WARNING: Alleged abuse at slaughterhouse for big British Columbia meat processor | CTV National News

Melanie Nagy reports on secretly recorded video showing alleged animal abuse in a slaughterhouse used by British Columbia's biggest meat processors.

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  1. I could personally point out small, medium, and even larger size farms in Ontario that treat their animals no different

    1. @Brian Kroger he you could get into some of these places it could be proven. It’s a biohazard for outsiders to go in without being properly garbed so you can’t just show up. Unless you can get an employee who’s ready to spill the beans on the atrocious behaviour you have no way to show it.

  2. Be kind to the poor things don’t forget they are being chopped up for our pleasure.
    Now get me a big slab of that juicy blood soaked rare steak! 🥩 🤤
    Mmmmm beef.

  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اخي اسالك بلله الجليل الجبار ان تنقذنا تتجمل تساعدني اليله حتى بقيمة كيلو دقيق والله واقسم به العلي العظيم يأخي أننا لان مانجد حتى كيلو دقيق داخل بيتنا ولا حتى خبزه والله العظيم يأخي ان اخواتي يبكو علا الخبزه ميتين من الجوع والعطش وعلينا ايجار بيت وصاحب البيت يبهذلنا والله يأخي اني مااكذب عليك بحرف اسالك بلله اسالك بكل اسماء الله الحسنئ اسالك بمن اشبع جوعك وراوائ عطشك وسترك انت واهلك ان كنت تستيطع تساعدنا رقمي⁰⁰⁹⁶⁷⁷¹⁷⁰⁸²⁶⁶²واتساب،،،،،،.،.،.،.،.،..،.،..،!:”‘:

  4. And this is why it is so important to save the few small scale slaughter houses that remain. Our local butcher can only receive about 20 animals and often we get to walk them right in,but occasionally we do see animals that are wild and hard to deal with. There is some rare scenarios, where the workers are putting their lives at risk and therefore there are excuses, but that is not what was shown in this for sure.

  5. Don’t eat meat as I have a family history of cancer and need to avoid the IGF-1 regardless this is simply not right.

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