‘Voter Suppression Would Be Almost Stopped In Its Tracks By H.R. 1’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight Action, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that H.R. 1 would target with "precision" the Republican attempts to suppress voting by improving “registration, accessing the ballot and getting your ballot counted.” Aired on 03/17/2021.
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'Voter Suppression Would Be Almost Stopped In Its Tracks By H.R. 1' | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Biden is doing a great job of running the country. He’s governing with compassion and sincerity unlike Trump who wouldn’t know the first thing about either of those things.

    1. Trump didn’t really want to be president, he just wanted to get his name out there and make money, it was his new grift and he played the racists.

  2. Awesome! They are going to claim state’s rights, but in national elections, it would be nifty if we could pull this off. It amazes me that people so worried about voter fraud can’t find voter suppression anywhere….

    1. Wow having a id to vote is so racist and voter suppression. Wow voter security so racist🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Exactly ! The whole ” Dont Tread On Me ” rebirth is just hateful people wanting their hate to be tolerated and these very same people would not tolerate ANYTHING they disagree with .

    2. Yes, they cry about people keeping their Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, then make up rights for themselves and call it law.

  3. HR1 sounds like a great name for an astromech droid like R2-D2. I have a feeling that it could also save a lot of lives.

  4. Before the 1840’s, there was no such thing as the filibuster. It was instituted as a tactic to lawmakers from empowering minorities, immigrants and others from being fairly represented in the U.S,Senate. It is designed to allow the minority party to override the party in power. McConnell no problem at all eliminating the filibuster to pass tax cuts for the rich and powerful or for Supreme Court nominees though, now did he?

  5. McConnell’s weak threat about what they would do it the filibuster was eliminated, wouldn’t matter if H.R.1 is passed. If the Republicans can’t cheat with voter suppression then they can’t win and they can’t do what he threatened.

    1. That’s why Mitch McConnell was threatening to burn down the country
      the Democrats are ignoring his threat because they know he was going to try to do it anyways

    2. @KillJoy The GQP made it a one party system by becoming extremists that incited and supported a failed attempted coup because they can’t attract the support of the majority. They did this to themselves and if they ever want to be elected again they need to denounce and move away from far right extremism.

    1. @Waldemar Marchesi How do you feel about all the voter fraud committed by Trump and his supporters?

  6. Each person that voted could have gotten 1 million dollars and that would be less than 1.9 trillion

  7. I might be too optimistic but I believe the Senate Dems can do this, the Democrats (and maybe Independents too) are the only ones who can save this country, because Republicans are a lost cause and they deserve to lose on crappy platforms 2022 onward.

  8. It’s time. Break the filibuster ! If
    ever there was a time for something as important as this, it’s now.

  9. Something is very wrong with Joe Biden—mentally, medically, strategically—or all three.

    Of course, he’s long been known as a tone-deaf gaffe-meister. Swearing on live mics. Patronizing politically. As head of administration transparency for Barack Obama, Biden closed the meetings.

  10. Hr 1 is to allow the new illegal immigrants the ability to vote.
    Makes sense if you remember their stands on open border.
    Get it ‘ For the people act’
    (For the immigrant people act)

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