Warren: Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’ By Not Committing To Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC

Warren: Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’ By Not Committing To Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC 1


“When Donald Trump says that he is not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters, he’s flirting with treason,” says Sen. Warren. “And for Republican Senators to once again enable him … it means they are a party to it.” Aired on 09/24/2020.
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Warren: Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’ By Not Committing To Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC

80 Comments on "Warren: Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’ By Not Committing To Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC"

  1. Ted Cruz became intolerable before the word ‘intolerable’ existed.

  2. Michael Parrott-MacLeod | September 24, 2020 at 11:58 PM | Reply

    Don’t they practice scenarios for this sort of thing?! He’s so done. Tactically.


  4. Charlie Orellana | September 25, 2020 at 12:01 AM | Reply

    All the Republicans are in on it.

    • Donald Intlekofer I support all who stand on the constitution period. All my life I’ve been a democratic as raised until I woke up to the bs. Perfect example cuomo plan is to mass vaccinate 19 million New Yorkers with 2 shot as said on national television

    • Donald Intlekofer I tell people if they not sure don’t vote at all

    • @Diana Strong so you put all your face in a couple YouTube videos by a couple different people well there you go that should say it all right there. LOL and you called Trump supporters stupid

    • Nicholas Parker | September 25, 2020 at 9:10 AM | Reply

      Ines Flores No you liberals will be sorry when you are punished for being communist

    • @Billy Pardew Moron!

  5. In no way should the supreme court decide a presidency. The people should. The democrats have to take the gloves off and fight for once to prevent this.

    • It appears the democrats aren’t fighters except for a few females. Males? Not so much. Adam Schiff is an exception. There’s no fight in the democratic party. One thing about Trump: he’s a fighter, a dirty, immoral, ignorant, sucker punching fighter but he’s a fighter.

    • I’m sure Biden’s brownskirts will go fight everyone they can after the election, win or lose, just like they are now.

    • He could be prepared, Trump personal counsel Michael Cohen when he testified 19 months ago clearly say that if Trump lost the election he will not give up power and that he would create some type of crisis to stop the process of passing power.

    • Trump the vote!!

  6. Flirting with treason?? I don’t think so. He’s committing treason.

    • Beatrice Asarte | September 25, 2020 at 2:10 AM | Reply

      @WatchmanOn TheWall Dont be disgusting you know thats not true.Bot.

    • Downright Dutch | September 25, 2020 at 2:30 AM | Reply

      THE MECHANIC No. YOU. “We will ensure the highest standard of care anywhere in the world: cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art medicine, groundbreaking cures, and true health security for you and your loved ones,” the President said. The America First plan has three goals: more choice, lower costs, and better care. It includes protections for pre-existing conditions, measures to stop surprise medical bills, and rules to guarantee price transparency so patients aren’t left completely in the dark.
       —The result is that Americans will have more control over their own healthcare dollars rather than ceding power to Washington politicians or powerful corporations. Unlike socialized medicine, President Trump’s plan puts working families first with:
      • MORE CHOICE: Patients will be in charge of their care, not bureaucrats at some faraway Federal agency. When President Trump took office, more than half of U.S. counties offered plans from only a single insurance provider on the individual market. As of next month, more than 90 percent of American counties will have multiple options to choose from.
      • LOWER COSTS: For years, patients have been shocked to receive unexpected bills for thousands of dollars in medical services they never even agreed to. President Trump’s plan bans this deeply unfair practice and ends surprise medical billing. “The days of ripping off American patients are over,” he said.
      • BETTER CARE: With new ways for Medicare to pay providers, Americans will have access to doctors they trust—whenever they are needed. President Trump is also making sure that politicians don’t get in the way of much-needed research and innovation, ensuring Americans access to the best health care in the world.
      President Trump’s plan puts American patients first. Unfortunately, under pressure from the far left, Democrats have endorsed healthcare legislation that would result in rationing care, keeping patients on waitlists, and driving the best doctors away from practicing medicine.
      “The Democrat Party is pushing a socialist nightmare,” President Trump said.
      Americans want real choice, affordability, and quality in their medical care. They don’t want radical politicians playing games with their health and safety to get votes.
      Under this President, America’s families and seniors will always be protected

    • EliteHumanNetwork | September 25, 2020 at 6:19 AM | Reply


    • Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person | September 25, 2020 at 3:06 PM | Reply

      he lied and 200k betrayed Americans died.. it’s that simple. The constitution protects liars in government or some odd reason too. If it didn’t they’d be gone on their first offense

  7. Oh fer chrissakes! Bonespur isn’t “flirting” with treason. He committed treason on Inauguration Day when he swore to “protect and defend the Constitution” and there hasn’t been a day since when he didn’t repeat the crime. And, point number 2, fascist dictatorships use packed supreme courts to validate their elections all the time. Welcome to the Banana Republic Club, folks.

  8. Trump is not flirting with treason, he’s there, he is openly underming the democratic process.

    • @Mike Smith does it make it easier for you to turn people into nameless “others” or “the left” to clear your conscience about wishing harm on other people?
      Don’t try to turn this into “them” and “us” or use ad hominem to make a point. That is what Trump does and he is relying on his followers to do the same.
      All “sides” of the political spectrum care about people in some way.
      You care for your family, friends and loved one just as I do.
      All people are basically the same.
      You will probably make some more half arsed attempts at insults but the fact you and I want the best for ourselves and those we love and care about is an eternal truth.
      Trump does not care for you or for me. He does not care for your friends, family and loved ones just the same as he doesn’t care for my friends family and loved ones.
      Trump is purely, very clearly in this for himself.
      And only himself.
      For his name, his reputation and what he can get out of the situation.

      Don’t cheapen yourself for stooping to his sh*t stained gutter level.

    • @Mike Smith no that is what trump trolls do. You must be young.

    • @sherbet glide here is the video

    • @Mike Smith since you like doing this for fun. Why dont you find out how to get paid. Call trump org. Although, you might have to live in russia.

    • @Sylvia Rucker Russia naa I love freedom I well fight or die for it to..please remember that as well..

  9. Christopher Bland | September 25, 2020 at 12:38 AM | Reply

    He is planning to stop the elected government from executing its rights though they were the party of Law and Order

  10. Human Beings R Eternal Beings | September 25, 2020 at 12:52 AM | Reply

    Mind Begs the Question:
    If Jews fled Nazi Germany
    Deemed illigal migrants
    Thrown in Detention Camps
    Same as Nazis,No?

  11. Sounds like Ted Cruz graduated from the Donald J. Trump of English with his:

    “…That is an intolerable situtration…*


  12. Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person | September 25, 2020 at 1:25 AM | Reply

    I thought treason was not telling his citizens how deadly covid was.

    • Pres Trump is n 3 different states today—-huge enthusiasm from public AND terrific energetic Pres!!!
      Where’s Demented Beijing Biden and Hateful Harris??????

    • Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person | September 25, 2020 at 2:53 PM | Reply

      @Corrie Crazy It’ll magically go away he said

    • Professor Liberal Avenger | September 25, 2020 at 4:16 PM | Reply

      Trump can multi-task when it comes to committing treason.

    • @Whicker Boy Silly stupid boy.

    • Angelina Hunter | September 25, 2020 at 9:39 PM | Reply

      @Chasmal In my State we have early voting by mail and early vote counts and we had placed an extra 368 ballot boxes around the State so that we don’t have to mail in our ballots. I will be walking my vote to the ballot box ON THE DAY I receive it in the mail — in a couple of weeks.

  13. Separate Realities | September 25, 2020 at 1:32 AM | Reply

    I like the title “When Donald Trump says that he is not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters, he’s flirting with treason,”! Like he hasn’t played that card a few times already and gotten away with it!

  14. Separate Realities | September 25, 2020 at 1:35 AM | Reply

    They auto call Trump slippery Don! He slides out of everything like a snake oil salesman.

  15. Flirting!? Comrade Donald Trump has already committed Treason. Lock him up. Lock him up.

  16. Vote trump out. McConnell and Lindsey Graham out to save America.

  17. He isnt flirting with Treason, he’s married her, left her, and is dating Treasons’ sister.

  18. These republican traitors need to be held accountable, they are trying to steal the election and railroad democracy.

  19. Sgt Robert 2764 | September 25, 2020 at 3:37 AM | Reply


  20. Trump wants to turn America into Russia, a fascist dictatorship. WAKE UP, AMERICA. C’MON, WAKE UP!!!

    • ehla 01 The reporters question, “Mr President, real quick, win, lose or draw in this election, will you commit here today for a peaceful transferral of power after the election?” Why would the winner agree to a peaceful transferral of power to the loser? Why would you transfer power if its a draw? People are all worked up over yet another half presented story by the Decepticons in the media.

    • @Robert Frost FAKE ACCOUNT. No bother.

    • ehla 01 Yet you cannot address the facts stated. No politician, who won an election, would commit to peacefully transferring power to the loser.

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