Volunteers say Peace Corps failed them when reporting sexual assaults | USA TODAY 1

Volunteers say Peace Corps failed them when reporting sexual assaults | USA TODAY


The Peace Corps failed these women after they were sexually assaulted while volunteering
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Three women tell their stories of sexual assault while volunteering in the Peace Corps, and how the agency's bungled response compounded their trauma.

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  1. Wow like everywhere else . Just bad. Evil, horrible. They should care as human being. Unless they are not, nor have a family. Probably many are not nor have a family or heart etc so not care or sed how horrible this is or if it affected one of their sons or daughters if they have or niece/ nephew, etc. I am sure glad did not ever go to that.

  2. Sometimes, if a woman claims she was sexually assaulted it doesn’t mean it is true. Sometimes women use the sexual assault claim in order to get rid of their colleagues that don’t like. It’s an unfortunate and very evil world.

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