83 Comments on "Virginia governor reacts to alleged kidnapping plot"

  1. This links to Trump!!

  2. They are called “domestic terrorist “ stop down playing their title

  3. Alleged? Caught red handed

  4. Imagine the reaction if amuslim group did this. We would be posturing for war via the United Nations and a unilateral mobilization of task forces.

    • @Reid Elson
      🔵 Democrats peaceful protesting..New York mayor daughter gets arrested and he is proud. Kamala says these riots are here to stay. Nancy Pelosi excuses the behaviour by saying people will do what they do. Democrat Mayors have been calling this peaceful for 4 months until the protesters show up on their own Street and then they all call the police. One of these mayors has six cop cars outside of her house and the other has gone into hiding. Why are they hiding and need police protection from peaceful protesters? What a joke this party has become.

    • @Reid Elson
      🌓 All these protests is mostly
      the Democrat party’s fault. 5 months ago they embraced this group and welcomed them with murals and yellow signs on the road. They never denounced the violence which encouraged them to become more aggressive. Democrats have refused Trump’s assistance. They believe they have the situation under control. For months Democrats have been calling this peaceful protesting and yet Chicago mayor won’t allow any protesting on her Street and Portland mayor called the police when they came on his Street. So according to Democrat rules, this is peaceful everywhere except on the Mayors or Governors Street. And somehow, this is someone else’s fault?

    • This treason from the Confederacy’s 2nd president, his cult, and GOP will end with them creating a new Confederacy as they lose power and can’t accept it.
      The orange garbage will rather destroy this country to save his own useless skin and his cult will follow him. And GOP keeps enabling him. SOON!!!

    • Romulus Severin | October 14, 2020 at 10:16 PM | Reply

      Well not any Muslim group, that Muslim group would have to be an enemy of Isreal….if they are an ally of Isreal, we ignore it.

    • nolinagirLasia.link

  5. Anyone else notice that it was only Democratic Governors that were targeted? Just saying….

  6. SUPRISE!! This is a fachist move.he’ll have you go to jail after you do his dirty work. Don’t care about you.

  7. Roberto Curiel | October 14, 2020 at 10:14 AM | Reply

    I believe Donald Trump is behind all these because when some president want to be a dictator he want to be with Democrat party that would details to terrorists in his own country and later everybody pay consequences everyone don’t matter who isn’t favored Donald Trump

  8. Doesn’t seem like we’ve heard the end of this saga…

  9. Cables being cut to avoid registration? This is getting worse by the day now.

  10. He hit that George W/J Cole “Fool me Once” perfectly 😂

  11. Simma Kamlangdee | October 14, 2020 at 12:07 PM | Reply

    Homegrown hate, War among us
    Domestic terrorists have targeted Democrat Governors
    Governors have tried to protect and serve our U.S. Country, Citizens, and populations too.


  13. i have no doubt they will connect this homegrown isis to local GOP officials as well as
    Trump. Fake president Trump and his Gang Of Putin would have all
    Americans live in brutal submission like North Korea, or Russian, or
    China, where dissent is punishable to the extreme in order to serve and maintain
    an elite class … imagine an America where political kidnappings occur
    at will and you better understand Trump’s and The GOP’s vision of

  14. FBI investigate and label these “movements” as domestic terrorists-hate groups. Who, how, why, when and to what depth they’re investigated is determined by the AG. Simple calculus: No vetting = no labeling. And at end of his 2nd term, he’d brag he rid this country of hate groups- a feat no previous administration could ever achieve

  15. Can’t understand how trump is still in office after tweeting such tweets and the white supremacists take action from such tweets. How ?

  16. Remember when America was great? When American soldiers killed Nazis. Them were the good old days

    • @zjoe lol. No really. Fake news

    • @Eddie bro dude these mails where revealed via a courtcase and they came from a laptop that was turned in by a data recovery shopowner to the fbi. that idiot hunter never came back to collect the laptop.

    • Deport American Flag Burners | October 14, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

      Remember the good ole days when people respected the American flag and used sports to bring everyone together, including diverse audiences? Black Lives Matter divided that and caused more chaos and problems to where audiences gave up on working with them and found more educated things to do. No wonder why Adam Silver is doing away with it next year. Audiences appropriately believe in honoring African Americans that isn’t violent or terroristic.

    • @Deport American Flag Burners what the f? U got problems dude. Get help.

    • @zjoe wrong. Made up stuff. Consider the source. Fake news. Come on man wake up. Ur worried about that but ur not worried about Trump owing Russia 400 million? Get a clue dude.

  17. Trump needs to go! He’s a disgrace. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has his people bail out those who were arrested. He is so paranoid theirs nothing they won’t do to win. A disgrace he makes out of this country!

  18. Cluser Everett | October 14, 2020 at 3:51 PM | Reply

    That man served 8 years in the military, while the leader of this country is a 5-time draft dodging coward. 🙄 And I’d bet none of those domestic terrorists has ever served neither. 🥴

    • I. Know for a fact when he was called he ran very disappointing fact for those beating the dead horse of his patriotic ways I joined the army when I was 17 and was honorably discharged I had an incedent down the range I was shuffled out of the deck I had however have a double promotion the same week I was sad to leave at the time but my outlook on life and my thoughts about life also changed draft dodger special dont even respect the dead


    • @Delage Eric someone else was attempted to be kidnapped ?


  19. Democrat politician’s seem more like genuine people than those on the Republican side.

    • Isn’t this guy the one who wore black face or a klan member outfit? They are more genuine, genuinely racist hahaha

    • I’ve noted that too. Especially white guys who are Democrats. They aren’t arrogant or mean.
      But there are Republicans who are great men and women and not racist.

  20. If he puts on his black face they won’t be able to find him

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