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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 24 | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s greatest hits: racism, immigration, Obama, etc. are just getting old and boring at this point. People are just over it 🤔🧐

    1. @ihave35cents you do realize that globally, unemployment was at record lows pre covid19? This means that it wasn’t trump’s efforts that caused global economic prosperity or trump was the reason why almost every single country in the world showed at or near record unemployment rates. I’m guessing that you are a genius and realize the truth. So you are obviously joking about voting for trump.

    2. @Majorie N I actually firmly believe that all lives matter and am convinced that trump is an obvious racist and know that the United states as well as the world would be far better off and more safe if trump was in prison for his atrocities. You probably are in agreement for real and just trying to stir the pot or you are one of the unfortunate victims in being a product of an incestuous relationship.

    3. @Sean Steele wasn’t until he was a year in office I hired another twelve men. My wallet says differently

  2. CLINTON and Obama have a permanent room in Trump’s (head)no wondered Trump can’t concentrate on PANDEMIC Economy the HEALTH of working AMERICANS Trump is still trying to take our HEALTH care away in COURTS. today.

    1. Lisa Elissa You said that 4 years ago. I am voting for Trump and so is my family because you liberals are super oppressive and very restrictive.

    2. truerealityscott
      Do you believe that college entitles you to something? I get a kick out of morons who assume they know things about people just by their own personal biases. All this while accusing others of bias. You need a mirror my friend.

  3. “never follow an empty wagon nothing ever falls off” Fred Trump
    Dad knew who Don really is

    1. Thats why Fred shipped Donny boy off to military HS. But even they couldnt straighten that brat out.

    2. @Vote him Out
      In more ways than one. You’ve seen how Trump stands? Of course you have, we all have. 😳

  4. interesting, i think the polls reflect the last four years of chaos…Moderates are tired of trumps bs and now with the pandemic,joblessness and rioting..

    1. @Peter Bills Don’t worry about it, Joe’s VP will be a young strong black woman so if he croaks things will be cool.

    2. Biden just needs to stay in his basement, keeping his mouth shut. If Biden can do that, he will win big in November.

    3. Studies show that Republicans vote on hatred and resentment focused on outgroups. Biden doesn’t inspire hate or resentment. It’s that simple.

    4. @Peter Bills everything you describe also applies to Trump. The difference is that Trump is also a sociopathic narcissist.

    5. @Peter Bills – “Well, Biden is 3 years older, really insignificant at that age. But psycho tRump has dementia: incoherent rambling speech pattern, forgetting where he is, outbursts of anger. It’s all there.”

    1. Biden can actually drink a glass of water and feeble old Trump needs two hands so he won’t spill it on himself, the funny part is Trump actually said this.

    2. Biden is about 3 or4 yrs…older…but still, could handle this. List of. Issues……..job loss, covid19….about to be in an war, police given to much power to abuse anyone ,under the law….Biden can get this, under control…..he,s just a better man, a different type man is required for the..USA…to survive!!

    3. @Don B shame..Trump wears ,,adult diapers..2.Trump is not a hairy man…so the doctor used…pubic hair implants on his head,,,only on the,,,sides that’s why he smiles…when he said…..i have a lovely. Hair the rally…..he,s sick….showing his pubic hair…in public😂😂😂😂

    4. @Don B He had trouble before with the big glass but when they got him a tiny glass for his tiny hand he was ok.

  5. Maybe no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service would be easier for some of these Trumpters to grasp.

    1. Putin does not care about who rules the US; he wants the drama and conflict to get worse, so that the US is focused on its internal politics and cannot spare any real effort to stop HIM. We might even see the russian troll farms coming out to support biden or a third party candidate, so that the whole song and dance routine of “Voter fraud, the election was illegal, i was betrayed” can start or that it will get “too close to call” if the third party gets real numbers for once… you probably can imagine what would happen if this time the difference would be 2 electoral college votes or a couple of thousand votes nationwide… Both sides would claim victory and demand for electors to become unfaithful and all the shebang… and it would be havor for at least 2 years… Especially should Congress stay split wiht each party controlling one house.

    2. You’re right Virginia. Putin loves the rifts forming in the US. He will jump for joy when the US has its 2nd civil war. All oligarchs love Trump, because he pampers them: Erdogan, Duterte, Kim, Putin, Xi, etc.

  6. I’m happy he’s losing. I hope it stays that way. tRump should lose just because of his language along. And his name calling. Its disgusting.

    1. ….and his encouraging China’s Xi to continue to torture tens of thousands of innocent people in Xinjiang.

    2. @Ken Albertsen Donald Trump is a Dictator so what do you expect?He is also a con man and is responsible for the slaughter taking place in America right now.

  7. Well he can’t run on how well he’s managing the economy. Or COVID-19 or race relations. So all he has is division and lies.

    1. Before COVID, my children had a sleep over and while they were playing video games, I kept hearing them call each other ‘Republican’. I asked what was going on and they said that in their school, anyone who is caught lying or cheating is called a ‘Republican’, and I live in a very Red state.

      Most Republicans are Boomers. The GOP struggles to appeal to younger and more educated Americans.

    2. Love Joe..he’s just a straight shooting Intelligent, Good’s refreshing.
      I DON’T believe ALL Republicans are bad or Corrupt. I Do believe they have been grossly misguided by a career Con Artist. He says whatever he has to incite hate, and hostility.
      DEMOCRATS really just want us to come together and UNITE. We need some Healing for Our children and Our Country.

  8. Donny feels like he is running against his father! Donny has done a bad job so dad will put him on “restriction”! Hahahahahahahahaha

    1. He needs to be sent to a military academy like he was when he was a bad boy years ago. Oh what fun they would have with him…

  9. I pity all the medical personnel. It’s not fun getting overstelped with very sick peoples. They are in full outfit and the people outside refuse to ware masks. So very selfish.

  10. I would love to see Moscow Mitch,and Trump wait in line to vote. I’m talking about not a person to hold their place, but they have to wait 6 hours or longer in line.

    1. Edward Krochmal Trump and Moscow Mitch would need to sit in a wheelchair if they have to be in line to vote!

    2. I’d like to see them in the torture prisons that Trump is encouraging China’s Xi to build.

  11. Hello America my old friend: isn’t time to take out the trash? I hope is not too late… «When the fox hears the rabbit scream, he comes running. But not to help.»

  12. trump is running against a candidate that his sexist/racist base can’t be sexist/racist against: an old white man.

    1. That’s why attacking ..obama to discredit..biden…useing. Racism to…boost up his base…which are…kkk, white supremacist, or someone who ,also influenced by. There …trumps ..Base

  13. Chris Hayes has grown on me to be a formidable news reporter to be admired. Really like him.

  14. Biden comes across like Jimmy Stewart, Trump like Brod Crawford. How can anyone dislike Jimmy Stewart?

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