Vladimir Putin says Russia is ‘a bit jealous’ of China in meeting with Xi Jinping #Shorts

Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday for two days of talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a visit eyed warily by the U.S. and Western allies.

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Xi's first visit since Russia invaded Ukraine would appear to show support for Putin, who needs trade deals and bullets as he faces pressure from economic sanctions and reports that his military is running low on ammunition and fighting equipment.

"It gives me great pleasure to once again set foot on the soil of Russia, our friendly neighbor," said Xi, who added that he first visited as president 10 years ago. China has called for a cease-fire and peace talks, a plan praised by Moscow but rejected by Kyiv because it would keep Russian troops in occupied territory.

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    1. No there not, China can’t risk import and export with all the other countries. Shi will just show they have good relations and make sure to boost what they have been doing.

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  3. Xi seems cold as ice! It seems he basically said ill use Russia as long as I can, and Putin thinks he can use him for his goals. Crazy situation!

  4. no need to mention it, VLAD!! Well, at least you are honest. The US is EXTREMELY JEALOUS deep down inside but keeps it to itself. Embarrassed to admit perhaps?

  5. pak puten .sy orang Indonesia mendukung inpansi ke ukraena.tapi sy kecewa sama masyarakat Rusia berlibur ke bali.sekolah SD di Bali kenapa harus di Corat coret Diding SD.

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