Want to visit to Canada? You need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 says Trudeau #shorts 1

Want to visit to Canada? You need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 says Trudeau #shorts


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that gradual border reopening plans won't be allowing for unvaccinated tourists any time soon. #shorts

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    1. @James * Its like collecting pokemon! Or STDs… Trudeau knows about one of those… he can ask his mom about the other.

    2. @James * absolutely they are, now you’re waking up… It’s all out there for you to see

    3. They wanted it to spread. Simple. Anyone who was closely watching this in Jan, Feb and March of 2020 came to this conclusion. Remember the Japanese doctor you made a yt video about how badly the quarantine of that stranded cruise ship was being handled? Or remember how they sent foreigners with strict measures on a plane to quarantine in their own country and yet for the Japanese nationals they let them go home on public transit. They wanted this to spread, so they could have the excuse of lockdowns.

  1. Ask yourself why are you still paying taxes to a government that wants to destroy the Country you love.

    1. @James Charles you cant vote him out parliment voted in favor of suspending elections until Canada has achieved Covid Zero, which is literally impossible. You’re living in a dictatorship under the guise of public health

  2. But stop Wuhan tourists from coming to Canada during the peak of their pandemic was racist. Lieberals…

    1. @Darc Partied I think what they mean is that both political parties are corrupt. Even if it had been a conservative party in power the same thing would have occurred.

    2. @Darc Partied the a only clueless individuals are the ones that think either party is any different

    1. @Bexs H The highway for illegal immigrant. google Quebec border road still key crossing for migrants, as immigration conversation shifts

  3. what about immigrants and asylum seekers? are these allowed in? what about those brought in secret and housed at various government funded facilities? also, anything else not going to happen such as government accountability, conflict of interest inquisition, ethics committee guilty verdict, child genocide mass trials, ending poverty and drug addiction and mental illness, preventing politicians from sending racist messages to each other, etc etc etc?

  4. Our sacrifices aren’t for nothing – you benefited greatly from them. You and your cabinet.

    1. @SolidSnake meh – corporations was inevitable. At least they produced something. These politicians don’t actually generate anything from risk; they just redistribute whatever it is that you risk to achieve. It wasn’t so bad when it was subversive but now that I’m a racist/eco terrorist/||@z! (or whatever) for wanting plastic to be produced, it’s tough to keep quiet.

    1. It was probably considered essential business… plus he never goes to parliament… that prime minister as been hiding since day 1… all meetings on Skype and never a real parliament… why would he need to isolate since he is been already isolating from everyone even Sophie…

    1. it sounds weirdly similar to what a certain Austrian Dictator said in the 30 and 40s……

    2. these vaccines haven’t even been granted Notice of Compliance let alone approval, yet they AreLying by stating that they’re “approved”

    1. @Andrew Ace if you had two brain cells you would see I was being sarcastic to the other guy reporting the other guy to the police.

    2. @Wojtek Bear Still a wuss. The real Wojtek would have dropped some roars and some f-bombs on me for not getting the joke…

  5. Federal Gov still handing out payout’s and bonuses to Top CEO’s and corporations like its a smorgis borgue

  6. Yet he has no problem accepting thousands of economic migrants that violate our boarder laws. Certain “tourists” will be allowed as they have been since the beginning.

  7. There is something about that guy. I can’t put my finger on it. If you meet him at a party, I tell my wife and kid stay away from him just creepy

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