Vladimir Putin annexes regions of Ukraine | USA TODAY


  1. Everyone please remember this day , and remember to live life at its fullest. Propaganda has taken over the feeble minded all over the world. We can only pray for what comes next. Hold your loved ones close because we as humans tend to repeat history and never learn from it

  2. If Nassim Taleb’s theory about black swans is correct, at any moment we have a black swan in Moscow, in days we will see it.

    1. Very good observation, Guillermo. Extremely rare yet extremely significant events DO occur! We are at the edge of a potentially crucial change.

    2. @Fred Garvin One thing about black swans is you can’t anticipate them, they are uncorrelated, and any number can happen close to each other in time and space.

    1. Remember the part where Russians were at Kyiv and now they’re squabbling over the edges? Because someone shouting “I win” does not mean that the game is over.

  3. When Mexico wanted a secure border. Keeping U.S. mercenaries out they didn’t listen. How is this any different?????

  4. it was nice when trump was in, no wars, cheap energy, secure borders, 0 inflation and now look at what biden has given us

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