Warren Weir | Jesse Royal | Fathers Tell All | Smile Jamaica 1

Warren Weir | Jesse Royal | Fathers Tell All | Smile Jamaica


Recording Artiste- Jesse Royal and Olympian – Warren Weir open up about their experiences as fathers.

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  1. Such a good interview. Proud of the two fathers. Jessie Royal is so well spoken. Warren seems to be a really good dad.

  2. Lol. Neville haffi understand that they both know each other from way back, lol. Great interview though. Bless up to Jesse and Warren. Love how you both are enjoying daddy life.

  3. You can see how delighted warren is to be a father to both these little girls…. bundle of joy⚘( girls dad).. bless up jessie royal, one love to being good fathers to your children

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  5. These father’s makes me so proud of you.
    Am happy the world can see this. they keep putting down Jamaican father’s

  6. That was so lovely A regular segment maybe once a month where we hear from these good and positive fathers would really be nice.

  7. Amazing, to all the good father’s out there, we truly appreciate you, and all that you do for the betterment and future of your family. .Much

  8. Old skool Jamaican DID NOT VALIDATE their kids FEELING. My option is very important to me,I’m not a mind reader and the only way for me to know what’s going on is to listen to them.

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