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  1. It is a travesty of Justice for business places to be given licences to operate without satisfying the municipal authorities there are accessible public sanitary toilet facilities for customers.
    What presently occurs all over the island is grossly uncivilized and backward.Even in Kingston you pay to use the public sanitary conveniences.This cannot be good as basic human bodily functions cannot depend on money in your pockets or purse.Then you have laws in place that criminalizes urinating in places not designed for such purposes is but an effort in expanding the legitimate sector of the Crime industry. This approach supported by “Govament” is barbaric,uncivilized,
    unconscionable and oppressive needs appropriate and holistically thoughtful Governmental intervention and action.

    1. Actually embarrassing that a major JA TV station don’t review their facts before posting. Unless their headline had a specific agenda.

  2. Totally agree with you , some person who taking certain medications cannot hold their pea, there should be somewhere they can free themselves

    1. Just look at the teardrop tattoos, in one of his songs he mentioned them and said if you know you know, I know what it means, it’s the number of the person you kill, so what that tells you, remember how he beat up GAZA KIM, God not sleeping

  3. I agree, public businesses need allow the people to use their restrooms even if the person isn’t buying anything.

  4. You cannot force business owners to allow every and any body to use their bathroom. People shouldn’t have to be cleaning up their bathroom after people walking off the street. That’s government responsibility to set up public bathrooms.

  5. People yard and abroad, where is “PROBLEM CHILD”? The Judas friend that influence the artist to do the CRIME. Show me your company, I will tell you your destiny.

  6. Any where that sells food should be able to offer toilet facilities to customers and others who need it for free

  7. It is a shame and a disgrace for educators who served 30 years and plus and have to be fighting for pension.

  8. Teachers everyone also need to have a 401K at individual bank. Better yet saved your own money. Can’t trust anyone with your money.

  9. Can anyone tell me why these boys who are committing murders & other crimes don’t love life? Why do they love death rather than life? Didn’t their parents, relatives and others they know teach them about the importance & preservation of life? There’s no repentance in the grave!! Death is not even the end!!
    These young people need to break up their fallow ground & choose life!!

  10. The government of Jamaica needs to build public restrooms around the country. Private businesses are not obligated to give the public access to their restroom.

    1. If doing business with the public we need restrooms of coarse that the law Restrooms must be available for patrons always

  11. we needed a government that can help our economy to grow ,under JLP and PNP our economy cant grow for the past 35 years

  12. 6:59 All teachers should send in their documentation at least 90 days before the end of their service at the retirement age.

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