Violent Israeli-Palestinian Unrest Kills At Least 33 | The 11th Hour

Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians are growing increasingly fierce as Hamas fires rockets into Tel Aviv and Israeli airstrikes leveled residences according to Palestinian authorities. Sky News Foreign Correspondent Matt Stone has the latest.
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    1. @Jessica Roach Hamas is deploying its rockets in civilian areas purposely. They’re using human shields and Israel is being forced to retaliate

    1. @Oneofurfriends tbh u can’t say that this has been happening for a very long time all over. America the civil rights movement didn’t stop until like 1970 or sum like that. ww2 didn’t stop until 1945 and America had problems within the country and right after the Cold War started Russia expanding communism and America fighting all over the continents and north and South Korea are still fighting.

      Overall life is never gonna have peace ever every decade and century is going to have depressing times like corona or Afghanistan or ISIS

    1. @CPTBlackDragon07 Historically, there have been many natural disasters. Each time, a God will come. There are many Gods, not just one. That’s the way ordinary people think.

    2. All of this war and conflict in this world will end in God=Lord Jesus Christ’s return. It is written. It is He that will put an end to satan and his curse that started in Eden when satan tricked both Eve and Adam into eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of knowing both good and evil. When God=Lord Jesus Christ warned them not to.

    3. it did end when Trump was president… but President Puppet War-monger is here with the War-monger Party ready to send more of our precious blood off to die so the DC SWAMP can line its pockets with cash. Thanks for your “vote”.

    4. @Hudson Hayer First the condition of the houses is irrelevant. Second not all palestineans support Hamas or any other militant group. The ones they are evicting have been living there for decades and never attacked anyone. Otherwise Israel would have evicted them years ago.

    5. How would it? Power hungry politicians would never back down and it’s not like you can j kick out a whole city of ppl

  1. That’s Fn crazy man… too many death and too much suffering so sad this is what humans do

    1. @72marshflower15
      This has to do with inhumanity, fascism and land.
      I don’t know what part capitalism has to play if any.

    2. @Uncomfortable Truth literally everything living and intelligent fights. Like with everything else, the main difference is that humans use technology. Also what is inhumane about this? Compared to other wars I think youll find this conflict to be exceptionally tame.

    3. @72marshflower15 and yet millions have died in communist nations, often as a result of their state’s actions post adopting the ideology. I dont see mass purges occuring in capitalist nations, nor do I see wide spread starvation or state suppression of rights and the voices of the people. I dont see armed tanks rolling down the streets of capitalist cities with armed soldiers ready to fire on non violet civilians. It would seem to me, the only significant number of deaths that have resulted from capitalism are those killed in opposition to it. And as for the few successful socialist nations, who defends them? Who deters their enemies from breaching their borders and occupying their cities? Given their small populations and lacking militaries, it certainly isnt them.

    4. @Mr. Brim comfort? Its a war, and this is real life buddy. I would rather have the a few dozen to a hundred dying weekly then hundreds of thousands.

    1. @Alric Otar youre silly send rachel maddow the to the mid east and peace whould b there the next day…..shes such a bastion for unity and peace…with her snarky stares and thotfull analysis about the republicans current events….errrr i mean days

    2. it’s not a war if one side has nuclear weapons and the other side has rocks and stones
      one is stealing lands and killing innocents and the other is lucky if survives the night
      zionist pigs needs to be exterminated

  2. In 40 years I guarantee you that we will hear about the exact same things with no changes what so ever

    1. @Juve “The Middle East” yeah, we’re at war with the entire Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chad, the whole region 🙄

    2. @Juve If that comment sounded dismissive – it’s because you’re a Nostradamus wannabe who’s probably never been anywhere near the Middle East. Here’s some facts: you’re not an expert, you can’t see the future, and Trump was the worst president we’ve ever had.

    3. @Alsami Yasfh usa is getting weaker everyday cuz Iran is becoming the new world first super power.dont trust hollywood and games

    4. @James wow more disingenuous bs from the fake account… Shocked! So Einstein who controlled the senate that passed the act when Clinton was POTUS? Yet here you are making it sound like it was something Clinton advocated… Alas just like all the other disingenuous Fox news talking point crap you were spewing in the other thread, no substance and gives a completely false version of reality.

  3. I was wondering where the summit of the fourth turning was going to begin, here or the South China Sea…
    Perhaps both still

    1. @MinnesotaYoda it’s called The Fourth Turning. It’s about the cyclical events that take place based on observed generational patterns.

    1. “the feed cut lol”???? , what are you 12? A keyboard does not mean you have to always air your childish views especially when people are being killed.

    2. @Krrish Krrishna I say “lol” not because it’s a trivial situation, but because I’m dumb for thinking the feed cut

    3. @MGoBlue 93 Apologies for calling you childish. Hyper sensitivity isn’t something i engage in always, but this fight never seems to be without the loss of innocent children due to adults bickering about land FFS

    4. @Krrish Krrishna I appreciate that, but there was no need to apologize! Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s a tough situation with no winners

    1. @Jeffenson 99 No one is claiming that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem solved anything. The issue that was solved was the treaties entered into with Israel by several neighboring countries that Trump mediated. Palestine would be upset if someone gave Israel two tickets to a movie. They’re an incredibly hostile people and need to go back home to Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, where they came from.

      The Bible says Jerusalem will be established again, and it will never ever fall. So, they need to give it up because Jerusalem is established.

    2. @James no it hasn’t. God doesnt even know that rabbits dont chew cud and bats arent birds. And he supposedly created them. And you trust him to sort this out?
      I wouldnt trust him to sort out a box of duplo blocks.

  4. That one song – This land is mine – it’s what comes to my mind when I see those rockets.

  5. اذا تحررت فلسطين يتحقق الوطن العربي ويتوحد العرب

  6. Nevermind.. I believe the day will come.
    The promises beyond them has already been told long early ago.
    There will be no even single hide out for them on this world.
    The day will come!!
    The day will be come not more than 20 years from now on!!
    On that day, no single from their bloodline will be survive.

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