1. In absentia, all criminals , starting with Putler . Or just gather probes and prosecute when caught .. War crimes have no prescription time .. Accountability and acknowledgement are a MUST, to do not repeat again

    2. @John Muthan Why? For defending a country invaded by a hood state? NATO didn’t invade Ukraine, Russia did. NATO isn’t bombarding Ukrainian civilians because they can’t win against Ukrainian military, Russia is. NATO isn’t using thermobaric weapons, Russia is. NATO isn’t sending untrained poorly equipped cannon fodder to die, Russia is. News for you Yuri, Putler’s next visit to civilization will be The Hague and he won’t be leaving.

    1. @John Rider

      I guess you missed the sarcasm. We could never forget because they never stopped reminding us of the post war propaganda

  1. Russian Military Strategy : “When we come to a 🧨 Minefield 🧨 our Infantry attacks exactly as if it were not there.”

    Field Marshal Georgi Zhukov

    1. John MaCcain: We will send light arms only to Syrian rebels to fight Russia, Iran militiad and Al Assad regime.

      Obama: please don’t forget to send the piles of cash to Iran out of the nuclear deal.
      What does the USA really want???

  2. If – and only if – Russia vetoed humanitarian access to Syria; it would be a ‘Crime against humanity’ at the very least!!!

  3. Seriously these people who go on here are probably living in a different reality

    Of course the Syrian President won’t help those people

    Shout all you like about what’s a war crime that won’t change anything and Russia will always stand with evil dictators because that’s exactly how Russia is alsp

    The US and it’s allies should just go in and help

  4. Yeah let’s prosecute Russia for this ish and prosecute America for all the war crimes they are responsible for since 2003

  5. Well then let’s stop talking about the Ukraine and talk about the derailment of the train and the toxic cloud being released over the Eastern coast of the United States

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  7. Lol and how do they suppose they are going to charge the ones that return to or reside in Russia

    They won’t hand them over

  8. And yet many of them still will remain unknown, unfortunately. Because, evidence must be collected as fast as possible, and it’s not about war. That’s another reason why war should exist on the planet.

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