1. @D3V!L HUNT3R your intentions are noble and I agree but just like the UN it would be infiltrated by corruption

    2. @D3V!L HUNT3R Back when Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016, he said our country has to start caring for Palestine. I remember saying to myself “Finally someone thinks like me”. I already was in love with Bernie when I heard him say that, so I loved him even more. Just saying. 😷

    1. @Yabbo ! West Bank and Jerusalem aren`t Israeli territory. Therefore any attempt to apply their law is not valid.

    2. @Yabbo ! It is not in Israel. I would explain their status and and source, but youtube has been deleting my comments. Just like they deleted one I send 15 min ago

    1. @Soul Seeker I believe Israel’s Propaganda. The former Israeli defence minister Moshe Dayan once said: “Our American friends offer us money, arms and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice.”

    2. @Tsubadai Khan clever people! Must have heard Churchill say how Americans will always do the right thing, after exhausting all other possibilities.

    3. What does it matter? The UN has no bearing on this conflict. They are vehemently anti-Israel, and have no interest in peace that doesn’t involve the destruction of Israel and the genocide of its millions of Jewish citizens.

    1. I don’t care. No sane, rational, fair, educated person does. Ja Rule’s opinion could not POSSIBLY matter less to normal people.

    2. First lady Jill Biden even said Harris can “go f— herself” in a call with campaign donors, Dovere writes in his forthcoming book shared with Fox News, “Battle for the Soul,” to be published May 25.

    3. No one wants peace anymore
      So they gotta start or say something….sad.😔. This is world of fools….🙏DLPTM…AMEN

  1. Albert Einstein once said I know not what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones

    1. @Eazy Does it – I’ve tried repeatedly to respond but YouTube seems intent on blocking discussion. Typical.

      So I’ll summarize without the context I’d prefer.

      I don’t blame the average person. I blame the gov’t that refuses peace and encourages violence.

      I recommend you stop trying to justify acts of terrible violence. It’s gross. And for your part in claiming that I’m “not human” earlier it seems laughable in the face of such claims.

      Try reading more and getting better sources than CNN. You’re being misled. Better yet – actually go there. You’d learn a lot. I know I did.

      Edit: Just a reminder – for your claims that I was factually inaccurate you never once provided a specific example. Or for that matter any evidence thereof. Maybe you know less than you think.

    2. Your random, . . . ,Hamas, Hezbolla, Houthis, Palestinian Jihad and other Islamic groups are not fighting for a country, that they are part of. They are simply terrorist groups, proxy armies, supported, funded and armed by Iran, for the sole purpose of wiping Israel off the map and killing as many Jews and Christians as they can. If we were to stop giving Iran and it’s proxy army thugs- Hamas money, they would stop.

    3. @Colin I meant 1948 not 1947 that was a typo. Palestinians were not happy that the UN decided to take their land and give it to Israel. I’m sure you wouldn’t like giving the land you lived on for centuries only to be taken away. This land grab was planned way before WW2, read the Balfour Declaration you’ll know what I’m talking about

    4. @Colin I blame the government and the Zionist. The people of Israel may be great and good hearted but the Zionist are wrecking havoc and causing destruction
      I in no way am promoting any acts of violence however I do believe everyone has a right to defend themselves and their land. My news sources are not from CNN and just because you went there doesn’t make you an expert. You have to approach this from an unbiased standpoint and not point fingers to the other side for defending themselves

    1. They’ll be safe when Hamas stops launching missiles and attacking Israeli civilian targets trying to kill as many people as possible, innocent or not.

    2. @Bahgat Auf Israel is their ancestral homeland. They’ve been living their under a variety of other powers, for 3,000+ years. Arabs and Muslims can’t claim the same. So many have been pushed off that land, violently, that trying to settle the dispute through correcting history is a quagmire nobody can emerge from. Look to the future, kid. If Hamas stops attacking Israel….peace. If Israel stops defending itself, genocide. I know whose side I’m on, because I’m a good and moral person. You, apparently, are not.

    3. @Bahgat Auf yeah Arabs dont belong in Israel or North Africa if u want to go down that Road Arabs spread through Islam thats how that got to Israel and mordern day north Africa idk maybe go back to Arabia thats the stupidest argument ever

    1. Palestine and Hamas cant war with Israel their get Rolled they need to keep shooting Rockets and keep bad press on Israel for the Palestine cause . and Israel needs to Snuff out Hamas as they are. both states cant coexist like this for Long and Palestine is getting Rolled im not pro Israel or Pro Palestine but for Peace one nation needs to win

  2. I hate when the ad in front of the video has a hot girl, and I’m like, watch this news video or …

  3. I always thought that right and wrong was just common sense… This past four months has taught me differently

  4. из-за влияния Сатаны ни один человек или человеческая организация не смогли обеспечить прочный мир и безопасность

  5. Please use whatever you have in you to pray for those innocent people caught in this. Please pray for peace. God bless you. Amen

    1. It’s not prayers these people need. It’s other nations to step in and protect the vulnerable and innocent from the unjust occupational forces taking away their lives.

  6. Remember this!!! “You think there’s a script for fighting a war without pissing somebody off? Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt? Yes, innocent people probably died. Innocent people always die”

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