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    1. lol. you must understand recycling and its cost and what is considered recyclable before making such statements.

  1. Can’t believe my country playing politics with garbage collection 🤔even the pm gone a ribbon cutting 🤦🏾‍♂️it sad Jamaica we deserve better 7million u.s for 50 garbage trucks the price of 1 cost 28k u.s people do the maths or go look up the trucks you self 🤦🏾‍♂️ 4m u.s thief just like that no questions shame on me country 😭😢

    1. Why y’all in the diaspora don’t shut the fuq up and stop with unnu silly assumption…All y’all do is talk talk talk talk… NONSENSE!!!

    2. I believe your math is incorrect. Brand new garbage trucks in the US are easily over $100, 000 EACH, with some being $200,000 to $400,000 EACH depending on the brand and the features of the truck. There are basic cars that cost $28,000 US so why would a garbage truck be that price? If the cost was 7,000,000 US for 50 trucks then that seems accurate.

    3. dem bwoy deh a duppybat right now me back mi fist about 3250 times and me bah stop back fist for now, yea right now my hand middle feel better than them stink dogshit gal yah

    4. @Vintage Couture you have to understand that she unfortunately fail math class. her bread and butter was biology and language which she aced with flying colors.

  2. Without a waste management system this is just for show…hopefully they will use this opportunity to implement a proper system for collecting garbage every weekike clock work….or this is just for show..we will revise this topic next week

    1. They have a saying, out of sight out of mind! munro is in the bush, behind another bush , deep into the forrest. no one cares

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