Vindication Or Quagmire? DC Divided On Biden's Afghan Policy 1

Vindication Or Quagmire? DC Divided On Biden’s Afghan Policy


Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal has proven to be political divisive with some lauding the end of the war and others criticizing the chaos around America's exit. We discuss that debate with fmr. Obama aide David Plouffe and fmr. Jeb Bush aide Tim Miller.
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    1. @Tessmage Tessera High inflation matters. No peace matters. Shortage of every day items matter.
      a=After 48 years in politics these are Biden’s accomplishmnets. And in the process he enriched himself. Jill Biden’s $2k shoes don’t come on a Senator’s salary.

  1. All I can say to these chairborne rangers is sityoazzdown are you going to actually do anything other than criticize? Why are so many Americans over there, opportunities and money. What are civilians doing in the most dangerous country on the planet in the first place?

  2. I worry more about our Afghan allies than the American citizens who could have left at any time in the preceding months. Many of them still want to stay in Afghanistan. Some haven’t yet made up their minds. As for our allies, after Loser Trump demolished the special visa program, getting nearly 120,000 of them out in the last 18 days was an amazing accomplishment.

    1. @JOYA MAHAN They warned him it would only be a few weeks and not a few to several months or more. But it didn’t take a few weeks, it took a couple of days. No one, not even the Taliban, any intelligence agency, no one.

    2. @Ryan Boehm We didn’t just turn them over. The weapons are what we gave the Afghan military over the last 20 years. Before commenting, maybe research the situation a little.

    3. @kensolar69 Wrong, lots of it we ditched at the end after the army was already dissolved. We also abandoned them and gave them zero chance allowing the taliban to take over like that!

  3. Stating that there are going to be casualties and a chaotic seen on the part of the Afghans and because it’s a war zone there is no easy way out is the only thing President Biden did not make widely known. There wouldn’t be an issue otherwise. Afghanistan has it’s own culture. Stop expecting them to behave the way you want.

    1. @Miyoko Migliozzi Yup, ol gargoyle is trying real hard to act like it’s a Leslie Neilson scene “please, move on, nothing to see here”… (meanwhile chaos and pandemonium are taking place in the background)

  4. OI, Tim Miller, stop trying to have your cake and eat it or sound soul searching! WE had 20 yrs of grift and plunder of taxpayer dollars!
    Under which rock were YOU hiding in 2019 when “The Afghanistan Papers” came out?
    Where were you in 2020 when Pompeo signed a murderous deal with the Taliban??
    If all YOU worry about is the “last 2 weeks” then show YOUR BETTER PLAN!!! – IF the ABC jokers weren’t so bad I’d boycott MSNBC…

    1. @Bryan Some of these people were told to leave months ago. I know it’s a poor analogy, but I can’t help think of the hurricane victims who call 911 after being told to evacuate. Now that the Taliban has taken over, they’re scared. What did they think was going to happen after Trump pretty much gave the Taliban control of Afghanistan in his “deal.”

    2. @Bryan Thousands were left behind in Vietnam. Hundreds of US POW MIA. And hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who fought with us against the communists.

  5. I m proud of what our soldiers do for us, even in Afghanistan…to blame Biden is ludicrous…in every war people are left behind ,timing is everything and eliminates beyond control have an effect on the outcome…

    1. @Alexander well said! The dems are big on the “circle back” defense. I think we all know who they learned that from.
      “Cough, cough, Psaki, cough”

    2. @raymondwise if your comments were reticent it my make more sense , was I crying about being proud of our soldiers, really have no patience for the snarky … sitting in an evac center while fires burn … your comment seem so out of touch with reality … move along

    3. @AriSiMom Stop crying. Even the liberal media is bashing sloppy Joe lol. He’s done and hasn’t even been president for a year 🤭

  6. Alexander the Great in 330BC-“May God protect you from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of a tiger and the revenge of the Afghans.”

  7. Why do they not mention how the withdrawal would have went a lot more smoothly if the afghan army wouldn’t have just gave up for the most part? And that the taliban wanted to keep the hard deadline or there would have been “consequences”..? Interesting how they leave that out and just blame biden.

    1. @Carin Somers why are you bringing trump into this? I dont even support him. Stop justifying biden’s failures by bringing up trump, so sad.

    2. @Alexander Lied? In what universe do you live in? No one, not even the Taliban knew the country would just collapse instantly. Deal with it.

    3. @Carlos Carlos It was the trump admin that had them released from prison and made the deal with them. After they took over and were the only power in the country, who else could you go to? Give me a name.

    4. @kensolar69 actually the Taliban last week under Bidens command freed all the prisoners that Trump and Obama locked up .
      Dont you watch the news ?

  8. Tim—🤷🏽‍♀️⁉️ We did the best we could with the flaming crap bag that was left in our laps that had been ridiculously kneecapped by the prior administration… The haircut looks like you performed it yourself in early morning chippy-chop salon-rough to view you credibly on these issues.

  9. Once the date was announced, the longer any troops stayed, the more likely there would be another missile strike or suicide bomber. God only knows how many of them and civilians would die. Let special forces black ops finish getting the rest of the Americans who want leave out. Then Afghans who want to leave will have to buy their way out, just like everyone else in the third world. Yes, many helped us, but so did many Iraqis and there was barely a word from the right when Trump abandoned them.

  10. WHY does corporate media still give a platform and voice to the likes of Steven Miller is the real question????

  11. We were only there because of Afghans natural Resources. In the Mountains that’s all. Just Like when I was In IRAQ it was because OIL

  12. Pulling out was the right decision. However execution of evacuation could’ve been better. Of course the Afghan president running way with trunks full of cash and most troops abandoning post without firing a single shot at the Taliban couldn’t have been foreseen but still US should’ve maintained enough troops to secure city of Kabul until evacuation was complete. Basically US had too much faith in Afghani government and military which led to the mistake of pulling too many US troops out too quickly.

    1. We really didn’t have a choice. If we stayed longer we would’ve broken the agreement with the Taliban. Our soilders would’ve been put in harms way.

    2. @Smack Attack Most commander in chief don’t runaway from national crisis. So he is nothing more than a coward who has abandoned his own people when they needed him the most. He didn’t have better intel… he just ran at the first sign of the trouble like the coward that he is.

  13. The Prime Minister of Great Britain called Joe Biden an imbecile, and every member of Parliament unanimously condemned him. The Brits aren’t divided.

  14. Quagmire doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anyone who thinks the answer is remotely like vindication has a smooth brain.

  15. Nah
    The entire world is pretty much in agreement that the Biden maladministration oversaw the biggest eff up of our time.

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