Watch: Alex Murdaugh murder trial continues in South Carolina on Tuesday | USA TODAY

Richard "Alex" Murdaugh faces a jury in Colleton County, South Carolina charged with killing his wife and son Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

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One of the most high-profile true crime cases in recent history is playing out in a South Carolina courtroom. Testimony is underway in the double murder trial of disbarred attorney Richard "Alex" Murdaugh, who is charged with killing his wife and son.

Murdaugh, part of a South Carolina legal dynasty, was charged with murder in connection to the 2021 shooting deaths of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. Murdaugh has pleaded not guilty. After the shootings in June 2021, police launched investigations into two other deaths connected to Murdaugh and alleged criminal acts dating back more than a decade.

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  1. He’s describing practical experience, not formal o training… not impressed w prosecutions snappy retorts either…

  2. How do we know Maggie was inside the house when the first shot was fired?

    How do we know when the bullet holes into the doghouse and Shed were made?

    This forensic engineer presented explicit and specific measurements, and testified how careful they were with accuracy. Yeah, when it came to explaining nothing really much mattered, well it was estimated well you wouldn’t need that specific variable well well well and the prosecution let it happen.

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