Wanna Bet? GOP Tries and Fails to Distract During Historic Confirmation Hearing | MSNBC 1

Wanna Bet? GOP Tries and Fails to Distract During Historic Confirmation Hearing | MSNBC


Zerlina Maxwell joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss GOP tactics during Kristen Clarke’s confirmation hearing to become the Justice Department's civil rights chief. Maxwell breaks down that viral moment of the week between Senator John Cornyn and Clarke over a piece of satire she wrote in college.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Wanna Bet? GOP Tries and Fails to Distract During Historic Confirmation Hearing | MSNBC


    1. @Nancy Ross no if anything the south saved it.the majority of the first Republicans that were black,were from the south

    2. @Doug Parker The majority of the white southerners were solidly Democrats after the reign of the radical Republicans who destroyed much of the antebellum South. The Democratic party remained solidly white until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, after which the South has become a Republican stronghold.

    3. @Doug Parker Whoever filled your head with that nonsense clearly didn’t want you to think for yourself. So I won’t tell you to look up the Missouri promise or the Kansas Nebraska act, I will ask you to investigate why the Whig party dissolved in 1854. I won’t even bother bringing up Dixiecrats, or their association with the conservative movement during the Eisenhower and Truman presidencies, I’ll just assume you rode the short bus, and leave you alone for the rest the evening.

    4. @Nancy Ross your description of Republicans as radical is quite telling of your own racism since LBJ shouldn’t have had to sign that legislation since the Republicans already passed the first civil rights act in 1866 which democrats opposed.

      Starting with Hiram revels,if you were black you voted Republican
      Many of the first black republican elected officials were preachers as well and from that antebellum south as well

    1. It’s less about not understanding satire, than it is about the fact that they are more motivated by scoring ‘gotcha’ cheap shots by distorting facts, than they are in understanding or addressing the reality of any subject in discussion.

    2. He thinks satire is a viable way to destroy a person reputation over an op ed. That definitely makes me wary of him as legislator.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx we have so many rocks because you stacked a pile in front of us during the Trump reign.

  1. It’s clear gramps doesn’t understand the meaning of the word satire, let alone it’s applications in writing. He needs to be put somewhere in a retirement home where people can watch him more closely.

    1. He probably can’t go online without giving half his retirement money to some Nigerian prince.

  2. I doubt ANY repub graduated at the top of their college graduating class! If they did they don’t work in congress!

    1. why dont you find out how many… you will find there are lots of them. btw what ivy league collage did you graduate in the top of your class?

    2. We know that 50% graduated in the lower half of theeir class..but 98% give the other 2% a bad name.

  3. I thought that theory went the way of the Dodo after the “marble count”, where a female skull and a male skull were filled with marbles and because the male skull held more marbles, it was believed that demonstrated the superior mental quality of males over females.

    1. I wonder how many millions of federal grants were given to universities to put this to a test and come to that conclusion.

    2. Brain size is not comparable to IQ. There’s plenty of fat head republicans who think they’re geniuses who will get smoked by a diligent inner city kid who studies and cares about the world. They’re not even done developing into adults and I know they are smarter than those old scabs will ever be.

    1. GOP reminds me of the old South African Nationalist Party, which was infamous for their Apartheid. They ruled from the ’40s until the ’90s and their racist policies were cruel enough to raise a Human Rights worldwide protests against them.
      This is what the GQP has been metamorphosed into in recent decades.

    2. During the McCarthy Era. Never forget that Roy Cohn — Joe McCarthy’s lawyer and collaborator — was one of Trump’s idols and mentors.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera what? Anarchist and communist group like BLM and antifa attacking people because they disagree doesn’t? I might add that was all supported by democrats, BLM money mostly goes to the founders pockets and democratic candidates not the black neighborhoods. You don’t think forcing people to bend to the democrats will isn’t like the Nazis or taking guns away? You are delusional or really don’t understand what the nazis did. Didn’t a Democrat suggest putting republicans into re-education camps, like the Nazis.

    1. @BidenIs NotMyPresident whos Gino Carano? And if Biden isnt ur president u must live in a foreign country

  4. Cornyn is a total bufoon and the sad part is he was voted into office more than once !! Come on people, we have to start doing better when we vote for the people who are supposed to be representing us !!

    1. It seems like Republicans just vote for the person who yells the loudest and is the most indignant about meaningless issues.

    1. Yeah, “Get out and pick that cotton Tom and you lose dinner privileges if we find any in your orange jump suit.” As he shuffles along with his future chain gang friends from Jan 6th.

  5. Cotton doesn’t see a person in Clark, he sees a POC. He doesn’t see her as an equal human. If he did then the satire wouldn’t have been lost on him. [and his staff members who raked this op-ed up}

    1. This was Cornyn, not Cotton, however, I find Cotton the worst of the group and most likely their next presidential candidate.

    2. @Paul Wilson correct…satire is a joke that most republicans cant seem to comprehend. generally satire goes over the heads of those with a lower IQ. paul, were you able to spot the satire aka joke in her writings or are you one of the stupid ones?

  6. He’s a prime example of failing to do the work for a college degree. She, on the other hand, worked hard and excelled for hers.

  7. “It seems that you can lead a republican to intelligence, but you can’t make them think!” – Me

    1. I’ve got to pass your words on. They’re just too good (& oh so true). Not all Republicans, of course, are operating from that level of “old school” in an attempt to hold power over people (no matter how). They just can’t stop the tide of progress, as “all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea who’s time has come” Victor Hugo

    2. Rightwingers can always be counted on to either exaggerate or overreact. And their reasoning is always expected to come up short of being logically reasonable.

  8. Just about anyone is genetically superior to Cornyn. Best I can say about him is that he’s not Cruz.

    Zoe , Canadian

    1. As the old saying goes:

      Even duct tape can’t fix stupid…..

      But it muffles their screams very well.

      Another Canadian

  10. The Era of the Backwoods Southern Lawyers BS control in the US is over and they can’t stand it look at them as their power slowly fades away . Hilarious !

    1. I don’t know Paul . I have never met a Repubmocrat . In the 70’s we had to take 200-300 in cash to drive up I-95 through Georgia because their cops and troopers would pull us over for going 1 mile over the speed limit . Straight to the nearest town where a 24 hr crooked Judge would fine you 100 dollars CASH ONLY .
      Those are the Southern Lawyers that have destroyed today’s GOP . Too corrupt to lead us , all we do is lose elections . Look at them whine now that the GOP gets smothered under millions of new Hispanic Dem voters . As my Party dies I stab those responsible and your unity is never going to happen. We GOP are going to eat each other .

  11. One of Cornyn’s staffers did some quick research and seen the highlights and that’s it and they ran with it He really thought he had a gotcha moment.

  12. Says John Cornyn ” “SO this was satire? OH ok, I see… Can we take a restroom break?” ***Walks to the hallway, takes out phone and googles ‘satire’. Light bulb over head turns on….*****

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