VP Kamala Harris has a strong message for American women | USA TODAY 1

VP Kamala Harris has a strong message for American women | USA TODAY


Vice President Kamala Harris shares concern for how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted women and the importance of addressing that disparity.

The pandemic has been "devastating" for women, especially women of color, Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday in an interview with USA TODAY.

"I think that the pandemic has exposed the failures, the fractures, the fissures that have long existed in our society, and it has made them bigger and more obvious," she said.

The yearlong pandemic has only magnified America’s gender inequalities, all while stifling the decades of progress women have made.

Women are leaving the workforce in alarming numbers. Female entrepreneurs find their shops shuttered or empty. Burdened with the brunt of child care responsibilities while children are learning from home, Black and Latina women in particular are falling deeper into poverty.

Harris characterizes the regression as a “national emergency.”

She said the country needs a commitment to universal paid sick leave and paid family leave, and "child care needs to be affordable and available."

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  1. Women getting career advice from Kamala Harris is like Gordan Ramsey getting cooking advice from Jeffrey Dahmer

    1. ​@Lyndell Hall lol, that is a STRONG no thanks. I have morals, principles, common decency and a soul and was still able to be claw my way into 1%.

      Maybe try some active listening instead of attacking random strangers or pushing Identity politics to prove a point.

      tldr version: if you play the victim, you become the victim.

    1. That idiotic, possibly drug-fueled cackle is her first response to literally everything. I can’t stand that about her. How does anybody take her seriously, let alone think she should be president?? It can be something super serious and she STILL does it!

      Reporter: “Madam Vice President, there’s been another mass shooting.”
      Kamala: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

      Reporter: “Madam Vice President, do you and President Biden intend to do anything about the border crisis?”
      Kamala: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

      Reporter: “Madam Vice President, do you have any message for people who lost their job to the lockdowns?”
      Kamala: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

      Reporter: “Madam Vice President, how do you and President Biden intend to address rising gas prices?”
      Kamala: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

      Reporter: “Madam Vice President, do you and President Biden intend to address the Chinese genocide of the Uighur people?”
      Kamala: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

      The list goes on.

  2. Remember when she called Joe a racist and said we should look into his sexual abuse victim’s claims?

    1. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ agree totally…she is a disgrace. I apologize…I misunderstood your meaning. Best Wishes

    2. @tho mas that’s my point what sources besides “SOCIAL MEDIA” are you referring to.. I’ve actually fact checked this rumor and that exactly what it is. And you all think I voted huh? Wrong..but when I see bullshit I call it out.. that is not what she said. Like i said the first time she was critical about the allegations made by 2 women, but these words are not the ones she used. TRUMP said it.. and it’s been spun a thousand times on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! Have you “fact checked” your claims.. no, if you did you’d know exactly what she said..

    3. @SaboTopHat really? What’s the difference between a Social media platform vrs “fact checking” and I’m insane.. you should put your device down and learn to read.. that is not what she said.. go fact check it, if you know how to??.

    4. @Love Yah I am an American tax payer so it is my business. You tell me to read the bible and then support this person? Either you are not familiar with either or you are the fool. I was talking about her lies, not smoking. I am not a young man either, don’t assume.

  3. Just because Harris identifies as a woman, doesn’t mean she can speak for anyone but herself. She wasn’t even elected.

    1. @Larsa Eden woman or women? Stepping back from what? I respect a mother 1000 times more than a female politician or female ceo. The mother understands hard work and dedication. Gfy

    2. @Larsa Eden you’re right. Its just because she was a woman. Its also because she was able to use the race card, AND she’s an establishment crony; perfect match with Biden despite the fact that she smeared him as racist in her emotional tirades.

  4. “All you have to do is lay back and sleep with a high level politician to boost your career!” – Heels Up Harris.

    1. Do you feel emasculated by female role models on principle, or would you back her up in her assertiveness because you know that the momma bear always comes forward in urgent times of need or danger? If you were once blessed to know a woman with both attributes, you would know the introspectiveness in which she weighs her actions are for the benefit of others and lastly, herself.

  5. America didn’t want her……even in the Presidential primaries she dropped out because she had less than 3% approval. She called Joe a racist and now she’s VP. Uh huh, sure.

    1. @Trend Setter Sure I do. Because it’s not comparable. Lol one is an accomplished politician. The other runs a Trust and is labeled the worst president in History.. Lol

  6. It’s hilarious the dislike to like ratio. This sorry excuse for a woman will never be the VP in my eyes.

  7. Tulsi called out this woman’s B.S, and Harris barely got 1% when she ran. Joe should have picked the most qualified, Tulsi

    1. I personally feel Tulsi was the only Democrat on the stage at the primaries that could have *legitimately* beat Trump.

    2. MATTHEW 12:36; Tulsi called out this woman’s B.S, STOP TRYING TO DIVIDE WOMAN OF COLOR DEMON!! WE ARE NOT BUYING INTO YOUR SATANIC RITUALS. and she barely got 1% when she ran JOHN 8:44

  8. I hate it that this counterfeit even speaks at all for women. She is an embarrassment to the progress we as women have made over the years . A dangerous ego driven counterfeit.

    1. @R John really? So it embarrasses you when there is no wars, our troops come home, the economy is the best ever, unemployment is lowest ever and he’s saving women and children from human trafficking? I’ll say a prayer for you!

    2. @R John who the hell said anything about Trump?? The comment was about KAMALA HARRIS, our current VP. You people who just can’t get him out of your head crack me up. . I know you miss having him to blame for the everything, but he’s gone (for now.) Time to start holding the CURRENT administration accountable for their own actions & move on!

    3. @R John Really, I an not surprised that most Trump followers hate women, most of them worship Trump blindly. He is the reason Kamala Harris is in office. His narcisstic behavior was out of conrtol. May he get the help he needs. Praying for healing and peace in this country.

  9. as a woman, a stay at home mom, and a wife all i have to say is…. NO ACTUAL WOMEN WANT THIS OR CARE! We Love our beautiful lives with our hard working husband and children.

  10. Her nervous laugh when she’s under pressure and her schtick with the quavering “I’m almost on the verge of crying” voice make me wanna puke on her shoes.

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