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    1. @reality Not with people like you making comments like that. Support your country. There is no reality in your comment except your tag name.

    2. @Charles Daly fuel pricers the same as 2020?? covid, trump stuffed that one up and the republican’s still are, military equipment – trumps great deal back in 2020. I am right, you are just on the side of evil.

  1. A peaceful day of tourism with so much hugging and kissing that Baby Cheesus’s disciples begged him to make it stop. 😈

    *Cult45 on Benghazi Hearings:* “Everything Is Fine.”
    *Cult45 on 1/06 Commission:* “WITCH HUNT! TDS! AFGHANISTAN!”

  2. There was no way to get out of Afghanistan easily, but we had to do it. That the country fell so quickly shows that our presence there didn’t produce any meaningful self-sustaining government at all and that our many billions of dollars simply filled the pockets of opportunists, most of whom were American contractors and businesses supposedly shoring up the country. That always was the real reason we stayed so long. Biden did the right thing.

    1. @DAVID LEAMAN That’s true, David. I don’t know why it took this long to leave, except for the corporate pressure to stay in by special interests whose contributions to our representatives always calls the tune. The fact that Afghanistan fell so easily suggests that our investments there only financed a lot of corruption, both on Afghanistan’s part and our own. It’s good that the travesty is over.

  3. Actual history?
    England attempted to run Afghanistan 3 times, Russia attempted to run it once, you would think that the United States would have seen what had already been attempted and pulled out after Obama took down Osama Bin Laden, obviously they didn’t.

    1. @cdjhyoung If the war should have been against Saudi Arabia, then that makes the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield administration, guilty of a lot. Appoint a special commission to look into that.

    2. You know, we always think that we have the best everything in the world, including military and equipment and money! But those people are ready to set themselves on fire for as long as it takes until something changes. Just look at the treaty they got TFG to make with them, ridiculous! We left with our tails between our legs! Thank

    3. one reason we stayed there was to prevent world war three. Watch for the fominoes to fall with china getting onvolved and Paistan and India going to war over water, we stayed in Afg. to have a presence in the region. I hope I am wrong and I did want our presence terminated but…..

  4. The media has created the impression that the need for getting out of Afghanistan was created suddenly. But the Americans in Afghanistan have known for months that the U.S. was getting out of Afghanistan. Unless they wanted to stay there, there is no logical reason why the non-diplomatic and non-military U.S. citizens decided to hang out there to the last moment…!!!

    1. @Celina S. As he is known for doing! He is a white supremacist. He doesn’t want any foreigners here, period. But he had to make a show of doing something, even though he and Stephen Miller were sabotaging it behind the scenes.

    2. @Richard Luce Not just slowed, but made sure that they were denied. You should listen to interviews with Olivia Troye, just shameful what his administration did to sabotage the process. Yet they’ll be the first to condemn Biden’s efforts, even though they created the entire mess and tried to set him up for failure.

  5. Do y’all KNOW just WHO is advocating for immigration to America of the Afghan refugees and allies? Our troops! Check out the web, for their GoFundMe accounts, and other efforts to try to get the people who fought by their side into America? Go HELP your troops!?

  6. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. daily reminder: Biden is the current president, not Trump. Sorry, but you won’t divert our attention to Biden’s blunders by bringing up Trump. Nice try, but it won’t work.

  7. Trump and his little minions remind me of a crime family where they start in-fighting and start to throw each other under the bus.

    1. @Sopadecalavza Caballero Enjoy you high fuel prices, forever Covid “pandemic” and racial divisions. You deserve it for being that dense

    2. @Charles Daly When? Where? I only pay 2.49. Not worried about the pandemic, I’m vaxed. Adios mensito.

  8. This was my son’s war and it was beginning to look like it was going to be His son’s war.
    Biden did the right thing.

    1. @AB FU…
      Where was your outrage when bonespurs pulled out of Syria and allowed the Kurds who helped American soldiers to be slaughtered?


      Take your hypocritical BS and go to FOX.

    2. @AB Sorry,.. Joe made the right call to get the troops out in fact, the last administration cowardly passed the ball and 46 grew a pair of them. Biden deserves credit for ending the war for our troops

    1. @Mikael Cronholm you are absolutely 💯 right! Terrorists! All of those people AND the people that helped coordinate and rile up the crowd are Terrorists and should be jailed and executed just like them.

  9. Stop giving them so much credit for intelligence when in reality; they were the ones who abetted him in the first place. It is like planning and setting a fire then calling the firemen to put it out once you realize it is out of control. Guilt by association.

  10. The problem with Afghan is the fact that the Americans and the American Government did not understand Afghanistan or its history. Look at the history and the outcome will become clear.

    1. Lol! So right! Just look at the British colonizers! Three times, they went into protracted war with Afghanistan, and were defeated all three times. Then Russia tried its luck and failed as well. There’s no imperial power that can conquer them. Imagine the US fighting a meaningless war for 20 years! What a waste!

  11. Good job to the military. Once again getting things done as our politicians set them up with the worse “windows” to get it done….hoorah baby hoorahhh

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