they apprehend them she should get nothing less than 30 years.

    1. Come on Man! Don’t judge so hard! 30 years – she will only be free again, when she is 86, that would be a death sentence.

  11. And she chose to do this on the very day she was set to retire after 17 years on the job. smh
    Best case scenario; no innocent civilians get hurt, the police shoot him dead, and she ends up doing life in prison.

  12. That woman who testified against him should seriously considered hiding somewhere until they catch him. Her life might be in danger

    1. The correction officer who ruined her entire pile should be the one out scared and in great danger he’s gonna kill her as soon as he feels she’s a burden or a risk on his get away take her money and dump her she’s in great danger more than anyone else

    2. @Aleks Jagger you’re absolutely right bcz she put her self in that predicament I just feel bad for her family or kids if she has any for the betrayal they gonna feel or experience for what she did

    3. No. He isnt interested in her. She has to move on and accept that he is with his new womean now. She needs to stop living in the past and let this poor man live his life

  13. Reminds me of the escape that happened in upstate NY several years ago, when a prison employee helped two inmates escape.

    1. Mike Tyson is one of the most intimidating people on the planet, not a good comparison at all

    2. @Stopping Bronsexuals That’s the point of the comment, lol.

  14. She isn’t smart enough to realize once a criminal always a criminal. But by grace some do change…. She’ll regret when she behind bars . God forgive them for they know not what their doing …. Keep her safe Lord …

    1. Their actions are surprising, but I believe they know what they are doing. A prison guard is not smart enough to realize this is a terrible decision?… I’ll wait to find out what her reasons were and wait to call her a moron until I find out if she was forced into it.
      This “special relationship” could have been a part of his plot and she has been forced into it all along…
      There seems to be no sense to what you said.
      Once a criminal, always a criminal- some do change?… which is it?…
      Oh, god decides. ok…

      Also I used each form of theiy’re for you to take examples from before you call out others intelligence.


  15. I work with people coming out of prison. This happens more than you would think. Criminals can be very skilled at manipulating people, including CO’s. Throw in a woman who feels desperate for love, and it becomes a recipe for disaster. He will discard her when she is no longer useful to him, if he hasn’t already. Very sad.

    1. He is a narcissist! I worked in a county jail for 4 years. I met many a narcissistic social path. They can be very charming, manipulative and dangerous at the same time. I, also, worked at a prison 4 1 year.

  16. The way she opened the door for him with no regard to securing him was obvious. My girlfriend holds the door for me too if I’m lagging lol

  17. She has low self-esteem and he took advantage of her weakness. That’s almost always how it works in these situations.

    1. @jbvap Nope. No sympathy. Anyone who works around prisoners is trained to be wary of them.

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